Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Necros-Conquest For Death 12"

(((re-post from Jan. 1/10@8:44pm)))
(((well here are the downloads. also i added scans so you can see for yourself and judge what pressing it is. good stuff. well i'm done. zip file at bottom.)))
now for one of my personal favourite bands, NECROS. first off, what the hell is with the cover? you can't even read the album title and it's even worse for the song titles on the back, you can barely read them. i guess it's suppose to be a guy fighting himself, but whatever, the cover doesn't matter. one pressing in the US and one in Germany. on the US press the title is blue and the labels are lime-green, but on the German press the title is green and the labels are lime-green, it also has an extra track from the conquest for death 7". on my copy the title is blue but the labels are yellow. i guess it's a boot or something. i picked it up in a local record store for $20 (the same place i picked up the first SS Decontrol 12"). i didn't know what it sounded like but i liked all the other Necros releases so i thought i'd snag it (also because i saw them on ebay go for over $50). the a-side is great and the b-side is a bit slower. definitely get their other releases, except for "tangled up" it's just metal, well actually elliott you might like it, ha.
1. search for fame 5/5 (great, fast opener.)
2. tarnished words 5/5 (great, a little slower.)
3. no one 5/5 (great, fast too.)
4. satisfy 5/5 (shortest and fastest song, could be on the IQ32 7".)
5. bad dream 3/5 (much slower, but when it's fast it's good.)
6. police brutality 5/5 (i loved this song on their first 7". this version is even better.)
7. A.S.F.B. 5/5 (great song.)
8. conquest for death 0.5/5 (didn't like it on the 7", don't like it now.)
9. count me out 4/5 (nice.)
10. change 2.5/5 (too slow.)
11. crying form 5/5 (here we go.)
12. face forward 3/5 (where did their accents come from all of a sudden.)
13. friend to all 3.5/5 (good closer.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
they should have made a 7" out of the a-side. get it on eBay and visit their own label TOUCH AND GO RECORDS website (i won't say anything about them, you know what i'm talking about).
***download the SATISFY link. if you just download the zip you won't get the song SATISFY. sorry for the mishap.***


  1. hey just writing to tell you there is a problem on your necros conquest for death post. track 3 and 4 are the same. i didn't see it before because they're called the tracks they're supposed to be. just thought you'd like to know.

  2. oh oops. thanks for telling me!

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