Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boogie Nazis-Four Years and Still Swimming CD

here it is, the greatest collection of surf music you'll ever hear. well that's what i think anyway. this band from Arizona has been kicking around since 2007. Ryan from BN first came by my site way back when i posted that first BN post. that was when i first heard them, through The Imposters. now Ryan drops by now and again (which i think is pretty cool). anyway, he is sending me this CD but for now you can get the tracks from (which Ryan uploaded them to). so these tracks aren't from my own rippings or anything. there are tons of great songs here. some different version of some songs too. if you're wondering why some of the tracks don't have links. that is because i have the tape that those songs are on, which i would like to post sometime. but you still can download from the link at the very bottom, so. alright here we go, so many tracks.
1. boogie time 5/5
2. bomb the hills 5/5 (this is just straight punk.)
3. spaghetti 5/5
4. boogie time 5/5
5. undertoe 5/5 (love this track.)
6. suburban son 5/5 (this is surf punk.)
7. yellow brick road 5/5
8. pipe dream 5/5
9. jimbo goes to hawaii 0/5 (the only song i don't like.)
10. 3rd rock from the sun 5/5 (haha.)
11. mastermind 5/5
12. lunch with grandma 5/5 (was and still is my favourite BN track.)
13. spaghetti 5/5
14. acid wash 5/5
15. mastermind 5/5
16. lunch with grandma 5/5 (thumping bass in this version.)
17. disoriented 5/5
18. undertoe 5/5
19. wild summer fun 5/5
20. spaghetti 5/5
21. droppin' throu' 5/5
22. wild summer fun (these songs are on the tape i have. will be reviewed and posted soon enough.)
23. droppin' throu'
24. batfish
25. if tucson had a beach
26. gleaming the tube
27. john denverb, colorado (last track on the tape.)
28. batfish 5/5
29. sidewalk surfers 5/5
30. droppin' throu' 5/5
31. if tucson had a beach 5/5 (love the guitar riffs.)
32. flippin' burgers 5/5
33. it was i 4/5
34. gleaming the sun 5/5 (holy fast.)
35. point of no return 4/5
overall: 9.7/10 strongly recommended
wow my hand hurts now. anyway, just plain great surf music. here is their somewhat site: SURFIN'. thanks Ryan. now you people, get this now!

Brain F≠-So Dim 7"

ok i know i said i would do a Boogie Nazis post and i might still do that toady but for now here is something else. it's been busy right now for me so that's why i've been lacking on the posts. this is not a complete post but still great. Alex at Grave Mistake Records left a comment here wondering if i wanted this 7". so he sent me a couple free records, which i am ever greatly for. the occasion was the release of this 7". i think it officially can out a few days ago. i am a big Brain F≠ fan. they used to be called Brain Flannel but i don't what happened, i guess they just made it shorter, i don't know. anyway, the tape they released some time ago blew me away. the combined vocals and great hooks caught my eye. i'll talk more about that tape when i eventually post it. so back to this, it's got two great songs on it. one being my favourite BF track from their tape "symptom set." i have included a download of this 7"s version (it's different from the tape version). as a help towards the label i will not post the other song. you will need to buy it hear "so dim." come on, you know you need to get every Grave Mistake record anyway. 100 on red vinyl.
1. so dim 5/5 (great.)
2. symptom set 5/5 (love this song.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
first great release by Grave Mistake this year, and many more to come. here is the band's site: Vices Sins, Blood Runs Cold. they have made up new shirts too, but aren't available yet, but i'm first in line. anyway buy this 7" from the links i gave you. thanks again Alex.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


big post coming up. here is a clue, i didn't rip it myself, and it has something to do with Nazis. also boogieing.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Retainers-Waste Of Time 7"

so what's in the news today. well the label ScotchTapes out of ontario has a singles club. which i signed up for. ever 4 weeks i will get a new tape. one of the tapes includes The White Wires. i can't wait for that one. he made up some shirts for his label and he messed up on one. he said it wasn't good enough to sell. so i snagged it for free. thanks Al. now onto the short post.
possibly my two favourite tracks of 2009. such a great band. this was released on Fashionable Idiots. Retainers have released some great 7"s and a 12". "waste of time" is from the 12" but put on a 7" first. i have not heard the 12" so if anyone can give me a link to where i can buy it, that would be great. i will get back to old punk in the new post. right now i thought i'd just post a quick one here. it is really great little gem.
1. waste of time 5/5 (so fantastic.)
2. die baby die 5/5 (chorus is great.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
buy this from the link above, Andy at fashionable idiots. i bought a whack of other 7"s from him.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby Shakes-S/T 12"

here's one for elliott's return. we were talking before on what was the most poppiest records we had. well this tops the charts for me. this might not be for the usual followers of this blog. maybe Frank would like it. i will get back to punk in my next post. anyway, i really love this record. released in 2008 on Douchemaster records. apparently they were from seattle, then moved to atlanta, then onto NY. they have released two 7"s and a 10"s as well, i think. no it's not just the three girls on the cover. it's actually those three and a guy on the drums, but i don't think the drummer is ever constantly the same guy. really catchy rhythms with great female vocals. i picked this up for $5 with a ton of other Douchemaster records off some guy. thank you who ever you were.
1. hello hello 5/5 (great opener.)
2. far away 5/5 (guitar is great and vocals and drums.)
3. what can you do? 5/5 (nice.)
4. now i know 5/5 (chorus.)
5. on my way 5/5 (first song i ever heard of them and still my favourite.)
6. ooh la love 5/5 (when they go high vocals, great!)
7. love machine 5/5 (at first this was the other track i didn't like, but now it's one of my favourites.)
8. come on, babe 5/5 (just a joy to listen to.)
9. tell me now 5/5 (drumming is great. fastest track they do.)
10. just another 5/5 (vocals!)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
you can buy this and a shirt directly from the band here: Baby Shakes! not sure on where to buy their other records, they are out of print, so. well, that's it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


here is a little compilation i made for myself. i thought i'd up it for all to enjoy. it's all new, mostly powerpop, bands. have at it!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The White Wires-WWII 12"

..............(still holding my breath)...............THE WHITE WIRES!
here you have it, the greatest release of 2010 (posted on the first day of 2011). The White Wires are from Ottawa. they have released some 7"s and a 12" on Going Gaga records. it was limited to 300 and now goes for big money. it was however re-issued on Douchemaster records, but even they have sold out of it. other distros still have it though for cheap. anyway, this is great all the way through. it's so catchy. a lot more drive then on their first LP. great gritty production on this one. this was released on Dirtnap records. 800 on black vinyl and 200 on white vinyl. i ordered the black vinyl because i like it better then coloured vinyl, but they sent me the white anyway. oh well. they are sold out of the white edition, and in quite a short time. no, i wasn't lazy and just used the download card's download. this is ripped straight from the vinyl. nothing else to say, this is essential.
1. let's go to the beach 5/5 (hooks, so catchy.)
2. roxanne 4.5/5 (just a bit weaker, but still great.)
3. did you forget my name 5/5 (vocals.)
4. i can tell 5/5 (i love the chorus.)
5. just wanna be with you 5/5 (chorus again.)
7. popularity 5/5 (great.)
8. hands 5/5 (such great vocals.)
9. are you mad 5/5 (fastest song, great drumming.)
10. outta my mind 5/5 (good.)
11. summer girl 5/5 (good too.)
12. bye bye baby 5/5 (nice instrumental song.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
buy this from the Dirtnap link above. it is a must. happy new year by the way. my main watch for the new year is the Night Birds LP. and i was talking to Isaac of The Reactions and he said to me that they are going to re-issue their two 7"s, "Official Release" and "Love You." powerpop gems.