Friday, November 22, 2013

grown-ups - e.t. phone home lathe

     yeah a lathe. i didn't even remember that i had this until i was looking back at my zines. apparently i stored it with them, well it is the size of a zine so. grown-ups are a calgary band and released this in early 2011 on the now abandoned scotch tapes label. limited to 50 and only 30 available for public purchase, i got the last one. sold out in an hour or something, guess i had good timing. i remember it taking a few months to get the record after purchase. now the owner of the label is gone, one day just vanished. hasn't been around for years now. wonder what he's doing. well he was releasing something by the white wires, which at the time i loved, so i was poking around the site and bought two lathes. the first one i can't remember who it was, but it was really limited too. i listened to it when i got it, i thought it was awful. so i just resold it to some guy who actually liked the band. i kept this one though since i actually did like the title song e.t. phone home, which for some reason is the second song on my lathe cut. the other song is about the band's favourite hangout, and it's not very good. i don't know why anyone makes lathes. anyone i've ever gotten was bent or/and poor sound quality. no exception here. they are kind of cool, i mean i did buy it. but if anyone reading this post wants it, leave a comment and it's yours. 

e.t. phone home
tubby dog

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

the beatles - live at the bbc volume two 7"

     here is something rare. it's a promo 7" of the new beatles bbc record. wasn't available for sale anyway. they gave them away at a hmv in london. last week though i was informed that they were giving them away here in a toronto hmv if you bought any beatles merchandise. well when i saw what they were going for on ebay, i immediately ran out and bought some random beatles record and got this for free. these things are going from anywhere from 60 bucks to 500 bucks. plus there was only 300 pressed. everyone is just selling them. not me. i like the beatles and if i sell it now i'll never get this back. i wouldn't pay over 5 bucks for this, especially since all the songs here are included in the actual bbc record. kind of a weird collection of songs, but it's the beatles, so it's great anyway. and that cover's great too.

words of love
do you want to know a secret
please mister postman
i saw her standing there