Friday, February 26, 2010


almost a week since the last post, so i have to write something. well, so long to the shoutbox, nobody left a shout. no word from that follower yet, drop a comment if you're reading. review coming soon, i don't know what on, but review coming soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Zero Boys-Vicious Circle 12"

after raggin' on their first 7" i thought i'd review my favourite release by the band. Zero Boys are one of my favourite bands. this was one of my first hardcore records i owned (cd, back when i hated vinyl, until i realized vinyl is way better and all the bands i liked released vinyl). if you like the ramones you probably like their first 7", but i don't at all. it's very slow and sounds exactly like the ramones. in the liner notes of this record it says that the singer heard what some of the bands were releasing and he said, "we got to play way faster!" it's pretty funny, and a wise choice. as i said above i have the cd. i bought it when i was first listening to this genre. i was looking at random cds in the "punk" section and came across this (and the History record). they looked pretty punk and the back said it was from 82' so i got it. the History cd has the first 7" on it too. so naturally i thought that eps were better than albums, so i listen to the ep first. i thought, "man i just wasted my money" but then i listened to the first track "drive in" then i was hooked. this was originally released on Nimrod records in 82'. this record is not boring at all unlike some hardcore LPs, i like that the songs are all pretty much one minute long. great vocalist. the band reformed and are still playing today.
1. vicious circle 5/5 (raging hardcore. contains the only swear word on this record, showing that hardcore can be obtained without profanity *hint- 7 seconds.)
2. amphetamine addiction 5/5 (great vocals.)
3. new generation 5/5 (paul's a great singer.)
4. dirty alleys/dirty minds 3.5/5 (good.)
5. civilization's dying 5/5 (great vocals and drums.)
6. livin' in the 80's 4/5 (much better version than the one on the 7".)
7. drug free youth 5/5 (great lyrics.)
8. down the drain 5/5 (golden.)
9. outta style 5/5 (crazy drums.)
10. you can touch me 4/5 (nice.)
11. forced entry 5/5 (bass.)
12. hightime 5/5 (great lyrics.)
13. charles' place 5/5 (nice slower faster combo, even though it's all fast.)
14. trying harder 4/5 (a little slower, but great ender track.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
one of the best records of all time. get the reissue LP, it's of great quality. hopefully when i get some more cash i'll get the LP version, but for now i'll stick with my cd. done.

Maids-Back To Bataan 7"

well i'm back with a great KBD 7" that was unknown to me, until i got the KBD comps from Mat (thanks). two songs on this, one on KBD comp #7 and the other on KBD comp #17. this is the only release by the band in 79' on Anemic records. small pressing with only a fraction that came with a insert. go to KBD for the tracks or get the comps.
1. back to bataan 5/5 (great fast paced song. go to GBM for the lyrics.)
2. i do i do 4/5 (good, not as good as the first side but still good. there's weird "born to be wild" lyrics in there.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended.
very rare, get a download.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adding Random Stuff

i've been adding random stuff to the blog lately. i had a followers column but half the time it never loaded. i added more sites to visit, too. *i just added a shout box for fast commenting. i'll take it down if nobody uses it. also i'll probably add some random games from time-to-time (mostly for my own amusement). that's all, enjoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scream-Still Screaming 12"

i haven't posted seen sunday so i'll make up for it by reviewing a 12". another Dischord release this time. MRR said this is bound to be one of the best records from 83', possibly, it's good. it says on KFTH that it was released in 82', i thought it was 83'. if anybody can correct this let me know. anyway, great melodic vocals with great whoa-o back up vocals. they released another decent 12", and then several after 84' which i'm not too into. a-side is great, the b-side is less interesting but still good. most hardcore LP's lose steam by the end of the record, that's why EP's are the way to go.
1. came without warning 5/5 (great fast opener. listen to the drums.)
2. bedlam 4/5 (a bit slower.)
3. solidarity 5/5 (great back-up vocals.)
4. your wars/killer 4/5 (nice.)
5. piece of her time 5/5 (all-about the back-up whoa-o's.)
6. human behaviour 3/5 (meh.)
7. stand 5/5 (best song on this record. amazing vocals, chords and drums. a little similar to stand up by minor threat, just a little.)
8. fight/american justice 3/5 (the 2nd half is a little weak.)
9. new song 2.5/5 (slower.)
10. laissez faire 4/5 (acoustic guitar in this one, but it's good.)
11. influenced 4/5 (good.)
12. hygiene 2.5/5 (no.)
13. cry wolf 3/5 (misleading.)
14. total mash 3/5 (meh again.)
15. who knows? who cares? 2.5/5 (too long of an opening.)
16. amerarockers 1/5 (reggae, not that interesting.)
17. u. suck a./we're fed up 5/5 (great, fast ender to a weaker flipside.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
a-side is worth the money alone (once again). all the Dischord 12"s are still in print, well i think, so it's easily available (once again).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Faith/Void Split 12"

time for two great DC bands, in one.

the faith and void team up on this 12". released in 82' on that great DC label Dischord records. produced by Ian of minor threat. first off is the faith side. they play simple but good hardcore, i like this side better than the void side. i reason i like it better is because on the void side their is a more metal influence, and all those weird noises and riffs. i like the void's demo better, it's just straight ahead punk without the weirdest of this 12". i'm gonna keep this short because i have a long track list ahead of me.
The Faith
1. it's time 4/5 (kind of a slow start to the record.)
2. face to face 5/5 (probably the best, fastest faith song.)
3. trapped 4/5 (nice guitar.)
4. in control 4/5 (good lyrics.)
5. another victim 5/5 (guitar.)
6. what's wrong with me? 4/5 (nice.)
7. what you think 3.5/5 (ok.)
8. confusion 3.5/5 (i like the vocals a lot, but not the guitar riffs when then play slow.)
9. you're x'd 3.5/5 (meh.)
10. nightmare 4/5 (nice breakdown.)
11. don't tell me 5/5 (nice vocals, nice speed.)
12. in the black 2.5/5 (good, but too long for a Faith song.)
13. who are you? 5/5 (great song, best one, over 2 minutes but the vocals are amazing.)
14. time to die 4/5 (everything's good.)
15. condensed flesh 5/5 (great song. i like that the vocals come in a little late.)
16. ignorant people 3.5/5 (a little slow for the most part.)
17. change places 3.5/5 (good.)
18. ask them why 4/5 (nice drums.)
19. organized sports 2.5/5 (it's good but i don't like the really high voices in the chorus, is it supposed to be children or something?)
20. self-defense 3.5/5 (good stuff.)
21. war hero 4/5 (great song, but better version on the demo. the vocals are really hard to hear. i do like that the vocals come in way too early, funny.)
22. think 3.5/5 (lots of metal, but still good.)
23. explode 1/5 (just metal a track, bad.)
overall: 7.5/10 recommended
the faith side is worth it alone. it is constantly reissued by Dischord so it's easy to get. there you go.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

RF7-Acts Of Defiance 7"

i'm not going to say anything about this band or this release. i don't like this album at all. the music is good, but the singer's voice is AWFUL. sorry to all you rf7 fans out there but i hate this. sell this record and buy a good one.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


yep i just went through 117 posts and added more labels. i kept "album reviews" and "random" and added more labels to categorize the music itself. the main ones i added were "hardcore punk" and "KBD punk." also some other ones and some ones that only adhere to certain posts. check it out. well that's it.

Plague-Just Say No 7"

there's my scanned copy of the cover. i'm travelling to were i've never traveled on this site yet, the LATE 80's. i mostly listen to stuff from either the early 80's or 2005 and up to today. but rarely in between. the only bands from the late 80's that i listen to would be Gorilla Biscuits, Bold (that's right Dylan) and some Youth of Today (i know, i know.) anyway, here we go. this time the a-side is slower than the b-side. brutal vocals, Poison Idea comes to mind, whenever i say brutal vocals i think of Poison Idea. released in 87' on, i believe, Punish records (a Sweden label). originally released with a 10" sleeve with a grey cover. i own the 1990 PLAGUE LIMITED EDITION copy. it comes with a 7" sleeve and has a red cover (like the one above). the lyrics are written on the inside and sometimes are impossible to see. white writing on a guy's white shirt, yep. but you can make out most of the rest. white blank labels on my copy, i don't know about the original however.
1. losing my mind 3.5/5 (slower than i thought it would be right off the bat, but still a good track.)
2. unplanned by the system 3/5 (ok.)
3. rat in a maze 3.5/5 (faster.)
4. city life 3.5/5 (whow thrash and echoes. short.)
5. the pit 5/5 (time for my favourite track. straight hardcore punk.)
6. downtown 5/5 (more punk, short.)
7. johnny's brain N/A (it's not really a track, no music, just 10 seconds of johnny's brain saying "just say no" therefore no rating.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
the guy over at Punk Not Profit had the entire Plague CD anthology but some distro guy asked him to remove it. i guess he hasn't noticed it's at GBM too. there are no scans for this at GBM just mp3s. but i just bought it, it was only $3. download "the pit" from GBM and then buy it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sin 34-Die Laughing 7"

here is my long awaited sin 34 post. remember back on day 10 when i said "sin 34 anyone?" well it's a couple months later but here it is. say what you want about sin 34 but i like them. definitely the best female vocalist in all of hardcore. they got their name from international media channels. go here to read up them: DO YOU FEEL SAFE?. released in 82' on Spinhead records. they also released an LP one year late. it's not as good, the songs are longer and slower, but it's still a good record. that record does have my favourite sin 34 track, Live or Die. but the best version of that song is on their demo tape (which i also recommend). raging hardcore, nice raw production, let's go.
1. america america 5/5 (great fast opener.)
2. children shall not be heard 3.5/5 (slow, with some fast parts.)
3. the uniform 5/5 (back to the hardcore.)
4. 12 hour trip 3/5 (this song kind of seems like a 12 hour trip.)
5. join the race 5/5 (great vocals, guitar, bass, drums, speed, chanting, everything.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
mostly fast hardcore with some slow parts. pick it up today, it's already at $50 but it also comes with the LP too: TURN ON, TUNE IN, DROP OUT! i've seen this go for decent cash but you could get a good deal on it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl

that's right, i like sports too. the Saints (who i was going for) won super bowl 45. i won $5 in a bet!

The Queers-EP 7"

if those two posts were too brutal for you, here's a nice little soft record. the lightest symbol hits i've ever heard, but it's great. nice vocals and guitar. there are some great stories about this 7" on BREAKMYFACE. well this was released in 82' on the bands own label Dohney records. they couldn't afford picture sleeves so they got blank ones. all the sleeves were hand-written. only 200 pressed and mainly given to friends and relatives. 5 great songs jammed onto one side and then one crap song on the flip-side, Love Me. at the end of the recording session they decided they would record one more song and that's the one. the lyrics and everything were all improvised which is cool, but i don't really like what he's talking about. anyway, the band released another great 7". some of the tracks appear on the KBD comp #3, they're great too. there is a double 7" release that was both the 7"s, i'll be looking for one of those. after their second 7" the band dissolved and the only original member left was the singer. after that the records weren't the same. i've heard some of the tracks, they're crap. so stick to the original Queers lineup. recently a band called The Drunken Cholos formed. the band included the three original members of Queers. the cd they released sounds exactly like vintage Queers. the cd is gold all the way through. anyway.
1. we'd have a riot doing heroin 5/5 (great opener, vocals and bass and drums and guitar and everything.)
2. terminal state 5/5 (great.)
3. fag town 5/5 (nice!)
4. i want it now 5/5 (nice group vocals.)
5. trash this place 2.5/5 (good but the guitar sounds really out of tune or something. also i don't like the end, too long.)
6. love me 0/5 (talking plus music. music-good. talking-bad.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
GET THIS NOW!! the only bad track is Love Me but you can just skip it. too bad the original goes for $500!

Urban Waste-EP 7"

right after i listen to The Abused 7", i immediately turn to this after. the two records are very similar in my mind. not really the sound quality but mainly because there both from NY and play brutal hardcore. as i said the sound qualities are different. the sound is so raw on this release, lots of treble. the band only release this one record way back in 82' on Mob Style records. only 500 pressed. then in 89' Big City records made a reissue of this 7" but instead of a 7" they put it on a 12". there is also a "fan club" issue on a 7" out there, only 500 pressed as well. like i said on the Abused review, there is a 12" with this and three other old NY 7"s on it. although they only lasted a few years, they have become one of the most influential bands of hardcore. like the Abused 7", this also has a good mix of fast and slow hardcore.
1. police brutality 4/5 (great fast opener.)
2. public opinion 4/5 (great lyrics.)
3. no hope 3.5/5 (slower but good.)
4. wasted life 5/5 (short and fast.)
5. shank 3/5 (slow most of the time.)
6. ignorant 5/5 (great musically and vocally.)
7. BNC 4/5 (nice vocals.)
8. reject 3/5 (good, slower. good lyrics.)
overall: 7/10 recommneded
the original goes for a ton of cash. the 12" is much cheaper. the bootleg 7" is a decent price, most of the time it's the same price as the 12" reissue. look at this one on ebay (it already at $200 and going up): THEY SAID I WAS A REJECT! downloads are available on about a million different sites.

The Abused-Loud and Clear 7"

enough KBD records, time for some straight ahead hardcore. The Abused were from NY but don't sound like anything you'll hear on the New York Thrash tape. brutal hardcore, when they play fast they sound like Poison Idea a bit. there are some slow parts but they are mostly followed by fastness, if that's a word. nice sound production on this, not too grungy, not too clean. good brutal vocals without being annoying, e.i. SSD. 500 pressed in 83'. i've seen some sort of bootleg on ebay. it was an LP and it had this record, the Urban Waste 7", The Mob 7" and one other record on it (reminds me of the Dischord release "four old 7"s on a LP"). but i can't find any info on it.
1. loud and clear 5/5 (great energy right off the bat.)
2. war games 3.5/5 (good, just a touch too slow at some parts.)
3. just another fool 5/5 (short fast.)
4. no end in sight 5/5 (slow, then fast, great.)
5. nuclear threat 3.5/5 (slow for the majority of the time.)
6. watch out 4/5 (nice, upbeat.)
7. blow your brains out 5/5 (only 5 seconds, how can you go wrong.)
8. drug free youth 5/5 (my personal favourite. good lyrics and musically good. great stuff.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
way back when it was released, this record didn't get much attention. now it has become one of the most wanted hardcore punk records of all time. the sad thing is the people that actually like this record for the music can't buy it, meanwhile the people who are only in it for the money can get it. at least we can get a download. many chooses this time, GBM, 7"punk, and many more. thank god for them.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Record Collection For Real This Time

(((i have since bought several more records, so this is incorrect.))) ok now i'll actually put my record collection. i won't go into as much detail as i did before. if anybody has any questions about any of these records just leave a comment. they're not for sale so don't bother asking.

Gizmos-Amerika First 7"

next review, Gizmos. first heard this on the KBD comp #9, so yep, this is another KBD 7". the title track is the best and it doesn't really get better then that. decent speed for being released in 77'. i don't know anything about this and i have no clue why i'm reviewing this. at the beginning of pumpin' to playboy, a band member tells you to not listen to the next two songs, for obvious reasons.
1. amerika first 5/5 (great classic.)
2. human garbage disposal 3/5 (it's alright, good vocals.)
3. ballad of the gizmos 1/5 (very slow.)
4. kiss of the rat 2/5 (ok, only 59 seconds which is good.)
5. pumpin' to playboy 2/5 (thanks for the warning, but the lyrics are still awful.)
6. cave women 5/5 (great guitar, it makes the song good. bad lyrics but the way he sings them is good.)
7. (i'm just a) regular dude 1/5 (meh.)
overall: 4/10 not recommended
check out "amerika first" and "cave women" but the rest sucks. i have to mention again that it is from 1977, so i understand why it's mostly slow. best thing to do is get the KBD comp #9 to get the only good track (well i guess cave women is good too) plus other good KBD songs. or you can pay way to much for this 7".

We Got Power: Party Or Go Home 12"

well this isn't really an official review. mainly because there are 43 different songs and 41 different bands and i would have to explain each one. so no track listing. i'll touch on some of the best songs and bands. the whole album is pretty fast all the way through. the thing i don't understand is all the open space on the right side of the cover. this album starts with a song i think we're all familiar with, I Hate Cops by The Authorities. it's a great way to start the comp. now i'll start with the ups on this record. i was pleased to hear great songs from bands i'd never heard before. for examples, Nip Drivers, Dr. Know, Putrid Girls, The Vacant, Caustic Cause and many more. I really like the Manimals track. i also love the different versions of tracks. the Big Boys, Brick Walls is different than the version on their LP, i like this version better. the 7 Seconds tracks are demo versions, they're really fast, trust me. i was surprised how good the Sin 34 track was. i like how they put two different bands with the same name but from different places on here, Urban Assault, they are right beside each other too. now for the downs of this record. i don't like the White Flag tracks at all, well maybe i do like Celibate. the Clones have a crap cyber sound. that's the only bad stuff. now a list of the best and worst songs on this 12" (in no order):
the authorities-i hate cops
big boys- brick walls
manimals-thing under my bed
sin 34-not (my second favourite sin 34 track)
7 seconds-wasted life ain't no crime
the vacant-caught by the mafia
the clones-conform to the norm
white flag-hoppity hopper

go here: PARTY and get the mp3s ripped directly from the original 83' vinyl release. thanks WE GOT POWER for the great quality rip. go to their site and you can also look at their old fanzines. keep on partying.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tapeworm-EP 7"

ok i lied, yet another one of those extremely rare KBD 7"s. thanks to BREAK MY FACE i finally found a good scan of the record, well except for the part that's bitten off, but it looks good that way. i have to say, it's not my favourite. one track is just weird instruments and stuff. go to the site listed above for lots of information on the band. this was released in 78' on Hermaphrodite records. a-side is the only thing worth checking out. some of the tracks are on the KBD comp #9, including the good one. one of the things i hate about this record is that the vocals go through the right side of the speakers then the left, and then back and fourth again which can get quite annoying.
1. break my face 4/5 (great kbd song.)
2. i wanna die 2.5/5 (decent track.)
3. blues for an insurance salesman 2.5/5 (bad, but has it's moments.)
4. fuzz bassolo 0/5 (just noise, not the good noise though.)
overall: 4/10 very very slightly recommended
i only recommend listening "break my face." definitely not worth the money you'd spend for it. unless you find a bootleg or something for $3. however i would recommend the KBD comp #9 because you can get the best (only good) track on here plus some other good rarities.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mentally Ill-Gacy's Place 7"

ok one last KBD record. this has to be one of the worst recording ever but that's a major part of why i love this record. it sounds like it was recorded in a dank pit, which sounds amazing. the guitar just sounds like a long hiss. i vocalist has a great voice. the drummer's very talented. i can't really hear the bass but i'm sure it's sick. you can tell these guys had a sense of humour, listen to the lyrics and just look at the cover too. the cover is a picture of the First Lady Rosalyn Carter and John Paul Gacy, the Illinois mass murder, shaking hands. the cover reads "To John Gacy, Best Wishes, Rosalyn Carter." hilarity, well you can be the judge of that. they have another 7" called Sex Cells, do you get it. i haven't downloaded that because people say the recording is so different you wouldn't even know it's the same band. on that note.
1. gacy's place 5/5 (fantastic.)
2. padded cell 4/5 (nice.)
3. tumor boy 5/5 (great everything.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
rarely comes up, but when it does, it goes from anywhere between $50-150 depending on condition. their is a cd out there with this and some unreleased tracks. the unreleased tracks have the same sound quality and i wish they packed them on the 7" because they are just as good. thanks to peter you can hear this for free over at kbdrecords. the song gacy's place, which is the best one, is also on the 2nd KBD comp, so get it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Download Update

time for a little download update. i uploaded the tracks for the 7 Seconds-Committed For Life 7". it's my own personal rip from the original pressing, yes the ones with the red covers. now the downloads don't come with artwork, but i did scan the cover, insert and record. so just leave a comment and your email and i'll email all my (beautiful) scans. enjoy!

Black Flag-Damaged 12"

ok this is enough. i guess i'll be the first one to say this, THIS RECORD SUCKS. i'm sorry but i don't like this record at all. it's slow, boring and rollins voice sounds so bad. henry was good when he played in SOA but not when he moved to LA. the only worth-while track is rise above. i'm sorry, send your anger and hate mail to me. early black flag=good, later black flag=bad! no track listings this time, no point, it's all long and bad. that's it, sorry.

Pointed Sticks-EP 7"

time for some great canadian powerpop. man this is a great little 7" with that old KBD sound. this was released on Quintessence Records in 78'. this is their first of three 7"s. they released only one other LP. these guys were pretty fast for the time being. they also appear on KBD comp number 26 and another vancouver punk compilation. that's all i got.
1. what do you want me to do? 5/5 (great melodic catchy song.)
2. somebodies mom 4/5 (nice flip song.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
somebody reissued all of their 7"s and the LP on vinyl, i forget who. but if you see this, get it.

This Is Boston, Not L.A. 12"

(((remastered post, see bottom))) well this is it, the 100th post. honestly i never thought i'd keep going this long. remember that scary moment when i only posted 3 times in a month, well it wasn't that scary. so anyway, i'd like to thank Peter for supplying me with lots of the records i review. thanks to Ryan from boogie nazis for stopping by. thanks to Mat for the records and commenting. thanks to Slobodan Burgher for dropping by for some fanzine info. thanks Dylan and Amber for having a read. a special thanks to elliott for everything. and thanks to anyone who has kept that hit counter going up. whew, ok now for my biggest review yet. here we go.
time for my first compilation review, and boy it's a good one. this release perfectly sums up the boston hardcore scene. the only band missing is SSD but i think that was a good move. the first band up is Jerry's Kids. this is the best stuff they released, i think. their first LP is pretty good but doesn't match up to this stuff. short, fast songs, what more could you ask for. next up is The Proletariat. unfortunately they are my least favourite band on this comp. next is the Groinoids. they only supply one track, but man does it rip. too bad i don't know anything about the band. now for some of The F.U.'s. i always liked this band and these tracks are just as good as their others. check out their "kill for christ" album, it's great. time for Gang Green. these guys were only 15 years old when they recorded this but it sounds like they've been playing for years. a little sloppy but fast as hell. apparently their first recordings of these tracks were terrible. later they went back and played one more time and that time they clicked. i've only heard up to 1984 for these guys. i have no plans on hearing anything past that because i've heard they sound different. Decadence is next. they only have one track and it's a decent slow-tempo song. that's all i know about them. time for my favourite tracks on here, The Freeze. i don't need to tell you that the freeze are an amazingly great band. everything they did before there break-up and reunion is amazing. two 7"s and two 12"s. they're all are great. fast, and great musically. one of the best vocalists out there. yes they are hardcore punk, how could you say their not.
Jerry's Kids
1. straight jacket 5/5 (short, fast.)
2. uncontrollable 5/5 (nice.)
3. wired 4/5 (man these guys rip.)
4. desperate 5/5 (great.)
5. pressure 4/5 (slow at parts.)
6. i don't wanna 3.5/5 (good.)
The Proletariat
7. options 4/5 (hum.)
8. religious is the opium of the masses 2/5 (nope.)
9. allegiance 4/5 (faster.)
10. angel 4/5 (nice.)
The F.U.'s
11. preskool dropout 5/5 (funny.)
12. radio UNIX USA 5/5 (love the drums.)
13. green beret 5/5 (great music.)
14. time is money 5/5 (flawless F.U.'s stuff.)
Gang Green
15. snob 5/5 (blows his voice.)
16. lie lie 5/5 (favourite gang green show.)
17. i don't know 4/5 (good.)
18. rabies 5/5 (great back-up vocals.)
19. narrow mind 5/5 (drums.)
20. kill a commie 5/5 (ok. great song.)
21. have fun 5/5 (so do i.)
22. slam 4/5 (slow then faster, nice song.)
The Freeze
23. broken bones 5/5 (all about the bass.)
24. idiots at happy hour 5/5 (manic.)
25. now or never 5/5 (the freeze=hardcore punk.)
26. sacrifice not suicide 5/5 (good lyrics.)
27. it's only alcohol 5/5 (haha.)
28. trouble if you hide 5/5 (this is on their 2nd LP too, this version is better.)
29. time bomb 4/5 (slower, a little long.)
30. this is boston, not LA 5/5 (short, fast, best song. great drumming.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
it's all gold except for the proletariat tracks. thanks to old-skool-punk i learned some new info that it has been reissued "I got a copy which got the same cover in complete black and white means without red and blue, but there's no date which shows when it was reissued!"