Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Antics-EP 7"

(((re-post from Dec.22/09@10:25pm)))
here's a great demo EP from 2006. all fast and tight with great vocals. this is their only release with Jenn on the drums (she left and the 2nd guitarist moved to drums). originally released as a CD (two pressing, 200 total on Smokin Barrel Records). the band is located in California but this 7" was distributed by Hardware Records and Audiogorilla Records, both located in Germany in 2008. 394 on black vinyl and 100 on clear vinyl. the cover is a fold-out, complete with lyrics on the inside, plus some inserts. their band site is located here. enjoy my rip and remember, it's a demo!
1. guilty conscience 5/5 (great, fast with blistering vocals.)
2. kicked out 4/5 (nice drumming.)
3. skate or die 3/5 (good.)
4. in the deep end 2/5 (nah.)
5. narcolepsy 5/5 (fantastic song, fast, great vocals. best one.)
6. raisins 5/5
overall: 7.5/10 recommended
good stuff. their other releases aren't as great as this one, but still good. GET JENN BACK ON THE DRUMS! BUY NOW! thanks to their site for all the info.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cheetah Crome Motherfuckers-EP 7"

(((re-post from Jan.1/10@2:33am)))
(((i remember back when i posted this. it was 2:30am on new years day after all the party guests had gone home and i was so tired but i couldn't sleep so i thought i'd post. i put up the tracks on this cause it's pretty hard to find. i ripped this a while ago, weeks. now read what i wrote a couple months ago.))) short post because it's 3:00am new year's day and i'm tired. back to the 80's, again. only release by the band that i like. rare, but reissued in 2000, but still rare. this stuff is intense. it's not really fast, but it's powerful. i think their more metal stuff can be found on GBM.
1. four hundred fascists 5/5 (fast, punch in the face.)
2. tellyson 4/5 (slower, but good.)
3. akotool 3.5/5 (good.)
4. untitled 4/5 (not labeled on record.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
get a download, NOW! (((now available here!)))

Bored Youth-Touch and Go 7"

(((re-post from Feb. 11/10@8:03pm)))
(((now you can enjoy the greatest demo i've ever heard.))) great hardcore punk with a really bad recording (which is great), well it's a demo, what do you expect. this was recorded way back in 81'. Touch and Go records was set to put this out in 82' but that never happened. this was eventually released in 90' on that infamous German label, Lost and Found records. first pressing on red vinyl and second pressing on green. if this was released in 82' it would get way more attention then it does today. great raging hardcore with great vocals, sometimes it hard to hear the drums thou. when i first played this i couldn't hear the drums, i was waiting for them to kick in, but i couldn't hear anything. so i turned up the volume and there you go. not one slow moment on this whole record, well the last song breaks it down a bit, but they need the breather right?
1. warning 5/5 (great opener.)
2. sympathy 5/5 (great guitar riffs.)
3. bored youth 5/5 (all about the bass on this track.)
4. misfit 5/5 (fast, great vocals.)
5. to label is the limit 5/5 (great lyrics.)
6. they don't have the right 5/5 (yep.)
7. youth culture 5/5 (the vocalist is so good.)
8. no chance 5/5 (all good.)
9. shock value 5/5 (great guitar and back-ground vocals.)
10. fight 5/5 (nice.)
11. outcast 5/5 (great back-up vocals.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
i can't give this less any thing else than a perfect score. with it only being released in 90' it's much easier to obtain. go on ebay, $10-20, not a bad price at all. at least get a download now!

Acid Reflux-Secret Power 7"

i'm back with Albany's Acid Reflux. that's right, more new punk. this was released on No Way records in 2008. they released a demo tape before this and made it into a 7" soon after, but apparently they left out a few songs. i only have one song on that but it sounds good, it doesn't sound like the same singer, might be just the recording. his voice might annoy you and i can understand but i really do love it. it's straight ahead hardcore punk except for the boring reggae track. why they included that song i'll never know. so download it and tell me what you think. i messed up and called the download page Bored Youth cause i meant to download that 7", but the tracks are right. as you can tell, Bored Youth is next on the post list.
1. paid to ruin fun 5/5 (love it.)
2. half spic 4/5 (lyrics.)
3. on the bus 5/5 (beautiful.)
4. not another day 4/5 (nice.)
5. untitled 0/5 (i wasn't going to include this but now you can see how bad it is. i also didn't include it on the rating below.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
one of my favourite new 7"s out there. now i'm off to get their first one.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I've Made A Huge Mistake

well i'm getting sick of my crappy mono rips. they suck, not because they're mono, but because the sound only comes from one speaker so you can't here anything from the other speaker. so until i do get the cord to fix the problem, there won't be any mp3s. eventually i would like to rip and upload all the tracks again (which will be a pain in the ass, good thing i didn't do too many). at least i don't have to scan everything again which was the hardest part. one last thing, i planned on putting up the CCM 400 fascists mp3s but that was before i realized. so the CCM post is down at the moment.
when i do get everything good again here's a sneak peak on what's coming up:
also my typewriter ran out of ink so i can't even do my zine anymore: STARTING OVER. well that's what it was called. it was only one full page, no photos and i only got to make 4 issues. maybe i'll scan them someday. see ya.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rabies-Disease Core 7"

time for some more new hardcore. the Rabies were located in L.A. from 2004-2007 (too bad elliott). go to their site for complete discography: I HAVE RABIES! this was originally released on Smokin' Barrel Records in 2006. it was the labels first release and soon sold out. then the great guys at Sorry State records re-issued it, twice. i have the second press on Sorry State, third overall. the thing i don't like is that the lyric sheet doesn't have all the lyrics. nice drawings on the whole package. very clear vocals, like Kevin Seconds, which is hard to find in todays punk music. these guys' must have loved rabies.
1. why you're crying 5/5 (huge bass, great vocals.)
2. you're gonna blow it 4/5 (nice vocalist.)
3. disease core 3.5/5 (nice, i love when he's singing the "highly unoriginal" part.)
4. the man with the flute (is drilling inside my head) 2.5/5 (a little long and slow.)
5. why 4/5 (nice tempo.)
6. gonna fuck you up 3/5 (good.)
overall: 8/10 recommended
get this and their other stuff. it's all cheap, go to ebay or the punk labels (you know Sorry State, Grave Mistake, etc.) skate punk!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Freeze-Rabid Reaction 12"

finally i got this beast up. of course this is a 12" so the pictures of the sleeve aren't the best. you can see a bit of my tile floor but that's what happens. i think i did a pretty damn good job on the pictures of the vinyl. i also scanned the lyrics and a huge page on song meanings. i also have a signed cardboard thing by Clif which is sweet. anyway, on to the music. this was originally released by Modern Method records in 1986. this was the last record before they were put on hiatus. then in 2007 Schizophrenic records re-issued this beautifully. Schizophrenic records are located in Hamilton (only a short drive from where i live). for being released after the first wave of hardcore, this record sounds like it was straight from 83'. great vocally, great musically, get it today. even though the songs can reach 3 minutes at times, it never gets boring.
1. warped confessional 5/5 (great opener.)
2. nothing left 4/5 (nice, long intro though, but cool.)
3. misguided memories 5/5 (great song.)
4. extremities 4/5 (great vocals.)
5. no one's coming home 4/5 (nice drums.)
6. trouble if you hide 5/5 (loved this song on the Not LA comp., love it here.)
7. insanity 3.5/5 (nice. it was originally going to be sung by the guitarist but he couldn't reach the notes anymore, but you can still here him in the chorus.)
8. echoes 4/5 (guitar.)
9. princess die 5/5 (neutral milk hotel sounds like this song.)
10. before i hit the rubber room 4/5 (nice ender.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
golden album and everyone should have it, along with all of the other Freeze's releases. they're all re-issued so no reason to not have them. now i'm off to work on my zine.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Future Releases

don't feel like uploading tracks at the moment. so i'm going to talk about some upcoming releases that i'm really looking forward to. first off is the split tape with those great guys in School Jerks and Negative Lifestyle. the guys at Negative Lifestyle say it's going to happen and the School Jerks think it's happening so i don't know when it will be released but hopefully soon. thanks for the exclusive tracks Ivan. also the first 7" by Negative Lifestyle. next is the second 7" by Lognhalsmottagningen. White Load's second 7" which i'm getting at the same time as the Lognhalsmottagningen 7" in a couple of weeks. anything on the Leather Bar Records label which are coming out in a few months. the next 7" by The Imposters in april. go here and look at the deal you get if you buy the record from them. some other TOHC bands' releases. i know i'm missing something but whatever.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pains #5-Toronto Hardcore

this is my first zine review. i'm surprised i haven't thought of doing this before and what better to start with then a zine of the Toronto hardcore scene. this has some great interviews in it. first off, when you look at the cover you know it's going to be good. all black and white, cut and paste. great photos of the local bands. the first band is none other than School Jerks. great interview and also a page of the singer explaining what the songs on their first record are about. then other interviews with such bands as Urban Blight, Bad Choice, Mad Men, Burning Love and Molested Youth. then a nice lengthy interview with Career Suicide, which begins before their set and ends after. there is also some stories, a zine review page and a full page on the Toronto scene, recent and upcoming releases. then a huge interview with Fucked Up. it's great. the only bad thing, and i mean the only bad thing, is that there is no segment on Brutal Knights (a great band). there are some sick pictures of them in the zine though. so anyway, pick this up, it was only $3 and it's massive. go here and get one.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

School Jerks-EP 7"

time for my favourite local band, School Jerks. they're not the fastest band but they're own style of hardcore is great. the vocals and instruments all sound great on this record, but the sound is more raw on their first 7". it's not as good as their first 7" cause that one was fantastic. i got this and their first record from Ivan, the drummer. he also left me a note which you can see, along with all my scans. go to their band site located here and get their records.
1. decline 4/5 (nice.)
2. rent boy 5/5 (my favourite.)
3. street talk 4/5 (alright.)
4. guestlist 3.5/5 (nice light drumming on chorus.)
overall: 8/10 recommended
like always, scans here. not as good as their first, but worth the money.

My Journey to Hit and Misses

well on saturday this is where i went. it's a punk store in Toronto called Hit and Misses. i can't remember where i first heard of this store but i think i just google searched "punk store toronto."
there is a store called Rotate This which has a lot of punk too but not that much 7"s, mostly 12"s. anyway, i arrived in toronto at 11:20 in the mourning on saturday. it was sunny all week but of course when i got there it started to rain, hard. so i met my brother at the bus station and we made the long hike. first we stopped at Kops Records and i bought this sweet toronto hardcore zine (which i will review soon). next was Rotate This. there was some good stuff there but i was saving for Hit and Misses. so now the wind is getting really strong and we're soaked with water. we walked forever then finally my brother spotted the store. when you walk up to the store, it's filled with tons of punk photocopied sleeves on the windows. then you walk in and see tons of patches, records and flyers on the wall (lots of old flyers from the 80's.) tons of 7"s and 12"s, both new and old punk, even some crust. i was looking around the store and spotted the Alternative TV 7" on the very stop shelf. i was stoked to listen to it (so i thought). but first, i looked through every 7" and picked out a couple (list below). then my brother stopped the freeze's second LP for only $11 so i got it and another 12". then i got to the checkout and picked up 3 more zines. one for $2.50, one for 50 cents and one for free. i loaded all my purchases into my backpack and we headed back to my brother's place. we picked up a pizza (2) when we got there, both of our legs were killing us. so i sat on the couch and pulled out my records and immediately played the Alternative TV 7", thank god i did. first off, i downloaded that record from 7"punk. it was a great record. so anyway, i played the record and it was not the same tracks as what i downloaded. so i did some research and found out that 7"punk had the wrong cover (and i bought the record based on the cover). now i just feel like throwing up cause i just wasted $15 for a piece of crap 7". so my brother said he'd return it sometime this week. i hope the owner lets him exchange the record for another one. he seemed like a really nice guy, so i think he'll understand. then i opened the freeze 12" and was delighted to see a cardboard print out signed by Clif. then i read some zines and watched Meet the Parents and then headed to bed. the next day we went to get some groceries and then we went back downtown to catch the bus home. i said my goodbyes and was on the way home listening to the only record i had time to download which was the Reactions 7" (on kbd, great record.) so that's my long story. we got a little soaked but all in all i had a great time. below is a list of things i bought on the trip:
the freeze-i hate tourist 7"
the freeze-rabid reaction 12" (signed by clif.)
white load-ep 7"
koro-ep 7"
cheetah chrome motherfucker-ep 7"
the victims-television addict 7"
nardcore-12" comp
pains #5 toronto hardcore
give me back #1
from the start #3
equalizing distort vol. 10 #1
so if you're ever in Toronto, go to Hit and Misses, you won't be disappointed. p.s. thanks Dylan!

Monday, March 15, 2010

White Load-EP 7"

i'm feeling guilty for my absence so i'm uploading tons of records for the people who read this. i first heard these guys on criminal iq's Fresh Cuts and Cigarette Burns comp. the singer's voice cuts right through you. yep this is actually one sided, what the hell right. this was released in 2008 on Leather Bar records. they just released another 7" last week. i'm looking for it. the record sounds like one recording (all songs played right after each other). the drums sound sick on this. the sleeve was stapled together as you can see from my scans. i had to take out the staples on the top just to get the record out of the sleeve. then i re-stapled the top right but there was not enough room to re-staple the top left. i got it at a local punk store (the only one in toronto, well i guess there is kind of two) for $2 bucks, what a bargain. go to leather bar records and get this and their second 7" for only $8.
1. talk 5/5 (best track.)
2. no exit 4/5 (nice.)
3. chemicals 2.5/5 (slower and his voice gets a little annoying at this point.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
cheap price, why not? the only bad thing about this record is that it's one sided. try and count how many times he says "ah fuck!" on a side note: i'm going to upload my scans on another site so this one doesn't get too messy. the reason i don't add all the scans with the downloads because it would take 5 times longer to upload the tracks. go and get the scans and copy and paste them to the music tracks.

Agent 86-Protect The Earth 7"

(((i've taken down the tracks i stole because the guys site is back up and running so follow the link below to his great site.))) well i'm finally back. time for some rare punk. first off thanks to el blog de k-xi for the rips. this was released in 83'. they also released another 7" which is available at mustard relics. that record is more straight forward thrash hardcore unlike this one. this record is more on the slower side but enough fast stuff to keep it interesting. you wouldn't even know they were the same band. that's all i know about the band so here's the tracks, enjoy.
1. boutique baby 5/5 (my favourite song by the band. fast.)
2. zero code 4/5 (nice bass and guitar riffs, also good vocals. slower thou.)
3. i 2.5/5 (kind of a weird track, just listen.)
4. we are one 5/5 (great.)
5. sak 3/5 (the end is good.)
overall: 6/10 recommended
if you see it, it's worth picking up. but i'm unaware of the price, it might be high.

Thanks For the Support

well i'm coming back and with more mp3s. coming soon.....agent 86-protect the earth 7" and white load 7"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


go canada! i didn't think i was going to watch much of the olympics, but i did. i don't really agree with all the money that was supplied for the athletes but anyway. yeah canada beat the record for most gold medals. the best part was the overtime hockey final. it was the only time i was going for crosby. gold-14, silver-7 and bronze-5


well i'm sad to say it but i think the end is near, for this blog that is. with the sudden absence of elliott i've been posting less and less. i will probably review once or twice a week now instead of once a night, until i call a quits. thanks to all who read this. review coming soon, i promise. but for now i'm going to download some hockey brawls from youtube.