Thursday, November 10, 2011

7 Seconds-Old School 12"

from one of my favourite new bands to one of my favourite old bands. 7 Seconds were/are a fantastic band formed in 1980 in Reno. i posted other releases by them which include their 2 first 7"s. everything they did up until 1984 is golden. there is a great LP going around that includes their three early tape releases, which have some great songs on it. the really early stuff is much slower but i've grown to like it, but it's still not close to the fast stuff they do. the last good thing they did was an LP called The Crew. that album is pretty good, but after hearing some of the much rawer versions of the songs in the demo session, i can't really like it as much as i should. everything after that LP is pretty much garbage, with the exception of a few tracks here and there. this 12" posted here was released in 1991 on Headhunter records, but the tracks are from a 1983 demo session. if they had released this in 1983 it would have killed. instead they chose to re-record and these tracks sat for almost ten years. but they did finally get the vinyl release they deserved. these tracks are all fantastic and the production on this is great, really dirty. fantastic vocals by Kevin, one of, if not my favourite vocalists.

1. you lose 5/5 (crazy.)
3. here's your warning 5/5 (fast.)
4. heavy metal jocks 5/5 (BEST SONG by the band, ever.)
5. these boots are made for walking 5/5 (great cover.)
6. boss 5/5 (i don't know.)
7. young 'til i die 5/5 (love the sound of the drums.)
8. war in the head 5/5 (same as above.)

1. no class, no way! 5/5 (great!)
2. definite choice 5/5 (way better than the LP version.)
3. i have a dream 5/5 (yeah!)
4. wasted life (ain't no crime) 5/5 (fantastic song, great bass.)
5. #1 rule 5/5 (nice.)
6. out of touch 5/5 (here is a great slower song, love the wa-ohs.)
7. red and black 5/5 (spray-paint.)
8. diehard 5/5 (great singing on this track.)
9. clenched fists, black eyes 5/5 (sadly the last track, but i love the end of the song where everyone's singing.)

overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
one the best recordings of all time, get it from lots of places. i'm sure you are sick of my praising by now.


School Jerks-3rd EP 7"

since i posted the other School Jerks 7"s, i thought i'd post this then too. if you don't know already School Jerks are one of my favourite bands out there and the best out of the great city of Toronto. i'm wearing one of the shirts i got from them right now. just great punk music. this was recorded in 2010 and released this year by Cowabunga records. 100 on clear vinyl, which is the one scanned here, i've also got the black vinyl (i'd like to get this clear black swirl version which there was only like 8 that came out like that, from Nick's store). they are in the works on a 12" which you know is gonna be great after their demo, three 7"s and a split tape they have already released which were all great. nothing will ever beat their first 7" for me, but this 7" is right behind it. Ivan the drummer has a different band called Kremlin which are really quite good as well. you can read more about them and the School Jerks at the site linked here (their blog). nothing else to say, 6 great songs with only one song over a minute long, now listen and buy it.

1. screamer 5/5 (great opener.)
2. control 5/5 (flying by.)
3. ready to die 5/5 (yeah.)

1. ugly minds, ugly faces 4/5 (good song.)
2. moral addiction 5/5 (this is the winner. best song on here!)
3. 4-F 4/5 (longest song.)

overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
as you can see it's more great artwork by Tara Bursey. she has done the artwork for all the 7"s and stuff. wondering if she is working on the 12" design. on the inside of the 7" sleeve is the lyrics to Ugly Minds, Ugly Faces, but only that song. check it out in the scans.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Strike-Radio Songs/Teenage Rebel EP 7"

well what we have here is a classic punk 7". this Belfast band released this 7" in 1980 by Shock Rock and was sadly their sole release. it was limited to 500 back then. too bad they never did anything else but this cause these two powerpop songs are some of the catchiest ever. the band did recreate once but with a female singer and they didn't go much original material. there is a great write up of the band on the Sing Sing blog. in fact this was re-issued by the label Sing Sing records in 2010. that whole label is just amazing. every release they do is a killer. however, this 7" is one of the few that is out of print from there site. just by looking at this cover you know it's gonna be great. i like the little symbol in the cover that they changed from Shock Rock to Sing Sing seamlessly. so if you haven't heard of this, get it now, it's a must. it's hard to chose which song is better, but i think i like the flip side the best.

1. radio songs 5/5 (so great! love the vocalist.)

1. teenage rebel 5/5 (sooooo catchy.)

overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
as i said before, it is out of print. so get it from Sorry State or something. and look i got the scans back up and running. check out the great artwork below. i am even going to add the artwork on the actual tracks ala Killed By Death Records (if you haven't noticed by now, this site is heavily influenced by that site).


Sunday, November 6, 2011


hey i got my scanner back up and running so i'll go back and fix the other two posts tomorrow. i got some great posts coming up.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Retainers-Teenage Regrets 7"

now for some more of the Retainers. before i praised them with their Waste of Time 7" (which by the way does have one of my favourite tracks of all time on it). and like that 7", this record was released on Fashionable Idiots out of Minnesota. this one being 3 years previous to the other in 2006. the Retainers play really distorted garage punk stuff. this 7" is really distorted opposed to there others, (i feel). this has been pressed twice and i have the second press. they have released a few 7"s and a 12". if anyone knows where to get that 12", let me know, cause it's sold out everywhere i look. the first track is a real good one. the last track has a real surf vibe to me, must be the guitar.

1. teenage regrets 5/5 (yell! catchy.)
2. zombie caliente 2.5/5 (not my favourite.)

1. kill my boss 3/5 (pretty good.)
2. blue jean attack 5/5 (surf!)

overall: 6/10 recommended
i get these guys and the Sinks mixed up so much. anyway you can buy from the link above. the cover actually is more of a reddish colour but came out pink for some reason.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

U.X. Vileheads-Catch 22 EP 7"

now for some new punk from Sweden. the band plays some great hardcore punk and just keep getting better and better. the UX Vileheads have released another 7" (which was good too) along with this one. this one was released in 2010 on both Sorry State (USA) and Adult Crash (i think Denmark). they just released a 12" and i've heard a few tracks from it, they sound great. i'll have to buy that new 12" sometime. i just found a great blog about there band that the singer updates. THIS is the link. you can buy stuff from them including some sweet looking shirts.

1. catch 22 5/5 (great song, come out flying.)
2. kill for peace 3/5 (a bit slower.)

1. down again 5/5 (builds, then goes nuts.)
2. no salvation 5/5 (great vocals.)

overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
buy it from Sorry State (link above).


Friday, July 29, 2011

Bored Teenagers Volume 3 Compilation 12"

yes the long over due compilation post. well sorry it took me so long but i finally got this up for you luka. well, here it is now. the bored teenagers comps include only british punk from 77-82 and are the best comps i have ever heard in my life. almost all the tracks on every comp are great. all the comps were released by Bin Liner records and are still pumping them out as we speak. they are up to five now. all are out of print and limited to 500. well i think you can still get the newest one. head over to the Bored Teenagers site and you will get tons and tons of info on all the bands on these comps, including pictures. now listen to these fantastic tracks. most tracks are from demo tapes or 7"s. oh and all these comps include nice thick bootlegs too. greatly assembled with care.
1. the perfectors-YT502951D 5/5 (fantastic opener.)
2. the perfectors-mysterons 4/5 (nice slower track.)
3. the perfectors-new wave news 5/5 (great. so catchy.)
4. the injectors-frustration 2.5/5 (decent.)
6. xpress-all dressed up (no war to go) 5/5 (great driving stuff.)
7. xpress-what ever happened to fashion 5/5 (fucked up at the beginning where it skips a little bit, only re-up upon request.)
8. street people-personal values 5/5 (love this song.)
9. quality drivel-sale of the century 5/5 (my favourite band on this comp.)
10. quality drivel-subliminal cuts 5/5 (love the chorus.)
12. no way-destiny 2/5 (kep.)
15. the most-carefree 3.5/5 (nice.)
16. clay fav-air lakeland 5/5 (perfect ender, love the vocals.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
some real smashers in here. not sure were to get this seeing that it's out of print. check out some shops, maybe they have some unsold copies. enjoy!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Black Belt Jones

well i'm sitting in the basement because it's hotter then hell upstairs. it's just a lazy dog-dangling afternoon so there is nothing else to do. so, time for some funk to give this blog a little life. this time it comes from the Blaxploitation film entitled Black Belt Jones from 1974. the intro to this movie is the greatest opening to any movie i have ever seen. this is mainly due to the incredibly funky track by Dennis Coffey. but the "great" fight scene adds to it as well. the Black Belt Jones soundtrack (mainly the 7") is noted as the holy grail of the blaxpolitation soundtracks, and i can see why. the main theme is one of my favourite tracks of all time. the rest of the film has some great tracks as well. the film was named 38 on the list of the documentary called The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made. i found that quite surprising. and then i looked into that documentary. well the documentary itself is a piece of trash. apparently the movies only go up until 1986 when the documentary was made well, well after that, in 2004. that documentary is terrible so don't fear. still, many don't like Black Belt Jones, but i do. the movie was officially released on VHS way back when but not on DVD. there is some Japanese bootleg though. a new dvd was released last year called Urban Action Collections which includes Black Belt Jones, Black Samson and two other movies, i still need to buy it. so i have included a great sounding rip of the main theme below. as well as the intro itself in video format. just enlarge the video to full-screen and change the quality to 480p for maximum funkyness.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


hey. well i want to start a new blog where i'm not just limited to Punk. it's gonna be about anything. i'll post a link later. so, there will be one more post here and then it's bye for good (although it must already seem that way).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Almost The End

well i've only got one post left and then i'm gone for good. my label will no longer be releasing anything right now because anything i send in the mail, nobody gets for some reason or vice versa. i'm pissed. the only thing that remains good is Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

two more posts coming really soon. so many school projects to do at the moment. oh and only one more Imposters tape is left. someone snag it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peach Kelli Pop-S/T 12"

people flipping through my records would have no idea what music i listen to if they just look at the cover of the records. this LP stands out the most of any of my LPs. the picture doesn't really show how pink this thing is. blinding pink. look at the cover, Peach on the beach. but i really like the photo on the back the best. check it out in the scans. well what we have here is an extremely (sometimes power) pop record. all the songs were written by her. she is the drummer for the amazing band White Wires as well. check out the great insert for more info. this was released on Going Gaga records out of Ottawa. this was limited to 500 and released in 2010. it is sold out from the label but i got my copy from Allie not too long ago. she is saving the remaining copies for their tour. a second press is coming soon. on this album, every song stays in your head. really catchy. i think every song was recorded somewhere else too. get this!
1. do the eggroll 5/5 (great! this is the song that got me into this.)
2. doo wah diddy 5/5 (sooo catchy, my favourite track.)
3. guy 4 me 5/5 (great.)
4. lover 5/5 (it's all great.)
5. bunny luv 5/5 (so great!)
6. girls of summer 4/5 (little less for me.)
7. knockout 5/5 (nice.)
8. badd news 5/5 (second favourite track.)
9. not your girl 5/5 (great.)
10. eenie meenie minie moe 5/5 (calm.)
overall: 9.8/10 strongly recommended
i can't praise this enough. love it.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stolen Hearts-Heart Collector 7"

let's lighten the mood around here with some absolutely killer powerpop. one of my favourite powerpop 7"s of all time. it's that great. Stolen Hearts are a mix of males and females and they released this in 2009 on, what else, Douchmaster records. limited to, i have no idea. i think they are from Atlanta. really catchy powerpop with female vocals. i got this in a trade with Grave Mistake. i first heard these guys from the Douchmaster blog. they have an mp3 of a song off all their released records. i can't say anything else. this is great! please someone tune me in on when they are gonna release something else.
1. heart collector 5/5 (dynamite.)
2. fire 5/5 (my favourite! love this track! so catchy.)
3. in and out 4/5 (a little less great, but still good.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
buy this from the link above now! it's a must have for all powerpop fans.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Zips-EP 7"

well i'm still undecided on if i'll stop this blog or not. for now i present you with a classic 7". i first heard these guys on the Bored Teenagers comp #2 and found out that Sing Sing had re-issued their 7". so i bought it up in TO. their are four songs in total and they are all great! the original 7" was released by Black Gold records in 1978 i believe. limited to 500. not sure what the re-issue was limited to, but it is sold-out from the label. the music is great KBD style punk. really catchy stuff. great vocals. they have released another 7" but i haven't heard it yet. as you can probably tell from the vocals, they are from the UK. enjoy!
1. take me down 5/5 (love when they say "take me down, down, down, down.")
2. don't be pushed around 5/5 (favourite track. great guitar opening.)
3. i'm in love 5/5 (awesome.)
4. over and over 5/5 (great!)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
as i said before it's sold-out from the label so i guess pick it up from another distro or something.


Fresh Cuts and Cigarette Burns Compilation 7"

(((i had this post sitting here for a while, just never uploaded the tracks to
time for 7" comp. i believe this is from 2009 or maybe it's from 2010. i don't know. there is no info in this. only the Criminal IQ website, that's the label it was released on. there is only a one-sided page for the sleeve. and a small insert. the song titles are on front. just look at the scans. anyway about the music. i bought this because it had White Load on it. never-mind, i won't go into all the bands, just listen and find out what this sounds like.
1. FNU Ronnies-ain't no place 4/5 (fuzzed out.)
2. Sick Jump!-fuck kids 4/5 (for someone who likes harsh vocals. nice track.)
3. Kill the Hippies-no control but dance control 4/5 (song kicks in out of nowhere.)
4. The Curtains-hidden agenda 5/5 (my favourite track.)
5. White Load-nothing is funny 3.5/5 (similar to the sound of tracks on their first 7".)
6. Flying Trichecos-recidivist 1/5 (drudge, not my thing.)
overall: 6.5/10 recommended
this little 7" has some good songs on it. the main reason for uploading this is because it was limited to 300 and was sold-out of CIQ's store, but they just got a few back from a distro. so go to the site above and buy it before it's gone for good.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"I'm like Hitler's last days here."
-George Costanza (Seinfeld)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


well i haven't been around for awhile, i do have some more posts coming soon. honestly i don't know how much longer i'll be doing the site.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Record Store Day 2011

well i went to Toronto for record store day. it was raining but we still went to all the stores. i didn't see any % off deals or anything. but, here is what i picked up anyway. not much but still.

The Half Rats
White Wires
The Zips

Bored Teenagers #3 Comp
Crusaders of Love
The Knickerbockers
Kool and the Gang (the Wild and Peaceful one. i love this record, great funk!)

what did you get?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Authorities-Soundtrack For Trouble 7"

ok i'm back. sorry, i've been busy with a lot of stuff lately. anyway, here's the post. here is a classic 7" by Authorities. no this isn't an original copy released in 1982, but a re-issue by Get Hip Recording in 2010. this is different from the original because they added two songs to it. luckily the tracks are at the end of each side, unlike in between songs like on the Freeze 7" re-issue. the two added songs really aren't even in the same vein as the others. they are mostly slow. anyway the other tracks are killers. you probably already have this, but still.
1. achtung! 5/5 (great opener.)
2. i hate cops 5/5 (piggers.)
3. between the thighs 3.5/5 (when this song gets going, it's fantastic! but the 1 minute and 30 second slow opening part sucks. the opener could have been good if it was shorter.)
4. radiationmasturbation 5/5 (great.)
5. shot in the head 5/5 (slower tempo, but great.)
6. LSD 0/5 (is the 3 minutes of slow garbage over yet? bad.)
overall (original 4-track 7" only): 10/10 strongly recommended
buy this, lots of places have this now, snag it for cheap. now i'm off to continue watching the Bruins playoff game, there down 1-0. they better score soon. speaking of sports, how about Prince Fielder? he's socking bucko dingers like crazy lately. too bad the Brewer never play the Blue Jays so i could see Fielder play. speaking of the Blue Jays, i went to a game last week, it was good. i also went to the last Sabres home game, and they are playing there first playoff game right now. that's right, i love sports.


Monday, April 11, 2011

The Imposters Tape Almost Gone

hey, just an update about the imposters tape. i only have 5 tapes left.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mean Jeans-EP 7"

yes, Mean Jeans are great. apparently they play ramones-style punk, but i really don't see it. these guys are just always having a great time. as shown in most of there lyrics. as well as some videos they have made. that's what i love about this band. love love love love love it. it was limited to 500. on slime green vinyl and my copy even comes with a sticker. here we go, an already rare record. released in 2008 on Rehab records out of Seattle and impossible to find. and when you do find them, they go for over $50. luckily i got mine from a guy for half of that, great guy. anyway, they have released a couple other 7"s and a 12", all great. so everybody download this and make them your new favourite band.
1. stoned to the bone 5/5 (huge.)
2. total creep 5/5 (great, and another newer version of this song is on their 12".)
3. invisible bugs 5/5 (shout it.)
4. wtfa401k 5/5 (great short song.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
can't find this anywhere to buy so search.


Night Birds-EP 7"

(((re-post from April 29/2010@8:32pm)))
(((this is a re-post cause Night Birds are awesome and they deserved a better rip. also cause someone was looking for this 7" so i figured i give him the best rips i can, hope he comments. listening to these rips compared to my old ones, there a few more crackles this time. now read what i wrote a while ago.)))

RAMONES SUCK!! but anyway. i always start a post with "time for some," and i've got nothing better to say so, time for some new hardcore punk/surf. this was released in april of this year, so i just received it in the mail. the great thing about this record is the presentation. all 500 records were hand made, hand cut and hand stamped. that's why the title is a little faded. lyrics and stuff at bottom. i bought this for only $4.50 at Grave Mistake records. get the download then go over there and buy it. it's all gold, too me. definitely the best 7" of the year so far. notice the similar sound of The Gift Givers song and the circle jerk's song World Up My Ass. i love the second track Thrilling Murder. the lyrics are about how the human-race is useless and they should all be killed. great stuff.
1. prognosis: negative 5/5 (great.)
2. thrilling murder 5/5 (best song, fast and great lyrics.)
3. unanswerable 5/5 (nice.)
4. the gift givers 5/5 (vocals are great.)
5. harbor rats 5/5 (instrumental surf song, and great.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
this was released on Grave Mistake records and with the small press run it's going to go fast. so get yours today, and get tons of other stuff they have.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Imposters-The First Four Years Tape: OUT NOW!

well here we have it, The Imposters-The First Four Years tape is out now. i said in the other post that these will be released in April, but i got the tapes way faster then i thought. so, the first release on my label is by Hermosa Beach's "The Imposters". if you don't know The Imposters, you should definitely check them out. go here to listen to some of their tracks. they have released some great stuff over the last four years. i did do one review of there first 7" here.

here is the cover of the tape. there are 16 tracks total (listed below). they are demo, cover and early cut tracks. order away! more then half of these tapes are already accounted for.
it is limited to 50 tapes (24 of them have some poorly made stickers)

prices postpaid:

$5.00 canada and usa
$6.00 everywhere else

paypal to: zachrykse AT
or if you want, you can send some money in the mail.

if you have any questions or want to order or don't like the price or anything, you can comment here or email me: zachrykse AT


1. Unknown
2. I Wanna Surf
3. Skate Punks
4. Neighbourhood Watch
5. Revenge
6. Flush The Bouncers
7. The Wedge
8. Arguing In 2006
10. No Friends
11. Pool Maintenance
12. Advanced Placement
13. Too Much Hate
14. Almost Dawn/On My Own
15. (Time Goes By) So Suddenly
16. Bus-Stop Blues

below are just some pictures documenting the process:

if any other band wants to do a small tape run like this, contact me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Boy Toys-Girls Like You 7"

well before i get back to punk, here is a nice little Beatles style 7". almost powerpop. i have no info on this band except that they are from Indiana and you can contact them here. i just bought this because it was cheap and i liked the cover. this was released in 2009 on Spin The Bottle records. i'm not sure what's going on with that label these days. i really have nothing else to say. this is a great record. love the vocals.
1. girls like you 5/5 (love it.)
2. i want you 5/5 (great.)
3. black and blue and grey 4/5 (slower song, but good.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
don't worry i'll post some Neos or something next for you hardcore fans. but take a seat and listen to this little gem for now.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Absentees-CD

no this isn't a real post but i can tell you where to get it. i don't have this only because it's on a cd. otherwise i would snap at a vinyl version. anyway, i posted their half-great (including one of my favourite songs of all time "tryin to mess with me") 7" a while ago. i thought the tracks after '79 would be crap, but i was way wrong. all the tracks are really great. there are a couple of tracks near the middle of this cd where they kind of sound metal-ish, but then they start playing this tangy cow-punk type stuff. so yeah this is great. get it at the good blog named, Disorder-Are You Experienced? if you're into buying cds, buy the cd at this site: The Absentees. you know what, it's only $10 postpaid. i might just buy it too. here is a track to listen to:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost Here

yep, you're looking at the first release on Foreign Fish. i sent out for the tapes/cases so they should arrive in a week or two. so this will probably be out sometime in April. the first press is limited to 50 tapes. below is a preview of one of the tracks on the tape. it is a cover of a Wasted Youth song.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Electric Deads-EP 7"

time for some more female fronted punk. this dates way back to 1982. recorded in one take at Marco Polo Sound. released originally on Electro Static records, but the one you see here is the re-issue by Noise and Distortion records from 2010. a very good re-issue if you ask me. a little pricey though. anyway about the music. hardcore punk as you would come to guess from '82. now Bibi's voice can get a little annoying but there is only 4 tracks so it's not too bad. they released three 7"s in their lifetime. i originally got a download of this from KBD and he didn't include the last song because he didn't like it. well i actually do like it. that was basically my reasoning for uploading this. well i'm off to tend to my flooded basement.
1. order 4/5 (great.)
2. zig zag 4/5 (nice.)
3. fish in a pool 4/5 (my favourite ED track.)
4. compact chaos 4/5 (nice.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
buy this from the link above. i would have bought all three of their releases if the price weren't so high. so yes, i only bought this one (from Hits and Misses).

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Neckties-Skating With A Boner 7"

yes i haven't been around lately but i'll be posting up some more records more regularly again. starting with a record that doesn't really get any credit. released on one of my favourite record labels, (headman by Nickolai of The Imposters) Secret records in 2008. great mostly fast paced newer skate punk. the thing i like about the insert for this record is that it says (back in 2008) that there is a new 7" release by boogie nazis coming out. that 7" never happened. it reminds me of reading through touch and go zines saying that a bored youth 7" would be coming out, that never happened either. anyway, the neckties are gonna release some new stuff sometime this year, so look out for that. just download and enjoy!
1. skating with a boner 5/5 (my favourite track.)
2. let us skate 5/5 (nice.)
3. shitty surf 4/5 (good.)
4. tech is over 4/5 (don't like the chorus but i love the rest.)
5. salsa and chips 5/5 (great guitar riff.)
6. city 5/5 (great!)
7. so what 4/5 (good too.)
8. sscgc 2.5/5 (meh.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
you can buy this from Nickolai from the link above. speaking of The Imposters, my label is under works for a "first four years" tape of them. featuring some tracks from albums and some unreleased stuff. coming soon on Foreign Fish.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bad Influence-War's No Fun Demo 7"

alright here is some great hardcore punk. i've got a massive headache but i want to get this up for Dave G. and i'll tell you why. we both got the pre-orders from No Way and this 7". they ran out of this 7" and i wasn't gonna get a copy. i asked Dave if he got the same news, but he was in fact getting a copy. then he said i could have his copy. so long story short, thank you so much Dave! can't thank you enough. anyway, this is some great punk. these guys started from the S.F. Bay Area. this was recorded in 1983 and finally released by Who Cares? records in 2010. 250 pressed and 50 on a different sleeve. i've got number #230. back in the day, Bad Influence sent there demo to Tim Yohanon from MRR, and he booked them to play their first show with Minor Threat. pretty cool. so on this demo, the vocalist wrote all the lyrics and the guitarist wrote all the music. i love the vocals on this. great drum sound too. short songs with lyrics included in the scans so you can all sing along.
1. war's no fun 5/5 (nice.)
2. mental war patient 5/5 (love the guitar riff.)
3. irs 5/5 (great.)
4. do what you want 5/5 (yep.)
5. bad influence 5/5 (good.)
6. always on my ass 5/5 (love this song, my favourite.)
7. i don't care 4/5 (go.)
8. maximum punishment 4/5 (nice.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
this is sold out from everywhere. so go hunt for it. i wish i could write more but my head hurts so much. i'm going to bed.


don't worry, something coming really soon. and it's great.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad Sports-S/T 12"

well i'm back from being sick the whole past week. i finally feel like posting again. i've been sitting on these rips of this record for a while now, just never cut up the tracks. but now i took the time to do it so here i am. what we have here is some great powerpop, or something. it's hard to define this record, so call it whatever you want. this was released on the great Douchemaster records in 2009 on my birthday. i think they have released other stuff. everybody trades vocals, great stuff. i got nothing else to say, i've got homework to do, enjoy.
1. face like that 3.5/5 (decent song.)
2. sinking you 5/5 (best track. so catchy.)
3. on video 5/5 (like it.)
4. i need it 5/5 (great. really like this guys voice.)
5. she'll never get out 3/5 (decent.)
6. nothing but agitation 5/5 (love it!)
7. and it goes 3.5/5 (good.)
8. too many people 5/5 (nice.)
9. last cigarette 5/5 (like this too.)
10. progress man 5/5 (love this guys voice!)
11. won't let you win 5/5 (four killer tracks in a row.)
12. payback 4.5/5 (very good.)
13. why say don't 4/5 (little breakdown.)
14. should've known 3.5/5 (good.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
buy it from the link above, and lots of other DM titles. they release top quality new powerpop.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wasteland-Want Not 7"

time for me to post my own KBD classic. thanks to those who guessed. i really think this is absolute gold KBD punk. ever since i got the Back To Front Vol.3 comp from Mat, i've been playing "ono" nonstop. i tried looking for it forever but with no result. never on ebay or anything. finally, in December of last year, CollectorScum was having a set sale on the Terminal Boredom forum (which right now i am banned from). so i skimmed the list and found this. i was amazed. on closer inspection, i found out that it was a copy with original vinyl and no sleeve. but he said that he would supply a xerox of his original sleeve. so yeah, i got it for cheap and it's basically the exact same as the original. this originally being released in 1979 on Disaster records. super catchy punk. so i'll keep this short and let the music do the talking. get this now.
1. ono 5/5 (one of my favourite songs of all time.)
2. bombsite baby 5/5 (great vocals.)
3. our radio nation burns 4/5 (good.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
CollectorScum might still have a copy, but i'm not sure. that's the only place i know where to go to buy one of these.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


i'm gonna post something new soon enough, but trust me, it will be amazing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Freeze-Police 7"

the Freeze have been a topic of discussion around these parts for a week or so now. that is the Freeze in the 90's. everybody knows the Freeze right? well they are one of my favourite bands and just posted a fantastic live LP not to long ago. a little (of my) history on this. i saw this at a record store and it was only $5. for whatever reason, i did not purchase it. so when i got home, just for fun, i went online to see what it sounded like. at the time, Dave G. posted it over at his blog. i downloaded it and was surprised how great it was. now of course i'm near no record stores. then i figured out that these two songs were on an LP called "misery loves company." so i searched for that LP online for a while. finally someone posted it and i downloaded it. yes some songs on it are great, but mostly i was disappointed. that ended my downloading of later Freeze stuff. recently though i listened to some newer Freeze stuff, in my opinion, it's not good. sad cause the first 7 years of the Freeze we great times. their records from then are so great. anyway you might be wondering how i finally got this. well sometime later i got to another record store and found it for cheap, this time buying it. i had to put down a Brutal Knights 7" in it's place though. well it was worth it anyway. this was released in 1991 on Taang records. that's all.
1. bloodlights 4/5 (a little weird sound mishaps on this but it's not bad.)
2. talking bombs 4/5 (my favourite of the two.)
overall: 8/10 recommended
not really essential but that's why it's cheap.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Foreign Fish

well i'm doing it, i'm starting a tape label. i'm gonna be releasing tapes only. why, you may ask? well because tapes are a bazillion times cheaper then vinyl, and i don't have much money. the label is called Foreign Fish. i am in talks with The Imposters and Negative Lifestyle about upcoming releases. no dates are set or anything, but it is a high possibility that it will happen. if any bands want in on this small label. get in touch here. oh and if you're wondering what the picture of the map is doing here, well the red parts indicate great masses of foreign fish.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Poppees-Jealousy/She's Got It 7"

here's one for all you fellow early Beatles lovers. this is basically The Beatles but with the Poppees own twist on things. released on the ever great BOMP! records in 1978. i'm not sure where these guys were from but i think it was New York. they weren't around for long but they released two 7"s. this is the second one. the first one has the amazing song "if she cries." i wish i had that 7", but in due time, i will get my hands on it. anyway, on this 7" there are two great songs. there is a demo version of "jealousy" which is just as great, but in a different way. don't you love the way the BOMP! labels on the records look. well i certainly do. nothing really else to say except that i wanted to post this cause it is so great. well that really didn't need to be said but whatever.
1. jealousy 5/5 (so great that even my dad loves it!)
2. she's got it 5/5 (great too. listen closely at the end, very end he yells, "whoo!" i love it.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
you can still buy this from BOMP! for only $5. that's right, only $5! BOMP! also released a LP/CD of the Poppees called "pop goes the anthology" which has both singles, demo tracks (like the one mentioned above) and live tracks. it is well worth the money too. while you're at it, check out the Boyfriends, 20/20 and Jim Basnight releases that BOMP! did as well. they are pure greatness.

JFA-Blatant Localism 7"

(((re-post from Nov. 4/2009@9:24pm)))
(((this is one of my favourite records cause it was one of the first punk records i got on vinyl. now i find myself looking at it more than listening to it. not cause i don't like it anymore, but because i have tons of other records. although i always keep it at the front of my stash of records. i remember always playing tony hawks pro skater with my brother and we would try to guess what he was saying in the chorus. cause they cut it all out in the game, cause of censors. also they substituted the word "drugs" with "skate." which sounds pretty funny when you find out what the original sounds like. anyway the vinyl itself has seen it's play. the wear is really only noticeable on the last track though. it's a great looking record with just the right amount of wear. check out the scans. elliott called for a re-post, so here it is.)))

hey, i just bought this, 30 bones altogether. it was worth it. one of the greatest albums out there. they put out another two good albums, they got some cool surf songs. after that record they gave up. they went from skate-punk to slow-bad. but from 80-84 they were great.
1. out of school 5/5 (great opening song, fast great music.)
2. JFA 5/5 (best song on here.)
3. do the hannigan 5/5 (really short, fast and fantastic.)
4. count 5/5 (4 seconds long, yep.)
5. beach blanket bong-out 5/5 (tony hawk pro skater 4, yep.)
6. cokes and snickers 5/5 (good song, feels like a bonus track. i can't eat snickers. allergic.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
(one goes up on ebay every other week, $20-35 depends on condition.)

Boogie Nazis-Pearl Harbor Sessions Tape

as promised, here is the tape tracks that were missing from the discography i posted a couple days ago. well more problems with my tape deck. now it clicks like a mad man when i play something. i think i might just suck it up and buy something new instead of looking around for old used stuff. but i did finally get a rip without the clicks but i listened to the cd versions and came to the conclusion. the cd versions are just more clearer so i went with those. thanks to Ryan again for uploading them. but i did scan everything. anyway here you have it. a tape entitled Pearl Harbor Sessions. i think it was released in 2010 but i'm not sure cause there is no date. apparently i got the last tape they had, thank god. greatly packaged. the tape is spray-painted with one side being black and the other being the "rising sun." you know, that Japanese thing or whatever. on the paper you get an official pilots license. mine is #51. i signed my name on it but at the time of scanning this, which was a long time ago, i hadn't signed it yet. so check out the scans below. now get the finest surf music ever to grace tape reels.
1. wild summer fun 5/5 (big party song.)
2. droppin' throu' 5/5 (holy god this is great.)
3. batfish 5/5 (guitar=great.)
4. if tuscon had a beach 5/5 (one of the greatest guitar riffs of all time. all of the ones in this song.)
5. gleaming the tube 5/5 (back to fast.)
6. john denverb, colorado 5/5 (keyboard is fantastic. again, riffs amazing. 0:53s makes me cry, with joy of such a great riff.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
can't wait for more Boogie Nazis stuff. can you?

Buy Night Birds New 7"

well i was talking to Brian this morning and he asked me if could put up this message from him. seeing as i've put both their 7"s for download here, i figure it is the least i could do. here is the message:

"After a few delays we will have our new 7", "Midnight Movies" in our hands Feb. 9th so orders will ship late next week. First bunch of orders we'll toss in a button and sticker we made very few of for the new 7"... We also have some new shirts. Check it out here and buy some junk so we can afford to come play your lovely town:"

yes you might have already pre-ordered the 7" from No Way (i did as well) but if you buy it from them you get button and sticker. the real reason i bought from them was to buy one of their new shirts (they look great) and i thought i might as well buy a 7" too.

The Germs-EP 7"

(((re-post from Nov. 10/2009@7:16pm)))
(((well this one's for elliott. i'll tell my story in a bit. first i remember when i posted this. way back in 2009 when i started posting lots of stuff. lately i haven't been posting much, but that is gonna change. for some reason i'm loving posting stuff at the moment. i can't believe that KBD only posted 2 times in 2 months. anyway back to this site. so the way i acquired this was from a trade. i traded elliott some cds for this 7". pretty good trade if you ask me. all he wanted was for me to post it. so that's what i am doing here with this re-post. so once you are finished with the funk i just posted, get this. thanks elliott. now read what i said a couple years ago.)))

hey Dylan, here's your favourite album.
this has got to be one of the poorest productions ever. the sound quality is really bad, but great. a-side---good, b-side---bad. they are a good band and released some great stuff.
1. forming 5/5 (great song. great individual speaker thing. music left, vocals right.)
2. live 1/5 (this gets a 1 for that bottle smashing at the beginning.)
overall: 5/10 recommended (for germs fans.)
lots of obscure represses out their, so get that.

Ozone-Walk On 12"

hey, time for some top class funk. i would post the whole record, that is if someone were to request it. but no one probably will so i'll just post up the best track. that being the first and title track entitled Walk On. fantastic funk. i was flipping through the nearest record store and found this. their afros and track titles made it stand out. for example, "This Is Funking Insane." come on, from that it's got to be great. and it is too. it was released in 1980, so it will fit in with lots of stuff posted here. i got a promo copy. identical to the regular press except for the stamp in the bottom corner. well i think i've said enough about a record that probably no one will care about on here. but i love it, so it goes here. nonstop rotation in these parts. funk on!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Freeze-Live At Cape Cod 1980 12"

i can't remember the last time i posted a live album, if i even posted one at all. anyway here is one. it's snowing like a mad man out there and i've been shoveling all day. what does that have to do with this post, nothing. why am i telling you this, no idea. so i'll just jump into the post. The Freeze were a great band and everyone must know them. they released some other great stuff up until 87'. this record was released just after their first 7" and it is referred to by Clif in this Cape Cod set. this was recorded in 1980 onto a tape. from that tape, Schizophrenic records out of Hamilton released it on LP. so the quality isn't the best and the sound fades in an out but only a couple of times. the quality i think is very good from being from an old tape. so much drive on these recordings. screeching vocals which i love. great set. this is my personal favourite Freeze stuff. get it now. nothing else to say.
1. before i hit that rubber room 5/5 (yes they wrote this a long time ago and then included it on their 86' LP.)
2. the water tastes funny 4/5 (nice.)
3. they won't unlock the door 5/5 (amazing, my favourite track. great riff.)
4. my megawalki land 5/5 (vocals!)
6. one sixth of a person 5/5 (lyrics.)
7. don't forget me tommy 5/5 (with this version, it doesn't sound like a new wave song. such a great version.)
8. the duh family 2 4/5 (good.)
9. refrigerator heaven 4/5 (yes i spelled refrigerator wrong but who cares.)
10. i'm too good for you 5/5 (on 86' LP under a different name.)
11. leap from the ledge 5/5 (great gallop.)
12. uncle fred 5/5 (nice.)
13. rebels with a cause 5/5 (great great great chorus.)
14. skeletons in your closet 5/5 (fast.)
15. halloween night 4/5 (a 7" song.)
16. one way conversations 5/5 (great chorus too.)
17. they'll be trouble if you hide 5/5 (awesome song, so in your face!)
18. i hate tourists 5/5 (i wouldn't know.)
19. the duh family 4/5 (it is listed on the back as "So Long Ago" but i believe it is "The Duh Family.")
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
buy this from the link above, they might have some left. this is a must have. 200 copies on swirl green and black, which i have. some with signed insert, not what i have. a great post for the new month.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boogie Nazis-Four Years and Still Swimming CD

here it is, the greatest collection of surf music you'll ever hear. well that's what i think anyway. this band from Arizona has been kicking around since 2007. Ryan from BN first came by my site way back when i posted that first BN post. that was when i first heard them, through The Imposters. now Ryan drops by now and again (which i think is pretty cool). anyway, he is sending me this CD but for now you can get the tracks from (which Ryan uploaded them to). so these tracks aren't from my own rippings or anything. there are tons of great songs here. some different version of some songs too. if you're wondering why some of the tracks don't have links. that is because i have the tape that those songs are on, which i would like to post sometime. but you still can download from the link at the very bottom, so. alright here we go, so many tracks.
1. boogie time 5/5
2. bomb the hills 5/5 (this is just straight punk.)
3. spaghetti 5/5
4. boogie time 5/5
5. undertoe 5/5 (love this track.)
6. suburban son 5/5 (this is surf punk.)
7. yellow brick road 5/5
8. pipe dream 5/5
9. jimbo goes to hawaii 0/5 (the only song i don't like.)
10. 3rd rock from the sun 5/5 (haha.)
11. mastermind 5/5
12. lunch with grandma 5/5 (was and still is my favourite BN track.)
13. spaghetti 5/5
14. acid wash 5/5
15. mastermind 5/5
16. lunch with grandma 5/5 (thumping bass in this version.)
17. disoriented 5/5
18. undertoe 5/5
19. wild summer fun 5/5
20. spaghetti 5/5
21. droppin' throu' 5/5
22. wild summer fun (these songs are on the tape i have. will be reviewed and posted soon enough.)
23. droppin' throu'
24. batfish
25. if tucson had a beach
26. gleaming the tube
27. john denverb, colorado (last track on the tape.)
28. batfish 5/5
29. sidewalk surfers 5/5
30. droppin' throu' 5/5
31. if tucson had a beach 5/5 (love the guitar riffs.)
32. flippin' burgers 5/5
33. it was i 4/5
34. gleaming the sun 5/5 (holy fast.)
35. point of no return 4/5
overall: 9.7/10 strongly recommended
wow my hand hurts now. anyway, just plain great surf music. here is their somewhat site: SURFIN'. thanks Ryan. now you people, get this now!