Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bayonettes-EP 7"

well time for the poppyist record ever to reach this site. the bayonettes were a toronto based band and just recently broke up. there is not much info on them anywhere but some at their myspace site. i believe this is there third 7". it was released in 2006 on the great canadian based label Deranged records. led by a female singer and i think her voice fits in with punk well. the bassist is also a female and the rest are males. well this is not for anyone, but give it a listen, cause i quite like it.
1. stuck in this rut 5/5 (great, very catchy.)
2. sour 4/5 (not as good, but still a great song.)
overall: 8/10 recommended
i bought the last copy from the great Grave Mistake records. by the way they have the fastest and greatest service, but anyway. buy this from Puke N'Vomit records, which can be found on ebay for $6, so get it.

The Dicks-Hate The Police 7"

(((re-post from Nov. 25/09@6:03pm)))
(((well i bought the "crap" bootleg. the quality of the first song is bad compared to the original. plus they sped it up like nobody's business. i slowed it down to make it sound more like the original. also the beginning is sort of cut off. the b-side sounds the same thou. someone wanted $50 for this boot and i said how bout $10. he said yes and here we are. so download it here, then click the link below for the original rip.)))
time for one of the greatest 7"s of all time. this is 40x better than PEACE? and you saw how good that 7" was in another post. i need to a put link for this because it is a must have: The Dicks
1. the dicks hate the police 5/5 (fantastic masterpiece.)
2. lifetime problems 5/5 (great and fast.)
3. all night fever 5/5 (not sure why i love this song but i do, so.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
the original is very rare and goes for like $600. there are some bootlegs out there, but some say the sound quality is really bad (i'm still going to look for one.)

Necros-EP 7"

(((re-post from Nov. 4/09@10:10pm)))
(((well this is a post from way back in the day. it was back when the background colour was blue so that's why some of the words are in colour here. it looked good at one point, trust me. like i said in the comment, there was only 100 of these pressed by those wackos at touch and go record. the record i have is the boot. it sounds really good. now read my old incorrect and childish review and get the download.))
alright, everyone just hates this release. they all say the sound quality is bad, the lyrics suck and the songs are to simple. WHAT? THAT'S WHAT HARDCORE PUNK IS! that just makes me so mad. to be honest this is one of my favourites. yeah it's sloppy but that's what makes it the best.

1. sex drive 5/5 (great fast opener.)
2. police brutality 5/5 (classic.)
3. better late than never 5/5 (great bass at the start. crazy vocals.)
4. caste system 5/5
(listen to the drum fills, all RIM. yeah!)

overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
buy it, listen to it at max volume and quit complaining.
(look at all the colours, reminds me of the eddie and the subtitles review.)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Minor Threat-Live At Buff Hall 7"

well finally i'm back. time for some bootlegs. this is a great live set by minor threat recorded in 1982. you can actually hear Ian's voice. most live stuff you can't even hear him because he always gives the mic to the crowd. this was released on the infamous Lost and Found records. there were two presses, weird for a bootleg. the first press has a hard-paper cover and the second press cover is more flimsy, like the one i have. i think the record is great all the way through. you will notice that the song "it follows" is entitled "it follows me". Ian introduces the song as "it follows me" so they must have changed it when they released their LP one year after. enjoy!
1. 12XU 5/5
3. filler 5/5
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
it always goes for really cheap on ebay so get it.

Monday, April 26, 2010


yep, more uploading troubles, what's new.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So Little Time

I hate my school
My teachers are insane
The kids are all fools
All my work's down the drain
Why don't you all leave me alone
All I wanna do is go home
Feeling my brain
I feel like I've been hit
Can't take the strain
So maybe I'll quit

Sunday, April 18, 2010


in honor of my site being on the blog roll at the amazing Good Bad Music, i've changed the headline. first i'd like to thank Erich for doing it, thanks. i also was getting sick of all the red on my site so i made it all black. enjoy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


well i've got 2010 visitors and the year is 2010. i thought that was kind of cool. thanks to all. look out for some Necros soon. i've been really busy lately so come back in a couples days. done.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Authorities-Bourbon Decay 7"

***YAY! I BOUGHT THIS!***(((new scans uploaded thanks to Scott! go here for the back cover. thanks so much again Scott!))) well first off obviously i can't even find a cover for the album so i stuck a picture of them on here. if anybody has the cover or the record to sell to me, leave a comment. everybody knows about their fantastic Soundtrack For Trouble 7". i don't know the exact date of this release but i do know it was over 14 years after their first 7". it was released on Cafe Racer records. it is much more laid back then their first. very melo sound, i think. the singer hasn't missed a beat thou. so here's your chance to have a listen. did i mention he's a great vocalist. oh and thanks to mat dafuc for this (and many other posts).
1. bone your own 4/5 (good beginning part, slow part from middle to end.)
2. it's tonight 4/5 (i love the little guitar licks.)
3. jarhead 5/5 (best, great song.)
4. run n' hide 3/5 (alright.)
5. interlude: the natives are dancing 3/5 (quiet, straight jazz or something. kind of weird but i like it.)
6. the next one 5/5 (great.)
7. ways+means 5/5 (slower but great. great vocals.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
is it rare, i don't know, i've never seen it. please, anybody have one?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stuff Coming Up

well coming up soon will be re-posts of the two Necros 7"s. then something i doubt you have heard. it's The Authorities Bourbon Decay 7". you all know there famous first 7" with I Hate Cops and Radiationmasturbation. yep 14 years later they released another 7". it sounds a little like their first but mainly just the singer's voice. then the comp that i said i would post a couple days ago, New York Thrash. let's see, what else, i'll probably throw in a Career Suicide 7". i'd like to upload the F.U.'s Kill For Christ 12". the second last track is over 5 minutes. so i will spend the majority of my time uploading that song. also the Gorilla Biscuits first 7". maybe some McRad just for fun. that's it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Really Quick Update

i uploaded the This Is Boston, Not LA comp and i will add it to the post. the page comes up on a google search so i'm not gonna mess with it. follow the link above. enjoy the best material The Freeze ever did.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Oi! Scouts-Boots For The Beatdown?

the reason that the title has a question mark is because i don't know what this is. i got two tracks from the album and that's it. so that's all that you'll get. i know nothing of the band so this is a really short post. well the post doesn't even look like the others. here are the two songs from the record and they are the best Oi! stuff i've heard. first track is fast and great. if you like these go after the album, where? i have no clue.
Anarchy People 5/5 (fast, great.)
Another Battle 4/5 (nice too.)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Filth-EP 7"

(((re-post from Feb. 3/10@7:14pm)))
time for some more great dutch punk. man this 7" is flawless. great kbd sound. in their early stages, their live shows were chaotic. go here and read all the crazy stuff: FILTHY. it's a decent band website. i like that all their lyrics are available there. so, this was released at the end of march in 1978 on the dutch label Plurex. they are also found on the 4th KBD comp.
1. don't hide your hate 5/5 (great kbd classic.)
2. sex 5/5 (great music.)
3. nothing for me 5/5 (the underrated classic on this album. great vocals.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
best thing i've heard in a while. never reissued, so i assume this is really rare, so good luck. there is a bootleg thou. look out for the KBD comp 4, it's been reissued, much easier to get.


my blog has been really messed up lately. first off my recent comments side bar thing has vanished and so i put up a new one. i haven't got a comment since so i hope i comment thing still works. sometimes, like when timojhen commented, the comments don't show up. if anyone's there, please comment. now sometimes when i post something blogger posts it three times. and another thing is when i make a spelling error it highlights the word and then when you post it goes away, now the words remain highlighted. at least the mp3s work, right? well i didn't get to those comps today, but expect them soon. great picture above, eh? the necros guitarist, look at those sick shoes. and for no reason, look at this ebay item:

Ed Gein's Car-Brain Dead Baby 7"

(((re-post from Feb. 10/10@9:33pm)))
i originally said if anybody wants a download i would upload this. nobody commented, but i'll do it anyway. thanks to Mat for helping me on this one: "yeah the full length isn't as good as the 7". the 7" rocks all the way through. yeah the 7" came out in 84, the album was in 85. they changed their style up a bit. the 7" reminds me of early black market baby. -Mat" i had no idea about this band until Mat suggested it. now i can't stop playing it. i know nothing else about this band, or even this release. all i know is that it was released in 1984, it was a small pressing and they were from NY. but what i do know is that this is a sweet record. great KBD sound with great vocals. very catchy. what more can i say.
1. brain dead baby 5/5 (great song.)
2. too old to die young 4/5 (great song too.)
3. wait till your father gets back 3.5/5 (a little disappointing but the chorus is great.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
i have no clue where to get this or how much it's worth. my good friend didn't even have one copy of this. i just noticed that this is my 100th actual album review.

The Radiators From Space-Enemies 7"

more KBD punk for you. great release from the late 70's Irish band. this was put out in 77' on Chiswick. go to PUNK 77 for more about them. nice tempo, great vocals. nothing else to say. i can't find anywhere else to get this download, enjoy!
1. enemies 5/5 (great.)
2. psychotic reaction 4/5 (kind of sounds like the dicks. slow then fast.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
i recently saw this on ebay, but like i always do, i forget to bid. it only went for $10, maybe that's cheap, maybe that's what it's worth, well i think it is, i don't know.

Blanks-EP 7"

(((re-post from Feb. 4/10@4:46pm)))
ok, last KBD record for a while, i promise. great 7" from this Peterborough band, not the ontario peterbourough, the UK one. on the back they use fake names they made up, for fun? great lo-fi production from 1979 on Void records. the record starts out with a chilling message from the northern ripper himself. before he speaks a women asks you "if you recognize this voice, call the police." then the ripper talks and you can heard faint music in the background, then i gets LOUD! it's really quite scary when you listen to it at night. anyway, good mix of fast and mid-tempo punk. great vocals. i think it's the only release by the band. it's probably on one of the KBDcomps, if not, it should be.
1. the northern ripper 5/5 (great punk song.)
2. understand 5/5 (fast and great vocals.)
3. break down 5/5 (classic.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
yep this hard to find. on popsike they are all sold from england and start at $50 grubles. somebody reissue this, please! or at least a bootleg. there's one on ebay right now, 1 bid and already at $50.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Update

well i've just got a few things to say. first is the bands that i've been listening to these last couple weeks. everyone and there grandma knows about Government Warning by now, and man do they rip. fast and catchy hardcore. i want to upload their best 7" as soon as i get it in the mail but for now go to the great CHAINSAW POP for their complete discography. next is Brutal Knights. they play fast but not too fast punk and it's catchy as hell. go to chainsaw pop again for their complete discography (thanks fu-sion). i am uploading the This is Boston comp so check back to get the download if you haven't got it from somewhere else, it's not there yet but come back tomorrow. i bought some records a while ago (including the GW 7") and they got shipped back to the seller, so he's shipping them back out and hopefully i'll get them soon. i did receive something in the mail a couple days ago thou. you all know i bought the Pains #5 zine (because i reviewed it) and i asked if the writer had any back issues. he had #1 and #3 and that's what i got. they are beautiful little half-zines. go here: A BUFFET OF PLAGUES AND PAINS and ask for them (thanks christian). now to talk about GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS. well i got a GW shirt (i'm wearing it right now), 2 Sorry World half-zines (skate/punk zine) and issue #19 of Distort. it came in great time and i will definitely return for more. they have some great records and zines in their webstore, now go get them. now another thanks to stephen of EQUALIZING DISTORT. i asked if he had any back issues of their zine and he said yeah. i really wanted the one with an interview with School Jerks (there going on tour soon) but to my surprise i got a huge package, including the SJ one. he must have sent me about 15 zines. i also got a button. too bad i missed their last broadcast because they had the SLOBS demo on (i've heard some of it, and those songs are great, but i've yet to hear it in it's entirety.) they made the demo tape into a 7" which will be my next purchase, if i can find it. anyway thanks to EXD. let's see what else, i can't think of anything. oh well my next post will be the infamous New York Thrash tape, so look out. i'm sure i've made some mistakes in this post but oh well.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Graven Image-Kicked Out of the Scene 7"

(((re-post from Dec. 16/09@10:24pm)))
here's a great unknown 7". i bought it a while ago for only $10. there's one on ebay now for $94, wow. i can't find any info on this band but i don't think they did much after this 1983 release. most of this record is just thrashed out, but very tight. the singer's got a pretty high pitched voice, but not even close to being annoying. i love how the instruments sound, the drums sound sick, very tight snare. you can hear some mistakes but it's so tight. just look at the cover, you know it's going to be good. lyrics on the last track can be confusing, saying to punks that you shouldn't talk bad about god because you might need him someday (his words).
1. day after 5/5 (sweet opening, drums then a sick bass riff.)
2. close your eyes 4/5 (fast.)
3. operation shrink 2.5/5 (too slow.)
4. wrong way to utopia 5/5 (great vocals on this track.)
5. double life 5/5 (crazy thrashed out drums.)
6. dear abby 4/5 (i need your help.)
7. nails and thorns 3/5 (hardcore.)
overall: 7/10 strongly recommended (just for the drums.)
this is pretty rare, but keep checking eBay, it will pop up, some time, hopefully, for you, that's it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Even Worse-Mouse Or Rat? 7"

(((re-post from if Dec. 6/09@12:56pm)))
when i say re-post i don't mean that i just add downloads, i do add more information and stuff. anyway, this is a great live 7". this was released in 1982 by Worse Than You!?! records. the a-side is just fantastic. the b-side is more slow but still good. yes this is the same band that is on the NEW YORK THRASH tape but with a male singer instead of a female. i picked this up recently in a local record store for $20 but i've seen them go for much more. the record hole is small and i had to carve it out a little so it could fit on my record player. enjoy my rip.
1. mouse or rat? 5/5 (great drumming. great vocals. probably because it's live.)
2. 1984 4/5 (slower but really good.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
1000 were pressed, where did they all go? i've got number 672.

Black America-We're Like Trash Talk But Good 7"

(((re-post from Dec.22/09@4:57pm)))
this was recorded in 2008 and released in 2009 (by f-labels and secret records). this is a pretty good 7", with different types of songs (punk, funk, etc.) i contacted Alex (vocals) over at their site and he said were out of their previous CDs, but you can buy this 7" through them. nothing else to say. oh the packaging must have been printed on low-resolution. i can barely read the lyrics sheet because the words are so fuzzy. but the label on the record looks sweet.
1. cock block 4/5 (great song.)
2. #1 bad dude 4/5 (this was the first song i'd heard of them and i've liked it ever since.)
3. sniffi vikki 3/5 (good vocals.)
4. american pride 4/5 (another great song.)
5. sub-life 4/5 (best song, good music.)
6. yuppie youth 3/5 (more slower, bluesy feel.)
7. girls are better than boys 4/5 (great additional vocals.)
8. pedo joe 3/5 (i love the junk stuff at the beginning, but the lyrics aren't my favourite.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
buy it for cheap here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Quit

as of today, Hardcore Punk Reviews is no more,
april fools!