Tuesday, December 21, 2010

JFA-Untitled 12"

(((re-post from Feb. 13/2010@5:07pm)))
(((so here is a post for you Ryan. i can't believe it's already Christmas time again. this time last year me and elliott were duking back and forth with posts. now, not so much. oh well. anyway, the mighty J.F.A. this isn't as well regarded as their previous releases but it is a really great record. my copy is really worn. just look at the cover. in the scans you will see a picture of a gauge in the vinyl. it occurs at 1:16 of "tentpeg." it skips on all my turntables except the one i ripped it with. you will hear a loud pop but that's it. lots of crackles on this. it adds to the music quite nicely. now grab a listen and enjoy the holidays. it will sound like you're sitting in front of a crackling fire. and now for the original post.)))

today i got my first "follower". i don't know who you are but if you're reading this, leave a comment and then i'll know it wasn't just a mistake. anyway, yet another post of JFA, as you can tell, they're one of my favourite bands. alright i expected the worst when i downloaded this. i love their first two records. but then i downloaded their 88' release, Nowhere Blossoms, it's horrible. not one bit of punk or even surf. after a couple months i decided to download this album. i thought it was going to be crap too, but boy was i wrong. i was pleasantly surprised. this record sounds pretty good, ranging from surf to punk to thrash to the 80's pop sound. released in 84' on what else but Placebo records. don't expect it to be anything like their first two albums, but still worth listening to. nice cover too. tracks, look down.
1. deltitnu 5/5 (just in case you didn't know, this is "untitled" backwards. the music and title.)
2. tentpeg 3/5 (good. almost skips.)
3. ABA 5/5 (nice song, instrumental, nice fast surf style.)
4. it's not right 4/5 (hum.)
5. the day walt disney died 3/5 (slow then they speed it up in the chorus.)
6. standin' on the verge 5/5 (b-side kicks it.)
7. i love broads 5/5 (nice speed and vocals.)
8. ramp song 5/5 (great.)
9. pipetruck 5/5 (nice surf song. agent orange did a version of this too, the JFA one is faster therefore better. bass is great.)
10. zimbobway 5/5 (my personal favourite. nice surf/minutemen style song.)
11. untitled 5/5 (not really anything.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
if your an early JFA lover (like me) just beware, this is not straight punk but still great. it's not a main collectors item it's not too pricey. by the way, elliott where are you?


  1. hahaha i like the tag on this post.

  2. cool, these guys were cool when i played with them a few times, then i watched them in march and asked the guitarist to interview him for my zine and he totally agreed then flaked out on me all shitty, kind totally of turned me off of them when he did that. my favorite album of theirs is the mad gardens ep though, so sick, check it out if you get the chance. thanks for the post!...? OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh man that sucks. yeah i did have a download of mad garden but never really listened to it. have to find it on vinyl. that one's got charlie brown on it right?

    have you ever heard of the "retainers". they're in the posting que?

  4. yeah it has c. brown on it. no i havnet heard of the retainers...

  5. well i'm posting a 7" by them next! i hope you'll like it!