Friday, October 9, 2009

Beastie Boys-Polly Wog Stew 7"

yes, the beastie boys, before their hip-hop crap. the beastie boys started has a punk band that worshiped the bad brains (Beastie Boys-Bad Brains, same initials.) not much to say, its a good album. i can't listen to it really loud or it kills my ears. so much treble and the singer's high voice.
1. Beastie Boys 5/5 (great, fast, tight.)
2. Transit Cop 5/5 (good vocals.)
3. Jimi 1/5 (useless.)
4. Holy Snappers 5/5 (aggression.)
5. Riot Fight 5/5 (fasted song, therefore the best.)
6. Ode To... 2.5/5 (decent.)
7. Michelle's Farm 3/5 (good opening with all the farm sounds.)
8. Egg Raid On Mojo 3/5 (good.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
i've been trying to get this record but i keep getting out-bid.
only available on ebay (i guess).

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Dicks-Peace? 7"

here's another name for you to forget, but once again a great release. along with MDC and the big boys, the dicks made the texas hardcore punk scene. everything up to and including this record is good punk. only one more record was released after this and it has more longer "blues" songs (that's why i've neglected to listen to it.). all these songs center around the reasons for war (the dicks were against war, well the singer was anyway). they remind me of the band "big boys" because of all the different genres of music they play. also, they were almost 30 years old while playing in the band (pretty old for hardcore).
1. No Fuckin' War 2/5 (really slow but decent song. the 5 minutes just fly by.)
2. Nobody Asked Me 5/5 (great fast song.)
3. I Hope You Get Drafted 5/5 (get the album just for this song. not the chorus though.)
overall: 6.5/10 recommended (worth it just for the b-side.)
some reissues, but someone always puts an original up for auction on ebay (like every other week. so go for that.)

Koro-EP 7"

ok forget about the name, this is a great release. it's a lot like poison idea's first album, but with a better singer. a lot of people claim that the album was sped up during the recordings. it most likely wasn't (but extremely fast). even if it was who cares, the faster the song the better.
they were only together for 2 years and would have be forgotten if it weren't for this record.
1. 700 Club 5/5 (huge build-up.)
2. Selfless Johnny 5/5 (fasted and tightest song on here.)
3. It's OK 3/5 (it's ok)
4. Government 3.5/5 (all over the place.)
5. Dear Sirs 5/5 (great guitar riffs.)
6. Blap! 4/5 (fast and i think a little cowbell.)
7. Nauseous 2/5 (nauseous listening to it.)
8. Acid Casualty 5/5 (they stop and start the song about 4 times.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
tons of bootlegs (even recent reissues, so get that.)