Sunday, August 29, 2010

SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say 12"

(((re-post from Jan. 6/10@7:23pm)))
(((here's my first request post. well re-post. here's to you elliott. i don't know why you like the other albums but you do. man i hate his voice, but it's good on some songs. pretty great album i guess. jock itch is great. well, what are you waiting for, get it.)))

alright here's the infamous ss decontrol album. first off, i have ripped all the songs from my own bootleg copy. if the band members want me to take down the links i will, and that goes for any downloads i have, or will have. ok, i just had to say that because of the comments on GBM. time for the review. this was a split release with x-claim and dischord limited to only 1000 copies. there was a bootleg, i don't know what year, but it had ex-claim and discord instead of the correct spelling. only 600 copies of that are out there (that's the one i have). this is a great release and i don't know why a reissue has not be issued, and it probably won't. i don't really like any other albums by them because they're just mainly hard rock and his voice. save the link on the song titles for the download.
1. boiling point 5/5
2. fight them 3/5
4. not normal 3.5/5
6. jock itch 5/5
7. fun to you 3.5/5
8. v.a. 5/5
9. how much art 2.5/5
12. war threat 3.5/5
14. screw 5/5
16. police beat 3.5/5
17. united 5/5
18. the end 0/5 (bad.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
only on ebay, for serious coin, or download here.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Throwaways/Spastic Panthers Split 7"

first off i'd like to say i've got 285 comments. i was surprised. also looking back at some downland, and the download counts are pretty high (for what i think). thanks to all who comment. you know who you are. i also have 3 followers now. keep downloading and commenting! anyway that's done. so by looking at the two covers you may think why the hell did they do a split. well i have no idea. a powerpop (yes it is) band and a brutal hardcore band. well they did it. both bands from alberta, canada and released on Handsome Dan records on april 21th of this year. my favourite is the Throwaways side. two females and a male on drums. then you have Spastic Panthers who i'm not too into. i don't know what it is but i just can't get into them. maybe you'll like em, who knows? the Throwaways side is heavy stereo. i much prefer mono. i do. well now the music.
The Throwaways
1. mikey erg! 5/5 (great melody.)
2. pterodactyl clap 5/5 (nice.)
3. summer song 5/5 (might destroy your left ear.)
4. got a problem? 5/5 (great song.)

Spastic Panthers
1. (i'm gonna) punch you in the dink 1/5 (not a fan of the lyrics.)
2. volatile 1/5 (meh.)
3. outta control 1/5 (nah.)
4. political song for dan izzo to sing 2.5/5 (only good song on this side, for me.)
overall: 5/10 meh recommended
first side is great but the other side isn't. get this from Handsome Dan records, the link is above.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

State-No Illusions 7"

going back to straight up hardcore punk on this post. state released this in 1983 on Statement records. they released some other stuff but i've been told that it's crap compared to this. i think this was posted at kbd but only two tracks. so here it is in it's entirety. it's been bootlegged on reagan era and re-issued by Havoc records. get the great insert in the scans, includes lyrics. not really much too say so here's the music.
1. subvert 5/5 (nice.)
2. new right 5/5 (fast.)
3. attention 5/5 (great track.)
4. hard line 3/5 (weaker.)
5. no illusions 5/5 (fantastic riff, vocals, drums. just amazing!)
6. police state 5/5 (good.)
7. girl violence 3.5/5 (weaker enders on each side.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
get this nice Havoc re-issue. or the original. i don't care, i already have it.

The Polkateers-Dance To This Hit 12"

man i haven't posted music since the 7th. well that's what happens sometimes. anyway that's all i'll say about that.
there's nothing better than some fast as hell polka! get this!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


well i've spent most of my time ripping tapes. those rips are horrible so they won't be posted. i'll post something soon. for real this time. but first i'd like to make some recommendations.
first up, H.R.S. records with some great releases. two to be exact. their first is a comp called Killed by Modern Problems Volume 1. i think we all know where that came from. KBD! (oh and if anyone wonders why i call early punk KBD punk, it's because the comps, not the site (although the site is awesome.)) anyway, the comp is great. bands like School Jerks, Rich White Males and much more. just look at the track listing at the HRS blog (link below). Dave G. you might like this cause there is a Social Circkle track, "youngster on the force." i think you might know it. and The Trites song sounds similar, vocals. so green/black/white tapes. white available still. volume one, and more volumes to come! buy it here: KBMP V.1. their second release is the School Jerks/Negative Lifestyle tape. it's great from two of my favourite bands at the moment. buy it from above link.
my next thought is that you should get the Boogie Nazis pearl harbor sessions tape. great surf punk. i think a proper review is in the future for that release. ryan from the band also runs a zine called Splasher so get that at the same time. it's about skating and surf punk. send in your contributions. oh and thanks ryan for TICS tape too.

lots of links on this post, check em all out!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Computer Down

no posts for a bit as i need to take my computer in. sorry.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ripper #6

well i think it's about time for another zine review. this one being from way back in 1981. great zine and has the best reviews i've ever seen in a zine. all the dischord 7"s and many more. great interviews with tsol, wasted youth and black flag (right when henri became singer). and lots of other stuff too. get every ripper zine, if you can find em.
the reason i chose to do this is because the TSOL interview. that is what inspired me to re-post their 12", which i did in the previous post. i decided to scan a great picture of jack dressed in women's clothing, makeup and some kind of beret. the caption reads "If we put out record after record of political stuff, it would just be boring." sadly their next record, which isn't political, isn't very good. some good songs but just doesn't sound like the same band.

so yes the real reason i posted this was to show this photo.

T.S.O.L.-EP 12"

(((re-post from Nov. 12/09@4:23pm)))
(((well i've decided to re-post something and here it is. released on posh boy records and i'm not sure on the pressings but more than one for sure. only album by them that i like. their first lp has some good tracks but mostly i'm not a fan. my copy of this is pretty thrashed so it's very crackely, but i like it that way. all in all great first release!)))
tsol short for "true sounds of liberty." this was one of the first hardcore records i'd ever heard. since then i've tried to get this album. initially i though this was a 7" because i found it on 7inchpunk (website). so i didn't buy it because all the ones for sale said 12". recently i found out it is a 12", so (hopefully there are some 7" bootlegs out there).
1. superficial love 5/5 (best song on here. fast.)
2. property is theft 5/5 (great vocals. also fast.)
3. no way out 5/5 (nice vocals.)
4. abolish government/silent majority 4/5 (not a fan of the chanting thing.)
5. world war III 4/5 (it's fast.)
overall: 9/10 recommended (easily available on CD with some other record on it too. if i didn't say it enough times already: 12" 7" 12" 7" 12" 7" 12 " 7" 12" 7" there you go.)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time Is On My Side

tick tock tick tock tick tock FUCK THE CLOCK!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Maggotz-Tales From The City Of Vomit 7"

man i had busy weekend. i'm still reading Please Kill Me (strongly recommended) every night so i was basically didn't get any sleep. speaking of books, i just bought that complete touch and go zine book thing and the new book Why Be Something That You're Not. it's about the punk scene from 1979-1985. Revelation records released it and are in the works for another punk book but it's going into the 90's so i'm not getting it. speaking of the 90's, here's The Maggotz.
i was reading a post on Last Days and it inspired me to post this (the post was a 90's punk record). this was released on Nose Pick records in 1993 (the year i was born. now you all know my age). limited to 1000 and i have #785. this is how i got it. i was looking through my itunes and came across these two tracks (track one and two of this release) by the maggots. they were great. i didn't know where the tracks came from. so i searched for the maggots but couldn't find anything (later i realized it had a "z" at the end and not a "s"). then it hit me, mat dafuc. so i contacted him a found out that he ripped the tracks from his vinyl. he sent me some pics (we have the same couch) and i said now i just need a hard copy. couldn't find it anywhere. so i asked him if he knew where to get it and he found a place. he also found me that copy of The Spasms 7". thank you mat. so i went to the site bought it along with two other 7"s and about 10 zines. anyway, this record has the two best songs to come out of the 90's then the rest is just ok. crank the first two songs, short as hell too! enough of my yammering.
1. i 8 my brain 5/5 (amazing.)
2. orange slices 5/5 (even more amazing.)
3. blitzkrieg waltz 2/5 (ok.)
4. dry heave 3/5 (a little slower.)
5. full of hat 3/5 (too slow at points. and messed up ending. it clicks and stuff. it's not my copy, it's how it was done.)
overall: 6/10 recommended
get it from Stanton Park records along with tons of other stuff. in the scans i didn't connect the inside scan because it's easier to read the lyrics this way.