Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brutal Knights-Life Ain't Cool 7"

i just heard No Way Fest 4 is cancelled, that sucks. anyway on with life. well in honour of canadian thanksgiving, here you have one of canada's best bands. most people like this band for the humorous lyrics. while that is an attractive element, i just think all their songs are really catchy. they have released some great records, with this being my favourite. this band has great production on all of their records. great vocalist. just another great band from Toronto. this was released on the great Riff Raff records, #2 (school jerks first 7" is #5). i love how the riff raff labels on records look. look at the scans. 2007 the year was. first press on black vinyl, found here, and second press on green vinyl. they just released some new record not to long ago.
1. life ain't cool 5/5 (when everything comes together it's huge.)
2. burlesque is horseshit 5/5 (just great.)
3. fake youth 5/5 (yes.)
4. teach me sex 5/5 (loud.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
enjoy! buy their records here: BIKINI DIET!


  1. I just discovered this site and I love this review and this band. New awesome resource for music - for me. Thanks for taking the time out to scan and post all this awesome shit!!!!

  2. glad you like the site. thanks so much for your comment. it's nice to see someone appreciates the scans as well.