Thursday, December 30, 2010


ok let me just say that 2010 had a lot of great releases and they all can't be mentioned here. i know i'm probably missing something, but this is just some of the best 2010 releases off the top of my head.

ok, so first up is the great BRAIN FLANNEL with the best tape release of the year. it was put out by Statuestorytapes. great female/male vocals. their song "Symptom Set" is just amazing! i will post this sometime soon. buy it if you find it. only 100 made and sold out fast.

next is another female fronted band, THE THROWAWAYS. they released a split 7" this year, which i posted. the Spastic Panthers side isn't very good, but the flip side is great punk. just check out the post i did and you'll see what i mean.

now for some great 2010 powerpop. this powerpop is supplied by CRUSADERS OF LOVE. their lp by the name of Never Grow Up has some really catchy tunes. the first 5 songs are golden. it came out on Douchemaster records. buy it.

now for some hardcore punk. NEGATIVE LIFESTYLE released a 7" which i waited forever for. and it was well worth the wait. great all the way through. i posted it so look back at the old posts.

another important release of 2010 was a 7" by the great NIGHT BIRDS. surf/punk and it's pure gold. i posted it too, so check that out. i also posted their new tape release, but i like their first 7" better.

ok you might be thinking who the hell is in that photo above. well it's LADIES. and they released one hell of a 7" on Grave Mistake. short songs, great vocals. i will be posting it soon as well. it must be posted.

and now for the greatest release of 2010. it is by a band called......................

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Busy Signals-Can't Feel A Thing 7"

well i hope everyone out there had a good Christmas. i did. i got an external sound card so that i can use my laptop to rip records. instead of having to haul out the desktop computer and take a half hour to just set it up. anyway, here's a gift from me to you. it's the new single from The Busy Signals. well it was new in 2006. the circle on the cover is actually a sticker. this was released on Shit Sandwich records. here is some great KBD style punk from one of the best current bands doing it. they released another 7" and also a great 12" on Dirtnap. two great songs are here. the flipside being the better track. great female fronted vocals. i am a sucker for the female punk vocals, you might like this too Dave G. i'll keep this short cause i have to go listen to my new Rip-Off Compilation that i got from my brother. see you.
1. can't feel a thing 5/5 (nice.)
2. all the time 5/5 (best track.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
buy this from the link above and you can also get a free unknown 7" with it. enjoy!

Merry Christmas To All!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

JFA-Untitled 12"

(((re-post from Feb. 13/2010@5:07pm)))
(((so here is a post for you Ryan. i can't believe it's already Christmas time again. this time last year me and elliott were duking back and forth with posts. now, not so much. oh well. anyway, the mighty J.F.A. this isn't as well regarded as their previous releases but it is a really great record. my copy is really worn. just look at the cover. in the scans you will see a picture of a gauge in the vinyl. it occurs at 1:16 of "tentpeg." it skips on all my turntables except the one i ripped it with. you will hear a loud pop but that's it. lots of crackles on this. it adds to the music quite nicely. now grab a listen and enjoy the holidays. it will sound like you're sitting in front of a crackling fire. and now for the original post.)))

today i got my first "follower". i don't know who you are but if you're reading this, leave a comment and then i'll know it wasn't just a mistake. anyway, yet another post of JFA, as you can tell, they're one of my favourite bands. alright i expected the worst when i downloaded this. i love their first two records. but then i downloaded their 88' release, Nowhere Blossoms, it's horrible. not one bit of punk or even surf. after a couple months i decided to download this album. i thought it was going to be crap too, but boy was i wrong. i was pleasantly surprised. this record sounds pretty good, ranging from surf to punk to thrash to the 80's pop sound. released in 84' on what else but Placebo records. don't expect it to be anything like their first two albums, but still worth listening to. nice cover too. tracks, look down.
1. deltitnu 5/5 (just in case you didn't know, this is "untitled" backwards. the music and title.)
2. tentpeg 3/5 (good. almost skips.)
3. ABA 5/5 (nice song, instrumental, nice fast surf style.)
4. it's not right 4/5 (hum.)
5. the day walt disney died 3/5 (slow then they speed it up in the chorus.)
6. standin' on the verge 5/5 (b-side kicks it.)
7. i love broads 5/5 (nice speed and vocals.)
8. ramp song 5/5 (great.)
9. pipetruck 5/5 (nice surf song. agent orange did a version of this too, the JFA one is faster therefore better. bass is great.)
10. zimbobway 5/5 (my personal favourite. nice surf/minutemen style song.)
11. untitled 5/5 (not really anything.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
if your an early JFA lover (like me) just beware, this is not straight punk but still great. it's not a main collectors item it's not too pricey. by the way, elliott where are you?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Night Birds-Midnight Movies Tape

here is something from November 2010 that is already out of print. it's the new Night Birds cassette. this was going to be a 7" on No Way records but the vinyl wasn't ready for their tour so they made a tape of it. they put some on their merch site and it was all bought up pretty quickly. luckily i was fast enough to get one. this is still going to be released in 7" format, but not until the new year, i believe. i'm not sure how many were pressed but they came in a great case, one that doesn't crack so easily like those other plastic ones. i finally got a good rip of a tape, well i think it sounds pretty good. i'll be posting another great tape in the future. anyway back to this. fast punk surf with great vocals. not as classic as their first 7" but still very good. "bad biology" should have been the first track. that's just what i feel. on the cover "night birds" is coloured in with a highlighter, but it doesn't show up on the scanner (just like the fluorescent spray-painted Chronic Disorder 7"). i took a picture of the cover with my camera so you can see the highlighted cover in the "scans."
1. midnight movies 5/5 (chorus really reminds me of "Denim Demon".)
2. no way home 5/5 (nice.)
3. bad biology 5/5 (great great great song!)
4. triple feature 5/5 (nice ender.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
night birds are just a great band all around. get this when it comes out in 7" format on No Way. they are finishing up recordings for an LP. i can't tell you how much i'm psyched about that. in June they are coming up to Canada, can't wait for that too! oh and on a side note, i have heard the elliott is back. i hope he gets a post up soon.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Sack-O'-Woes/(Do The) Soggy Pie 7"

another month gone by, another month older is this blog. here is the first post of December. i guarantee that you won't find this on any other blog (for now). it is the first release by The Sack-O'-Woes on S(t)ack-o'-Records all the way back in 2002. sometime ago i looked into buying some SOW records, in US or Canada. but after a while of not seeing any available, i contacted the band. who did i get? Niels himself (guy from Gepopel). i asked him what records he had for sale, and he said, all but a 10" that they released. i thought for sure that he wouldn't have any of this 7" left because it was limited to 200 and released 8 years ago. but he did so i bought this and everything else. then i got an email saying that i was getting the Whiteout 7" with a "cheapo giveaway sleeve" (not silk-screened). in return, he found a copy of the 10" album and added it for free. so i now have the entire SOW discography, with one their best 7"s, Baby, I'm Born Old (reviewed on here a long time ago) signed by all the band! thank you Niels! now for the music, it's great catchy garage punk. the b-side where it's at! get it now! recorded in fake stereo.
1. (do the) soggy pie 4/5 (nice.)
2. price to pay 5/5 (fast.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
more music of them here: listen
buy their music here: buy
this might still be available. the back cover looks like the record is cracked, look at it in the scans. i got #158/200.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

White Flag-Within You Without You 7"

well it was my birthday on the 17th so i've been a bit busy. well i'm here now. anyway it's time to unleash another Lost and Found records gem. this time it's White Flag. when i first heard the band name, i thought they were just a bad Black Flag ripoff. but on closer inspection i was quite wrong. this band is really good, and not like Black Flag at all. they started in 81' i think. even up to 86' these guys were releasing great stuff. this was recorded in 86'. the a-side being in the studio and then the b-side being live tracks. if anybody has their album "r is for rocket" please share it with me. i really want to hear it. this record comes on clear vinyl and was released in 1990. i really like the vocals. really catchy music too. grab it!
1. within you without you 5/5 (fantastic!)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
really good hardcore punk from past the mid 80's. i'm sure it's cheap. i got the Lost and Found box set from Hits and Misses a while ago for not much money.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sinks-Beat Out My Brains 7"

well Dave G. at the great Rocket Science just posted another classic out of his collection, so i thought i'd do the same. yes this is only 2 years old, but it is a classic. great garage punk from 2008. the Sinks have released other 7"s which are great too, but not as much as this. this was released on the dynamite label, Fashionable Idiots. i just bought about 9 records from their distro. anyway, this was pressed twice. first with 3 different covers limited to 600. then second limited to 100. i like the cover variant with them eating pizza on the street with Little Caesar a lot more then i one i have. the one i have is pretty hard to read (because of the font). but the worst thing is that the record sleeve is filthy. the black ink smears, that's why you'll see smudges on my copy. also that's why i left it in the plastic sleeve to scan it. but it doesn't take away from the sound. great vocals, great riffs, great everything. catchy as hell. enjoy!
1. beat out my brains 5/5 (vocals.)
2. don't wanna go to work 5/5 (guitar.)
3. 3025 5/5 (yes.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
don't be a cheapskate, buy this from the link above. support the great label!

Friday, November 12, 2010

It Is Done

so what do you think of the new layout? all BIG BOYS!

New Layout

well i think it's about time for a new layout. just to shake things up. so the blog might be a little messed for a little bit.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Now-Into The 80's! - The 1978 Demos 12"

finally a night where i don't have tons of homework. so what does that mean for you. it means a post! here you go. i have to say that this must be rare because i can't find any info about it anywhere. i just was looking through the bins at Hits and Misses (they just moved right next to Rotate This!) and stumbled across this. i loved their 7", so i snagged this. when i put it on, oh it was good. this gets better every time i listen to it. this is GREAT! download the scans so you can see the only info that this album gives you. it has the track listing, pressing number and discography. this was released by Boot records in 2005. limited out of 461. mine is #442. i know it doesn't look like it but the cover is white. my poor camera quality, sorry but who's gonna complain. the front has a newspaper article from 77', well you can read it. the back is plain white. the record labels seem to be a bit handwritten. now about the music. the singer's voice is great, the drums are sloppy and great. now the quality is pretty good for demo tapes. the last three songs were recorded somewhere else so that's why that sound different. the songs are a bit lengthy but you don't even notice it. they fly by. yes, 5 minutes and 53 seconds flies by! now get it! enjoy!
"The T.W. Tapes"
1. into the 80's 5/5 (fantastic.)
2. the shape of things to come 5/5 (vocals, nice.)
3. third world war 5/5 (bass.)
4. why 5/5 (great vocals.)
5. you student 5/5 (punk rock!)
6. here it comes 5/5 (nice riff.)
7. nine o'clock 5/5 (always loved this song.)
"The Trunk Session"
8. woman's own 5/5 (nice.)
9. seven days ago 5/5 (different feel the b-side but i like it.)
10. the invaders 5/5 (long great ender. chorus is awesome.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
fantastic set of demos here. thanks Boot records, whoever you are.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soon Enough

try and guess what the next post will be.
(clue: the picture---another clue: it's from 1978.)

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Shitlickers-Cracked Cop Skulls EP 7"

is it The Shitlickers or The Shit Lickers? well...... i went with the first one. anyway this post goes along with the anti-cimex one i just did. as i said before, this was bootlegged onto a 7" with the a-side being this entire ep and the b-side having the entire anti-cimex anarkist attack 7". that's why you'll only see one side of the vinyl in the scans. more raging swedish punk for you. originally released on Malign Massacre in 1982. now i'm not sure on the pressing info but i'll give it a shot. if anybody can help me on facts, do so. it was originally released with the cover linked here. i don't like it very much. then The Export records repressed this and it came with the cover above. and the final press is the same cover as above only in red, not white. now i know that's probably wrong so help me out. seeing as i will never own the anti-cimex original 7", i bought this bootleg. cheap alternative. all the songs are under a minute, beautiful.
1. war system 5/5 (nice.)
4. armed revolution 5/5 (done.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
nice, fast listen. short fast rules!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

You Know What I Hate?

i hate when another blog takes your rips and doesn't give any credit. i won't name names but you know who you are. just put a link to my site. that's all i'm asking. i don't really care about scans because i scan the records so that people can use them. thank you to people like xjerryx for putting my link there. it's funny, that even with my site being not that popular, this stuff still happens.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Forthcoming/Already Done

time for a new LINKS post. alright, here's some stuff i'm really looking forward to buying or already bought or whatever. first off, thanks elliott for the package, hope your internet gets fixed soon. anyway on to the releases. LIBYANS just released a 12" on Sorry State records. sounds pretty good. once i get some money i'm gonna buy it. also the new LOVE TRIANGLE 7" that they've distributed. that's it for them. then we have Grave Mistake records new release by the LADIES, six more reason to hate the... 7" go to their site and get it, it is truly awesome (comes on pink vinyl too!). next i got wind of a new NIGHT BIRDS 7". which i thought would be on grave mistake (because of previous release) but nope. it's coming out on the great Now Way records. speaking of no way records, they have released some killer stuff lately. the re-issues of the two CHRONIC SICK records and the new ACID REFLUX 7". some great releases coming up on the label too. like i said before, the new night birds 7". also the debut 7" by CROSS RAGE (canadian). speaking of canada, WHITE WIRES have a new 12" coming up on Dirtnap records. if you like powerpop, you'll love them. dirtnap are also re-issuing the cherry beach 7" by CAREER SUICIDE with extra tracks. more canadian stuff is the new 12" by BRUTAL KNIGHTS on Dereanged records. it says it's their last release, god i hope it's not. the new Killed By Modern Problems (vol. 2) is in the works over at H.R.S. records. EPIDEMICS released a 7" on tons of labels, i think mine is Yellow Dog records. lastly back in the re-issue department, we have the great NUKKETEATTERI 7" being re-issued by Adult Crash records in about two weeks. oh i almost forgot, LOGNHALlSMOTTAGNINGEN has a 7" included in a box set with other bands. but that won't be out for a long while. one last thing to say, NEGATIVE LIFESTYLE, you need to make a 12". your 7" is the best of the year so far! lots of links here, check em all out! that's all i got for now. if anybody has any suggestions, let me know!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anti-Cimex/Anarkist Attack 7"

(((re-post from Dec. 8/09@6:31pm)))
(((no i don't have the original copy, but i do have the bootleg. the bootleg is a split with the Shitlickers 7" on the a-side (i'll post that next and more info on that post about the bootleg). this post just got a comment and inspired me to post it. i only have two things left to say: 1. elliott where are you? 2. go to this. it's awesome!)))
here's a nice swedish hardcore release for you. this record is great but all of their following records are bad. after this record they went totally CRUST. but anyway. bullshit recordz released this 7" in 1981. this record was the first release by bullshit recordz, the second was the absurd-ep and then the label went bankrupt (rumored to be not true). this is very rare. some parts fast, some parts slow, it's all good.
1. svaveldioxid 4/5 (good song.)
2. heroindod 5/5 (better song.)
3. drommusik 4/5 (a song.)
4. anti-cimex 5/5 (best song.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
come on bootleggers, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! **(this statement is false, i was unaware of the bootleg at the time of the original posting of this record)**

Saturday, October 16, 2010

United Mutation-Insanity/Kyo Ki 7"

now we'll go from really good to really bad. at first you might think, "cool a dc band. produced by don at inner ear! this is gonna be great! like minor threat!" then you put it on and realize it doesn't sound like minor threat at all. too bad. anyway this was released on the great bootleg german label Lost and Found records. i'm not sure what this is called but it says "insanity/kyo ki" on the record label. some of you out there will probably like this. that's why i'm posting it, for the public. i haven't seen it anywhere else so here you go. comes on a nice blue vinyl. unknown pressed. have at it! (it's all garbage for me, except for the last song which i like. actually good vocals on that track).
1. white boy 0/5
5. it's over 0/5
8. oh no 0/5
10. over the edge 4/5 (only good track. recorded live in'87.)
overall: 1/10 not recommended
not something i like to listen to but maybe it's for you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brutal Knights-Life Ain't Cool 7"

i just heard No Way Fest 4 is cancelled, that sucks. anyway on with life. well in honour of canadian thanksgiving, here you have one of canada's best bands. most people like this band for the humorous lyrics. while that is an attractive element, i just think all their songs are really catchy. they have released some great records, with this being my favourite. this band has great production on all of their records. great vocalist. just another great band from Toronto. this was released on the great Riff Raff records, #2 (school jerks first 7" is #5). i love how the riff raff labels on records look. look at the scans. 2007 the year was. first press on black vinyl, found here, and second press on green vinyl. they just released some new record not to long ago.
1. life ain't cool 5/5 (when everything comes together it's huge.)
2. burlesque is horseshit 5/5 (just great.)
3. fake youth 5/5 (yes.)
4. teach me sex 5/5 (loud.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
enjoy! buy their records here: BIKINI DIET!

Dawn Smith

well happy thanksgiving to my fellow canadians. did anyone have a good long weekend. did anybody have a long weekend? well i did and i went to Toronto. picked up some great records and they might, nah, will be posted here sometime. then i got some great news. i'm getting the entire Sack O Woes discography from Niels himself. and they're all getting posted here when i get em, haha.

don't you just love the graphics on this post? two great singers, and i mean great!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reagan Youth-Youth Anthems For The New Order 12"

ok i've got a double post for you today. so you hear about everybody loving the original 12" opposed to "volume one" 12" put out by Red Archives records. everybody hates how the re-issue sounds. well i guess one guy thought, "hey, what if i put both on a 12"?" well he did and here you have it. the a-side is the original and the b-side is volume one. i actually like volume one quite a bit. i like that you can hear the bass better. also they added the fantastic "no class" song. probably my favourite reagan youth song. anyway, this bootleg looks exactly like the original. even the record labels. it doesn't tell you that there are 10 other songs on the b-side. i have no idea who even made this bootleg but the outer plastic sleeve said 10o0 pressed. released when? i don't know. all i know is that you need this record (or records). there is also a cd of rare and live tracks which is pretty good as well. download the scans for all of the massive foldover sleeve. ok so now the tracks. first download is the original and seconds is volume one. enjoy the(se) masterpiece(s)!

1. new aryans 5/5 (great.)
2. reagan youth 5/5 (yeah!)
4. i hate hate! 5/5 (great song.)
5. degenerated 5/5 (hum.)
6. u.s.a. 5/5 (great yet again.)
7. (you're a) gonowhere 5/5 (are you?)
overall: strongly recommended


(contains remastered, unreleased and different version songs.)
1. reagan youth 5/5 (bass.)
2. new aryans 5/5 (ooo.)
3. (are you really) happy? 5/5 (again, well?)
4. no class 5/5 (best reagan youth song.)
5. i hate hate! 5/5 (me too.)
6. degenerated 5/5 (yep.)
7. (you're a) gonowhere 5/5 (again, are you?)
8. u.s.a. 5/5 (nice version.)
9. anytown 5/5 (listen to the amazing drum fills.)
10. in dog we trust 4/5 (just a little bit of a drag.)
overall: 9.9/10 strongly recommended


this is actually a good re-mastering job (volume one), unlike most times. get this bootleg. it did. also go to Maximum Rocknroll .com for other reagan youth demo tracks.

Monday, October 4, 2010


i know i haven't posted as much as i should but there is a big one coming. it's a secret (but it's big). i got a bunch of new records! posted here soon. you will see more posts from now on!
see you cats at the Cinnabon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

YDI-A Place In The Sun 7"

well the past couple of days i've felt like garbage. what better to do then post. so here is the bootleg of the YDI 7". remember them from American Hardcore. that short clip of the singer whipping his elbows up and down. this is the Reagan Era boot. Reagan Era has the worst quality bootlegs. they don't even try to make them look good. the photos are pixelated and stretched. the insert is cut off so that they could print it on normal size paper. at least it's better then paying $300. so i can't complain, i guess. anyway, back to the record itself. originally released on Blood Bubble records in 1983. i like the fast straight forward tracks but not so much the slower ones. his voice gets a little to harsh on the slow tracks. short songs. nothing left to say. get it.
1. not shit 5/5 (nice.)
2. 1983 5/5 (favourite track.)
3. friends 4/5 (good.)
4. mad at the world 3/5 (ok.)
5. out for blood 3.5/5 (huh.)
6. categorized 5/5 (back to great.)
7. another day 5/5 (great bass.)
9. why die? 2.5/5 (weak closer.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
get the boot. although it looks crap, it's better than spending that much dough.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Queers-A Proud Tradition 7" 1982 & 1984 EPs

ok hard to believe this but it's my first music post of september. and for that i am sorry but hopefully this will make up for it. two great old 7"s put together in one package. but still two 7"s, not all together on some 12". this is original format. i reviewed the first queers 7" some time ago so visit that post for more useful info. these two records were originally released in 1982 and 1984 on Doheny records. 200 pressed of each and no picture sleeves. the first record had hand written sleeves, not sure on the second record though. well the package i'm presenting here is the re-issue. it was released in 1992 on Selfless records. includes discography insert, well of discog at the time. so the first record is pretty good, but it's all about the second one. their 1984 7" is one of my favourite records ever released, really! it's so catchy. great songs, great everything. great production. great backing vocals. these aren't the fastest records in the world, but it works so well at this tempo. just fantastic. enough yapping, get this now and blow your mind!
1982 EP:
1. we'd have a riot doing heroin 5/5 (all first three songs are linked together by "one two three four.")
2. terminal rut 5/5 (bass.)
3. fagtown 5/5 (vocals nice.)
4. i want it now 5/5 (short.)
5. trash this place 2/5 (weird, not my favourite.)
6. love me 2.5/5 (somebody talks the lyrics. too bad because the music itself is great. music=5, vocals=0, total=2.5.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended


1984 EP:
1. kicked out of the webelos 5/5 (what a great song. you'll be yelling it all night.)
2. tulu is wimp 5/5 (drums.)
3. at the mall 5/5 (mall's suck.)
4. i spent the rent 5/5 (great little song.)
5. don't wanna work 5/5 (great.)
6. i'm useless 5/5 (yes.)
7. this place sucks 5/5 (my favourite song. when that chorus hits and the backing vocals are singing too, oh man it great!)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
i can't began to say how much i love early queers. if i had a chose on what my band sounded like, it would be this!



sorry but i messed up on the Necros 12" post. i listed no one and satisfy as the same song. well now you can download the song satisfy. go through the link above to fix your library. thanks elliott for letting me know.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Death To, The USA

what a great picture of the dicks eh?
i would like to post more but just don't have the time. ripping some records now. so expect a Q***** (guess) post next. then other stuff. so come back soon. oh and i made a mistake on the Necros 12" post. the 3 and 4 song are the same. it will be fixed soon too. thanks elliott for letting me know.

Monday, September 6, 2010

One Year Old!

well it's been a year since i started my blog. lots of things have happened. lots of records posted. met lots of great people. i started with the intention to just post reviews, and i did for several months. but after the first month i remember i completely forgot about the blog until my brother made a comment about it. then i went back at it. then sometime i quit, or felt like quitting, then i got some inspiration from some comments. then i started to add downloads ripped from my own vinyl. i made another blog for scans, then deleted it, and added the scans in downloads. the weirdest thing is that i started this blog 2 days before school started up. now one year later it's 1 day from the start of school. it's gonna suck to go back but whatever. so anyway, thanks to all who have made me go for a whole year.
some statistics:

Summer's Over

well that's it for doing nothing all day. back to school. back to hardcore yet elliott?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say 12"

(((re-post from Jan. 6/10@7:23pm)))
(((here's my first request post. well re-post. here's to you elliott. i don't know why you like the other albums but you do. man i hate his voice, but it's good on some songs. pretty great album i guess. jock itch is great. well, what are you waiting for, get it.)))

alright here's the infamous ss decontrol album. first off, i have ripped all the songs from my own bootleg copy. if the band members want me to take down the links i will, and that goes for any downloads i have, or will have. ok, i just had to say that because of the comments on GBM. time for the review. this was a split release with x-claim and dischord limited to only 1000 copies. there was a bootleg, i don't know what year, but it had ex-claim and discord instead of the correct spelling. only 600 copies of that are out there (that's the one i have). this is a great release and i don't know why a reissue has not be issued, and it probably won't. i don't really like any other albums by them because they're just mainly hard rock and his voice. save the link on the song titles for the download.
1. boiling point 5/5
2. fight them 3/5
4. not normal 3.5/5
6. jock itch 5/5
7. fun to you 3.5/5
8. v.a. 5/5
9. how much art 2.5/5
12. war threat 3.5/5
14. screw 5/5
16. police beat 3.5/5
17. united 5/5
18. the end 0/5 (bad.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
only on ebay, for serious coin, or download here.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Throwaways/Spastic Panthers Split 7"

first off i'd like to say i've got 285 comments. i was surprised. also looking back at some downland, and the download counts are pretty high (for what i think). thanks to all who comment. you know who you are. i also have 3 followers now. keep downloading and commenting! anyway that's done. so by looking at the two covers you may think why the hell did they do a split. well i have no idea. a powerpop (yes it is) band and a brutal hardcore band. well they did it. both bands from alberta, canada and released on Handsome Dan records on april 21th of this year. my favourite is the Throwaways side. two females and a male on drums. then you have Spastic Panthers who i'm not too into. i don't know what it is but i just can't get into them. maybe you'll like em, who knows? the Throwaways side is heavy stereo. i much prefer mono. i do. well now the music.
The Throwaways
1. mikey erg! 5/5 (great melody.)
2. pterodactyl clap 5/5 (nice.)
3. summer song 5/5 (might destroy your left ear.)
4. got a problem? 5/5 (great song.)

Spastic Panthers
1. (i'm gonna) punch you in the dink 1/5 (not a fan of the lyrics.)
2. volatile 1/5 (meh.)
3. outta control 1/5 (nah.)
4. political song for dan izzo to sing 2.5/5 (only good song on this side, for me.)
overall: 5/10 meh recommended
first side is great but the other side isn't. get this from Handsome Dan records, the link is above.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

State-No Illusions 7"

going back to straight up hardcore punk on this post. state released this in 1983 on Statement records. they released some other stuff but i've been told that it's crap compared to this. i think this was posted at kbd but only two tracks. so here it is in it's entirety. it's been bootlegged on reagan era and re-issued by Havoc records. get the great insert in the scans, includes lyrics. not really much too say so here's the music.
1. subvert 5/5 (nice.)
2. new right 5/5 (fast.)
3. attention 5/5 (great track.)
4. hard line 3/5 (weaker.)
5. no illusions 5/5 (fantastic riff, vocals, drums. just amazing!)
6. police state 5/5 (good.)
7. girl violence 3.5/5 (weaker enders on each side.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
get this nice Havoc re-issue. or the original. i don't care, i already have it.

The Polkateers-Dance To This Hit 12"

man i haven't posted music since the 7th. well that's what happens sometimes. anyway that's all i'll say about that.
there's nothing better than some fast as hell polka! get this!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


well i've spent most of my time ripping tapes. those rips are horrible so they won't be posted. i'll post something soon. for real this time. but first i'd like to make some recommendations.
first up, H.R.S. records with some great releases. two to be exact. their first is a comp called Killed by Modern Problems Volume 1. i think we all know where that came from. KBD! (oh and if anyone wonders why i call early punk KBD punk, it's because the comps, not the site (although the site is awesome.)) anyway, the comp is great. bands like School Jerks, Rich White Males and much more. just look at the track listing at the HRS blog (link below). Dave G. you might like this cause there is a Social Circkle track, "youngster on the force." i think you might know it. and The Trites song sounds similar, vocals. so green/black/white tapes. white available still. volume one, and more volumes to come! buy it here: KBMP V.1. their second release is the School Jerks/Negative Lifestyle tape. it's great from two of my favourite bands at the moment. buy it from above link.
my next thought is that you should get the Boogie Nazis pearl harbor sessions tape. great surf punk. i think a proper review is in the future for that release. ryan from the band also runs a zine called Splasher so get that at the same time. it's about skating and surf punk. send in your contributions. oh and thanks ryan for TICS tape too.

lots of links on this post, check em all out!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Computer Down

no posts for a bit as i need to take my computer in. sorry.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ripper #6

well i think it's about time for another zine review. this one being from way back in 1981. great zine and has the best reviews i've ever seen in a zine. all the dischord 7"s and many more. great interviews with tsol, wasted youth and black flag (right when henri became singer). and lots of other stuff too. get every ripper zine, if you can find em.
the reason i chose to do this is because the TSOL interview. that is what inspired me to re-post their 12", which i did in the previous post. i decided to scan a great picture of jack dressed in women's clothing, makeup and some kind of beret. the caption reads "If we put out record after record of political stuff, it would just be boring." sadly their next record, which isn't political, isn't very good. some good songs but just doesn't sound like the same band.

so yes the real reason i posted this was to show this photo.

T.S.O.L.-EP 12"

(((re-post from Nov. 12/09@4:23pm)))
(((well i've decided to re-post something and here it is. released on posh boy records and i'm not sure on the pressings but more than one for sure. only album by them that i like. their first lp has some good tracks but mostly i'm not a fan. my copy of this is pretty thrashed so it's very crackely, but i like it that way. all in all great first release!)))
tsol short for "true sounds of liberty." this was one of the first hardcore records i'd ever heard. since then i've tried to get this album. initially i though this was a 7" because i found it on 7inchpunk (website). so i didn't buy it because all the ones for sale said 12". recently i found out it is a 12", so (hopefully there are some 7" bootlegs out there).
1. superficial love 5/5 (best song on here. fast.)
2. property is theft 5/5 (great vocals. also fast.)
3. no way out 5/5 (nice vocals.)
4. abolish government/silent majority 4/5 (not a fan of the chanting thing.)
5. world war III 4/5 (it's fast.)
overall: 9/10 recommended (easily available on CD with some other record on it too. if i didn't say it enough times already: 12" 7" 12" 7" 12" 7" 12 " 7" 12" 7" there you go.)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time Is On My Side

tick tock tick tock tick tock FUCK THE CLOCK!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Maggotz-Tales From The City Of Vomit 7"

man i had busy weekend. i'm still reading Please Kill Me (strongly recommended) every night so i was basically didn't get any sleep. speaking of books, i just bought that complete touch and go zine book thing and the new book Why Be Something That You're Not. it's about the punk scene from 1979-1985. Revelation records released it and are in the works for another punk book but it's going into the 90's so i'm not getting it. speaking of the 90's, here's The Maggotz.
i was reading a post on Last Days and it inspired me to post this (the post was a 90's punk record). this was released on Nose Pick records in 1993 (the year i was born. now you all know my age). limited to 1000 and i have #785. this is how i got it. i was looking through my itunes and came across these two tracks (track one and two of this release) by the maggots. they were great. i didn't know where the tracks came from. so i searched for the maggots but couldn't find anything (later i realized it had a "z" at the end and not a "s"). then it hit me, mat dafuc. so i contacted him a found out that he ripped the tracks from his vinyl. he sent me some pics (we have the same couch) and i said now i just need a hard copy. couldn't find it anywhere. so i asked him if he knew where to get it and he found a place. he also found me that copy of The Spasms 7". thank you mat. so i went to the site bought it along with two other 7"s and about 10 zines. anyway, this record has the two best songs to come out of the 90's then the rest is just ok. crank the first two songs, short as hell too! enough of my yammering.
1. i 8 my brain 5/5 (amazing.)
2. orange slices 5/5 (even more amazing.)
3. blitzkrieg waltz 2/5 (ok.)
4. dry heave 3/5 (a little slower.)
5. full of hat 3/5 (too slow at points. and messed up ending. it clicks and stuff. it's not my copy, it's how it was done.)
overall: 6/10 recommended
get it from Stanton Park records along with tons of other stuff. in the scans i didn't connect the inside scan because it's easier to read the lyrics this way.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


the great swedish band is releasing a new 7". i'm trying to find a label to release their stuff on this side of the ocean (canada or usa). if you haven't heard of them, then go here and listen. if your interested contact them EPIDEMICS! or me here.

Didn't Notice

i didn't notice until now that, that last update was my 200th post. hmm.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slobs-Demo 7"

yes another band i found out about through the School Jerks Myspace site. great band from Montreal, along with Omegas. i got this from the band. it was originally released as a tape demo in 2009. then in 2010 they released it on a 7". whether in tape or vinyl, this record kills. good old fast punk. they also have shirts out, damn i should have got one!! lyrics included. get the scans. nothing else to say.
1. memory lapse 5/5 (great stuff.)
2. no escape 5/5 (nice.)
3. hope for nothing 5/5 (when they kick it, it's great.)
4. done caring 5/5 (maybe the best.)
5. chronic disease 5/5 (more fastness.)
6. write-offs 5/5 (slow and fast, great song.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
contact them at their site to get this: SLOBS!