Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Queers-EP 7"

if those two posts were too brutal for you, here's a nice little soft record. the lightest symbol hits i've ever heard, but it's great. nice vocals and guitar. there are some great stories about this 7" on BREAKMYFACE. well this was released in 82' on the bands own label Dohney records. they couldn't afford picture sleeves so they got blank ones. all the sleeves were hand-written. only 200 pressed and mainly given to friends and relatives. 5 great songs jammed onto one side and then one crap song on the flip-side, Love Me. at the end of the recording session they decided they would record one more song and that's the one. the lyrics and everything were all improvised which is cool, but i don't really like what he's talking about. anyway, the band released another great 7". some of the tracks appear on the KBD comp #3, they're great too. there is a double 7" release that was both the 7"s, i'll be looking for one of those. after their second 7" the band dissolved and the only original member left was the singer. after that the records weren't the same. i've heard some of the tracks, they're crap. so stick to the original Queers lineup. recently a band called The Drunken Cholos formed. the band included the three original members of Queers. the cd they released sounds exactly like vintage Queers. the cd is gold all the way through. anyway.
1. we'd have a riot doing heroin 5/5 (great opener, vocals and bass and drums and guitar and everything.)
2. terminal state 5/5 (great.)
3. fag town 5/5 (nice!)
4. i want it now 5/5 (nice group vocals.)
5. trash this place 2.5/5 (good but the guitar sounds really out of tune or something. also i don't like the end, too long.)
6. love me 0/5 (talking plus music. music-good. talking-bad.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
GET THIS NOW!! the only bad track is Love Me but you can just skip it. too bad the original goes for $500!


  1. haha how can you not like "tell him that you love me then get the fuck out?" great record.

  2. ah, i don't like it. a little too far away from what kind of lyrics i like. but yes, the rest is great.

  3. well um what kind of lyrics do you like? i like lyrics like that.