Monday, February 6, 2012

The End Of An Era

well this blog has been dying over and over again. i keep thinking i'll come back. but this time it's really over. i've met some great people and bands. this blog got me through high school. i started it when i started high school and it died when i finished high school. it's like they say, all good things come to an end. i'll probably do something like this in the future, but a different blog, not re-hashing this one. this place is pretty much dead, i don't know what it is but i lost interest in all this and sadly many of my other favourite blogs have done the same. it's truly the end of an era.'s sad but that's my final post. i hope you all enjoyed your time here, cause i sure did. now i'm off to fade into oblivion...never to be seen again...ever.......ever..............

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not Around

i can't believe this blog has spanned 4 years. it was great while it lasted. thanks everyone.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Fans-Givin' Me That Look 7"

now for some killer powerpop. The Fans formed in 1978 in england. apparently they were pretty popular in the UK. i can see why. this is fantastic powerpop. great vocals matched with great fast instruments. the band only released two 7"s which both are great. this 7" was released in 1979 on Fried Egg records. the one i have is the re-issue by 1977 Records. they are a Japanese record label. they have released tons of classic 7"s however they are pretty expensive, for a 7" re-issue. but i got mine for cheaper elsewhere. most 1977 Records records are limited to 300 on black and 100 on some colour. so most of their earlier releases are impossible to find. so you have to buy them when you see them. so yeah, this is a very catchy record, get it.

1. Givin' Me That Look 5/5 (fantastic. love it all the way through.)

1. Stay The Night 5/5 (equally great.)
2. He'll Have To Go 3.5/5 (a little less good.)

overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
buy it if you find it, it won't be as easily available forever.


Friday, February 3, 2012

We Still Can't Help It If We're From Florida Compilation 7"

i really love compilations. you get introduced to some really great bands and wish you could hear more from them. then on the flip side there are really bad bands that you wish you never hear again. this 7" compilation however is actually pretty great all the way through. this was the second installment of the florida compilations and it was made in 1992 on Burrito records. tons were pressed because they said that they always wanted there records to be cheap and easy to buy. i really enjoy their thoughts and because of them you can pick this up for around $2.50. this release comes with a fantastic large insert. check it out in the scans.

now on this 7" there is a mix of old and newer bands, well new for the 90's. this comp starts with an EBS track and i honestly thought it was from the 80s. nope, it's a song off of their 1991 release, crazy. next is a song from No Fraud which is awesome. No Fraud's first 7" from 1986 is great. Slap of Reality were a new band as you can probably tell by the sounds of it. it's not bad actually but doesn't fit in with the other songs at all. then Backwash deliver my favourite track on here. the track is from a 3 song demo they did. it sounds very similar to Sin 34. Maggot Sandwich are next. their first two releases are what made them one of my favourite bands. however these two tracks are pretty bad and don't sound anything like the Maggot Sandwich i know. well a Florida punk comp wouldn't be complete without Roach Motel. the song they supply was an unreleased one given to the label by the guitarist on a cassette. then Chickenhead give a pretty great little track. they released only one 7" in the year of my birth 1993. and lastly an obscure song by Milk and Cookies. i doubt they were even a real band. just listen to the 1 second song.

1. E.B.S.-Police Pricks 5/5 (sounds old.)
2. No Fraud-Identity Crisis 5/5 (love the vocals.)

2. Maggot Sandwich-Fuck That Funk 0/5 (i love funk.)
3. Maggot Sandwich-Hambone Of The Gods 3/5 (originally called Led Zeppelin sucks.)

overall: 7/10 recommended
a pretty great comp overall. the only bad songs are all over in 5 seconds anyway. so yeah, check out the awesome insert in the scans.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Circle One-Patterns Of Force 12"

well after a long absence i'm back. and i'm coming back with one of my favourite vocalists. everybody already knows all about his stories, like his death, so i won't talk about it. i just really love the way he sings. especially on "Gospel". just a fantastic song. anyway this was recorded and released in 1983 on Upstart Records. this was re-issued two years ago by two labels, Mass Media and Puke n Vomit Records. a great mix of long and short songs on this one. now i downloaded a version of this album a long time ago. the recording was very simple with no effects on the vocals or instruments. now when i bought this re-issue i found myself listening to an album with tons of effects on it. like the massive echoes on his voice, which wasn't on the downloaded version. what does the original 1983 release sound like? effects or no effect? oh well, who cares.

1. social climbing leeches 5/5 (great opener.)
2. beware 5/5 (nice.)
3. gospel 5/5 (great, favourite song.)
4. survive 3.5/5 (ok.)
5. fading 5/5 (fast and short.)
6. destroy exxon 5/5 (love vocals.)

1. patterns of force 5/5 (great chorus.)
2. plastic life 5/5 (short.)
3. rapture 5/5 (oooohhhh.)
4. vietnam vets 2.5/5 (meh.)
5. pride 5/5 (love it.)
6. our sword 4/5 (jesus christ.)
7. unity 5/5 (great ender.)

overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
great lp from a later stage in the punk rush. thrash without getting too fast on the back and fourth of the snare and hi-hat.


Sunday, January 22, 2012


hey sorry, i was gone. i'm back now.