Sunday, December 12, 2010

Night Birds-Midnight Movies Tape

here is something from November 2010 that is already out of print. it's the new Night Birds cassette. this was going to be a 7" on No Way records but the vinyl wasn't ready for their tour so they made a tape of it. they put some on their merch site and it was all bought up pretty quickly. luckily i was fast enough to get one. this is still going to be released in 7" format, but not until the new year, i believe. i'm not sure how many were pressed but they came in a great case, one that doesn't crack so easily like those other plastic ones. i finally got a good rip of a tape, well i think it sounds pretty good. i'll be posting another great tape in the future. anyway back to this. fast punk surf with great vocals. not as classic as their first 7" but still very good. "bad biology" should have been the first track. that's just what i feel. on the cover "night birds" is coloured in with a highlighter, but it doesn't show up on the scanner (just like the fluorescent spray-painted Chronic Disorder 7"). i took a picture of the cover with my camera so you can see the highlighted cover in the "scans."
1. midnight movies 5/5 (chorus really reminds me of "Denim Demon".)
2. no way home 5/5 (nice.)
3. bad biology 5/5 (great great great song!)
4. triple feature 5/5 (nice ender.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
night birds are just a great band all around. get this when it comes out in 7" format on No Way. they are finishing up recordings for an LP. i can't tell you how much i'm psyched about that. in June they are coming up to Canada, can't wait for that too! oh and on a side note, i have heard the elliott is back. i hope he gets a post up soon.


  1. I like this better than their 1st 7" hahaha...thanks for upping it Zach.

  2. haha really? i really like this, but the 1st one really stands out, for me.

    glad you like it!

  3. Thanks again for sharing quality shit! And by the way, I uploaded that "A World Apart" LP You were asking for - I hope You got that link I sent. Cheers...

  4. thanks for commenting. much appreciated!

    yep, i got it! thanks! i messaged you too.

    thanks again Honquijote!

  5. yeah! this post was mentioned on NO PUNKS IN K-TOWN. they put a link to my site for it!

    thanks Alex!

  6. ... And I downloaded your tape via NO PUNKS IN K-TOWN and only said thanks to Alex...

    Thank you Zach for having made me discover this incredible band!

  7. hey laurent,

    thanks for the comment! i'm glad i could turn you onto this great band.

    welcome back anytime!

  8. Hi Zack, we have a radio show in reims which you might like. Ok, this show was the first one we did of that kind, it was a special bootleg show.
    i've been recording different bands over the past few year & now have the opportunity to broadcast it live in the area and the show is available for download here :

    the set list is :
    Lost boys - live @ grrnd zero, Lyon, 2008 - dk
    Dusties - live @ l'excalibur, Reims, 2008 - wall street destroy
    Cerebral Ballzy - live @ la miroiterie, Paris, 2010 - insufficient fares
    Jello biafra & the guantanamo school of medicine - live @ hellfest '10 - new feudalism & eletric plantation
    Slayer - live @ hellfest '10 - war ensemble
    The varukers - live @ bacardi, Callac, 2009 - protest & survive
    Entombed - live @ elysée montmartre, Paris, 2010 - lights out (aborted)
    Ratos de porao - live @ bacardi, Callac, 2009 - dk
    Fucked Up - live @ nouveau casino, Paris, 2009 - dk
    Programme - live @ vilette sonique, Paris, 2010 - épreuve de force
    Trash Talk - live @ la miroiterie, Paris, 2010 - sacramento is dead
    Eyehategod - live @ glazart, Paris, 2010 - Jackass & the will of god
    Rotten Cunt - live @ MQ Turenne, rEIMS, 2008 - dk
    Godflesh - live @ hellfest '10 - dk (cut)

    it's all in french (sorry) but at least the sound of the boots is ok...
    don't hesitate to get in touch !


  9. dude, have you seen this yet...
    ... sweet dude from spain!


    p.s. gimme me more posts!

  10. hey romain,
    i'll check it out. some good songs on the past shows.

    hey ryan,
    thanks for showing me. it's funny how when i post something really rare, nobody cares. but when i post something brand new and not even really out yet, it goes all over the place. at least he left a link this time.
    you want more posts? i'll see what i can do!

  11. Sounds like fucking 1984.
    Great stuff.


  13. french attack !

    i bought the tape the day of the video, but i was so lazy to rip it... and to cut my videos before :/

  14. hey!
    no problem. thanks for commenting.
    is this Denis?

  15. This band rips!!!

    Btw Zach, your blog is awesome. I linked your site to Teenage Lobotomy and mentioned your blog in my NB entry.



  16. hey Mihael,

    thanks for the comment and linking me. yeah this band totally rips!

  17. Thanks for checking out our tape, lots of rad stuff posted here, keep it coming! Night Birds are coming up to Toronto and Montreal the 3rd weekend of April if any of you guys are from those parts. peace. BRIAN

  18. hey Brian,

    thanks for the kind words! oh man i need to get up to Toronto for that show. thanks for informing me on the date. keep up the great music!

  19. wow. 20 fuckin comments. i'd be happy if my blog got 10. great stuff. hpr is getting linked all over the place. music rips. and yes the elliott is back. for ever.

  20. well thank you elliott. glad you like it. i'm also glad that you're back, forever.

    i just pre-ordered the vinyl version, thanks to Dave G. for letting me know it was available.

  21. oo i'm gonna have to get me hands on it. yeah back forever unless my computer blows up.

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  23. bad biology sounds like the freeze.

  24. i heard it earlyer today. wonder if they were an influence.

  25. influences are: Adolescents, Agent Orange, DI, Angry Samoans, Big Boys, Zero Boys, Descendents, Eddie and the Showmen, the Original Surfaris, etc. ...

  26. damn di now i've never heard anything from them yet people tell me i should. how are they?

  27. honestly i think they are pretty bad. mostly flipper type shit.


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