Monday, November 30, 2009

The Teen Idles-Minor Disturbance 7"

it's the last day of the month, time for Dischord's first release. this is a decent record, not one of my favourites thou. lots of bass on this. Nathan's voice is also as irritating as ss decontrol's Springa (but they do grow on you). it's a good thing Ian switched to vocals and formed minor threat with Jeff. Nathan went on to form youth brigade (pretty bad band) and they released only one ep as well, which i will review soon.
1. teen idles 5/5 (best song, fast. too bad the rest of the record doesn't sound this good.)
2. sneakers 1.5/5 (weak song, slow too.)
3. get up and go 2/5 (what is this, the ramones.)
4. deadhead 3.5/5 (decent song, weird sound on the break down.)
5. fleeting fury 4/5 (good, faster.)
6. fiorucci nightmare 5/5 (yes, back to the great stuff.)
7. getting in the way 5/5 (it bleeds with the song above, so it's pretty much the same song, therefore 5/5.)
8. minor disturbance (too young to rock) 1/5 (bad live track.)
overall: 5/10 lightly recommended
better than a lot of hardcore records out there, but not nearly the best. you would have to spend tons to get the original 7", so get the 12".

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why No Downloads?

all these releases can be found somewhere on the internet so no point in putting them on this website and claiming them as my own rips.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Minor Threat-In My Eyes 7"

yesterday was my birthday so i'm posting my favourite band again, MINOR THREAT. great 7" here. only thing i don't like is the sound of stepping stone. it's really kind of quiet at any volume (it's weird, good song thou). i have to go now, so i'll keep this short.
1. in my eyes 4/5 (vocals are decent. you'll see what i mean.)
2. out of step (with the world) 5/5 (possibly the best minor threat song.)
3. guilty of being white 5/5 (ian is NOT racist. read the lyrics, "i'm guilty of being white" don't judge me by the colour of my skin. it's so CLEAR!)
4. stepping stone 3/5 (good, but the sound.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
get the 12" (much cheaper).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

this post sucks

this post sucked so i erased it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bum Kon-Drunken Sex Sucks 7"

this is the biggest picture that i could find of this great (thrash?) record. there was a great little colorado hardcore scene along with "frantix" and "white trash." they didn't release much after this, but all their recordings can be found on the recently pressed "drunken sex sucks" 12". alright.
1. bum kon 5/5 (too short to be bad.)
2. locked away 4/5 (nice slower thrashing.)
3. drunken sex sucks 4/5 (great.)
4. the draft 5/5 (#3 blends into this masterpiece.)
5. slow death 1/5
overall: 7/10 recommended (but impossible to get.)
so get the 12" only bad song on their is "slow death".

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meat Puppets-EP 7"

great hardcore record. very talented musicians. all the drum beats are the same, du ta du ta du ta. i guess that's it, oh wait, i haven't listened to anything of theirs past this, so.
1. in a car 3/5 (decent.)
2. big house 5/5 (excellent vocals and music.)
3. dolphin field 4/5 (raging vocals.)
4. out in the garden 4/5 (spongebob squarepants.)
5. foreign lawns 3/5 (good closer. nice tempo.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
copies on eBay go for like 30 bucks (a little to much $ for me).

School Jerks-EP 7"

((remastered post)) good punk from toronto's school jerks (2008). not much to say, sounds a lot like the first bands starting out back in the 80's. not too slow, not too fast. you can visit their band site here: and get their 7". look out for their new 7" coming soon. ((their new 7" is out now so go get it at their myspace page.))
1. nothing else 5/5 (great opener.)
2. stray 5/5 (fastest song on here.)
3. passed out 5/5 (surprising.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lognhalsmottagningen-Oron Nasa 7"

(((remastered post. i scanned in my copy of the cover. mine's #168/300, how bout you?))) great NEW (2008) hardcore from sweden. try and pronounce the name (even hard to pronounce for swedes). only two different people on this album, one for vocals, and one for all the instruments. this album is all treble, the bass sounds like another guitar. apparently they're in the process of making a 40 song LP, wow. i'm in the process of trying to get this album (kbd).
i don't know what any of this means (language).
1. svenssonliv 5/5 (great opening song.)
2. kola a stalar 5/5 (yes.)
3. javlar igen 5/5 (nice.)
4. bodybuilder 5/5 (best song on here. fast, powerful.)
5. snacka gar ju 5/5 (great song.)
6. va e poangen 5/5 (slower, but not that slow.)
7. sicken skit 5/5 (decent ender to a great album.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
this 7" was released on 4 labels, two in sweden and two in usa. it was limited to 300 copies and was soon sold out. there are some spare copies floating around so get them while they're cheaper. (i got a feeling this will become a rare kbd record in the distant future)
below is a link to their first show at popfest. the song is "bodybuilder" and from their you can get the rest of the show. the singer hadn't even learned the lyrics yet, he's holding a lyric sheet. also he messes up the timing on most of the songs (it's great).

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best Websites

hey, here are some great websites.
great download sites.
great punk info
read old punk zines for FREE

Zero Boys-Livin' In The 80's 7"

this is surprisingly bad. all the songs sound exactly like the ramones (crap). the zero boys next two albums are GOLDEN. definitely pick up their other albums but not this one.

1. livin' in the 80's 0/5
2. stoned to death 0/5
3. stick to your guns 0/5
4. i'm bored 0/5
5. a piece of me 0/5

overall: 0/10 strongly not recommeded
(if you like the ramones, then you should pick this up, for about $500.)

Stains-John Wayne Was A Nazi 7"

yes this is MDC. first called stains but changed their name to MDC because of LA's stains. well some great stuff here. actually, half of the records say MDC-stains on them and the others just say stains. their next two releases and comp tracks are pretty good too. these two songs appear on their LP as well but different versions. "john wayne was a nazi" is better on the LP and "born to die" is better on this 7". their still going today (big mistake).
1. john wayne was a nazi 3/5 (good song but better version on their LP.)
2. born to die 5/5 (great song, much better version than the one on their LP. the LP version is actually too FAST, you can't understand what he's saying, i didn't even know it was the same song.)
overall: 7/10 recommended (but good luck, their going for over $500.)

Minutemen-Paranoid Time 7"

well, minutemen or the minutemen, put out a decent first 7". this stuff is gold. his is their fastest stuff, it's pretty short too (but all their stuff is). their next album is good, and double nickels on the dime, but the other stuff is forgettable. so.
1. validation 5/5 (good fast. weird stopping points.)
2. the maze 5/5 (the guitar kind of gets annoying.)
3. definition 5/5 (first half, nothing, second half, good.)
4. sickles and hammers 5/5 (great instrumental song.)
5. fascist 5/5 (best song on here. really crazy.)
5. joe McCarty's ghost 5/5 (nice.)
6. paranoid chant 5/5 (good instruments.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
thanks to sst records you can buy this 7" the exact same way it looked back then. (same codes even.)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bad Brains-Pay To Cum! 7"

great band, musically. not a fan of their views, but this album was out way before that. i recommend their s/t album as well. once they started doing more reggae songs and grew long dreadlocks i lost interest. there are several versions of the song "pay to cum!" out there and i like this one the best. my god, this record has to be one of the most expensive 7"s out there. they're going for over $2000, crazy.

1. pay to cum! 5/5 (great song and best version.)
2. stay close to me 3/5 (kind of a weird song by them, it's pretty good though. i can't define the genre.)
overall 7.5/10 recommended for just "pay to cum!"
i just bought one for $10 (yeah, a bootleg, but it looks like the original.)