Sunday, August 29, 2010

SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say 12"

(((re-post from Jan. 6/10@7:23pm)))
(((here's my first request post. well re-post. here's to you elliott. i don't know why you like the other albums but you do. man i hate his voice, but it's good on some songs. pretty great album i guess. jock itch is great. well, what are you waiting for, get it.)))

alright here's the infamous ss decontrol album. first off, i have ripped all the songs from my own bootleg copy. if the band members want me to take down the links i will, and that goes for any downloads i have, or will have. ok, i just had to say that because of the comments on GBM. time for the review. this was a split release with x-claim and dischord limited to only 1000 copies. there was a bootleg, i don't know what year, but it had ex-claim and discord instead of the correct spelling. only 600 copies of that are out there (that's the one i have). this is a great release and i don't know why a reissue has not be issued, and it probably won't. i don't really like any other albums by them because they're just mainly hard rock and his voice. save the link on the song titles for the download.
1. boiling point 5/5
2. fight them 3/5
4. not normal 3.5/5
6. jock itch 5/5
7. fun to you 3.5/5
8. v.a. 5/5
9. how much art 2.5/5
12. war threat 3.5/5
14. screw 5/5
16. police beat 3.5/5
17. united 5/5
18. the end 0/5 (bad.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
only on ebay, for serious coin, or download here.


  1. listened to it and it rocks. however during the day it's all about the pop. it's funny but when i heard this song for the first time i thought springa was yelling higher than he was. you have it at the correct speed it's just my brain.

  2. Nice tracks here. Melodic and really progressive.

  3. yeah! nice and short songs too!

  4. best band ever!
    Rotten C.

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  6. thanks anonymous, but i'm not much of a patch man.

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