Friday, May 28, 2010

Black Flag-Jealous Again 12"

(((re-post from Sept. 18/09@7:58)))
(((i remember the day i posted this. it was right when i started the blog. i had forgotten about the blog for about 10 days then it hit my brain. it was my second review. i listened to about 80 records that night. also reviewed a ton of stuff that night. of all places i bought this record from amazon. yes there is a big black line across the cover of this record. must be the way i took the photo. maybe you have this, maybe you don't, something something something, i'm something something.)))

this isn't my favourite black flag release. call me crazy but i think chavo pederast was the best vocalist that black flag had, after morris. i liked henry garfeild when he was in s.o.a but not in black flag.
anyway this album is great. did anyone notice the last song is just "i don't care" with different lyrics.
1. Jealous Again 5/5 (best song on here. fast and tight.)
2. Revenge 5/5 (a-side is killer.)
3. White Minority 4/5 (not big on the lyrics.)
4. Values 4/5 (fast.)
5. You Bet I've Got Something Personal Against You! 2.5/5 (let chavos sing!! also the title is way to long.)
overall: 8/10 recommended (a least get a reissue. tons out there.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bum Kon-Drunken Sex Sucks 12"

so here it is, one of the greatest recording sessions of all time. but before i go any further i would like to say happy birthday to the man who runs political trendy. he's going on 200 posts now so congrats on that. this post is for you elliott, hope you like it.

so it's great to see more and more comments rolling in. my little canadian site some how made it's way to finland. nice to hear from ryan again. i can't wait to get that package. i'm watching Seinfeld right now. it was cool to see that erich had it as his recommended media. 2nd best show of all time, hilarious. do you want to know what the best show of all time is? no? ok, i asked.

wow, that was way off topic. so here it is, the killer 12". it's all golden! fast thrashy hardcore with a great sound and vocals. way back in 1983 bum kon recorded 20 songs (5 other songs, but they're just different versions). but sadly only released 5 of them on a 7". and that didn't even include the best track on here, Nancy Reagan Fashion Show. i reviewed that 7" a while ago but i was to harsh so don't read it. also back in 1983 there was a mass murder named Woo Bum Kon, i think you can put two and two together. they should have released all 20 of these songs as a massive 12", back in the day. luckily in my generation Smooch Records and Maximum RocknRoll re-issued this beast. it's the only remastering job i like. this will be the only re-issue/compilation of tracks or whatever you want to call it, posted here at this blog. huge record so i added a zip file at the bottom. enjoy (and you better)!

wait, there is so many songs so i'll just say that all of them get a 5/5. also that Nancy Reagan Fashion Show, Giving In, The Draft (amazing the way the song before blends with this track), This Is Art, Reagan Sucks, Go Die and Gay Rodeo are the killers on here.
16. go die
bonus alternate takes
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
everyone needs a hard copy of this. go to the links above and get it. oh and again, happy birthday to elliott.
p.s. if the label has any problem with this post, let me know!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Necros-Conquest For Death 12"

(((re-post from Jan. 1/10@8:44pm)))
(((well here are the downloads. also i added scans so you can see for yourself and judge what pressing it is. good stuff. well i'm done. zip file at bottom.)))
now for one of my personal favourite bands, NECROS. first off, what the hell is with the cover? you can't even read the album title and it's even worse for the song titles on the back, you can barely read them. i guess it's suppose to be a guy fighting himself, but whatever, the cover doesn't matter. one pressing in the US and one in Germany. on the US press the title is blue and the labels are lime-green, but on the German press the title is green and the labels are lime-green, it also has an extra track from the conquest for death 7". on my copy the title is blue but the labels are yellow. i guess it's a boot or something. i picked it up in a local record store for $20 (the same place i picked up the first SS Decontrol 12"). i didn't know what it sounded like but i liked all the other Necros releases so i thought i'd snag it (also because i saw them on ebay go for over $50). the a-side is great and the b-side is a bit slower. definitely get their other releases, except for "tangled up" it's just metal, well actually elliott you might like it, ha.
1. search for fame 5/5 (great, fast opener.)
2. tarnished words 5/5 (great, a little slower.)
3. no one 5/5 (great, fast too.)
4. satisfy 5/5 (shortest and fastest song, could be on the IQ32 7".)
5. bad dream 3/5 (much slower, but when it's fast it's good.)
6. police brutality 5/5 (i loved this song on their first 7". this version is even better.)
7. A.S.F.B. 5/5 (great song.)
8. conquest for death 0.5/5 (didn't like it on the 7", don't like it now.)
9. count me out 4/5 (nice.)
10. change 2.5/5 (too slow.)
11. crying form 5/5 (here we go.)
12. face forward 3/5 (where did their accents come from all of a sudden.)
13. friend to all 3.5/5 (good closer.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
they should have made a 7" out of the a-side. get it on eBay and visit their own label TOUCH AND GO RECORDS website (i won't say anything about them, you know what i'm talking about).
***download the SATISFY link. if you just download the zip you won't get the song SATISFY. sorry for the mishap.***

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

JFA-Valley of the Yakes 12"

(((re-post from Jan. 6/10@9:58pm)))
(((well i decided to post up my copy of this so i can boast about my signatures. check em out scans. go to the bottom to get the zip file or you can download each song individually, if you're crazy enough.)))
okay, okay, yes the only reason i posted this is because i have a signed copy, well it's also a great record. all the band members signed it except for bam bam (drums). back in 1983 these guys sent this copy to a friend who had the chicken pox. on the cover brain (vocals) wrote "2 Mark, the chicken pox are bad. get well soon, Brain." and on the cover he put dots on his face so it looks like he had the chicken pox. on the back michael c. (bass) wrote his name on the bass. and on the inner sleeve don (guitar) wrote "I had the chicken pox recently, it sucks. Don P." i got this on ebay for only $12, the guy didn't know what he was selling. it's so sweet. anyway, on to the record. this record sounds quite different actually from their "blatant localism" 7" (which is amazing). brain's voice in deeper on this release. also it contains some sweet surf songs. i really like the insert too, it has the lyrics to 3 tracks and then it says "we can't tell what Brain says on any of the other songs." the a-side is good but the b-side is fantastic.
1. kick you 4/5 (great opener.)
2. great equalizer 3/5 (nice slower song.)
3. preppy 3/5 (good lyrics.)
4. little big man 3.5/5 (also good lyrics.)
5. johnny d 3/5 (good.)
6. walk don't run 5/5 (best track, and it's a surf song.)
7. i don't like you 3.5/5 (nice.)
8. baja 5/5 (another great surf song.)
9. skateboard 4/5 (skate.)
10. we know you suck 4/5 (i like the change on vocals.)
11. too late 5/5 (great song.)
12. sadistic release 3.5/5 (weird chord changes but good.)
13. axed at howard's 5/5 (love the chords.)
14. I-10 5/5 (great instrumental song.)
15. guess what? 5/5 (great bass at the beginning.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
this was the first punk CD that i got online. i actually first heard these guys on tony hawks pro skater 4 (best game). anyway, the CD has their first two albums and some rare tracks. as soon as i got this i searched for the records. now i own the original copies of their first two records. look on ebay and buy this now. oh i also forgot, check out their here: SKATEBOARD WE DO! it's got lots good info on the band.

Black Flag-Nervous Breakdown 7"

well i was waiting to post this for a long time. the reason being that i wanted to add the downloads. as you can see i have the 10" copy (same as my black flag six pack 10"). all the pictures seem gray but you can judge for yourself. i probably won't post the six pack record. it's alright but still. i remember when i bought that record. right when i put it on, i dropped the needle on it. i mean hard, really hard. it jumped all the way to the end so it doesn't affect play, but there is still a big gash.
well i just can back from party that my band was supposed to play at. not very many people showed up so we never even played. there was another band who did play, only 2 songs though. they played classic rock stuff. it was decent. my band wouldn't/couldn't match their musical talent, but i think we would have put on a more energetic show, if you know what i mean. we're playing in the near future, well hopefully.
so back to the record. everyone knows this, but it's getting posted anyway. is it the first hardcore punk record? no it isn't. the first hardcore record was the middle class's out of vogue 7". and nobody better say different. released in 1978 on SST records. time for the tracks.
1. nervous breakdown 5/5 (just golden.)
2. fix me 5/5 (nice.)
3. i've had it 4/5 (cool.)
4. wasted 5/5 (great but also check out the circle jerks version, fast as hell.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
tons of different presses, colours and sizes. get the record and thrash it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Fix-EP 7"

(((re-post from Sept. 21/09@10:10pm)))
(((oh sorry for the lack of posts. been busy. here is a little re-post to tide you over until i post something huge. so i just got this in the mail a week ago along with the new negative lifestyle 7". the record is massively warped, well my copy is. it also makes this weird noise every time it spins. you can't really tell when the music is playing but at the beginning of vengeance you can hear it as he says, "go ahead." this was probably the shortest post i ever did. well i'm off to the plant, then to the duff brewery.)))

short post tonight, but fantastic record. they only recorded about 7 songs and these are the 2 best.

1. Vengeance 5/5 (one of the best songs out of hardcore.)
2. In This Town 5/5
(another great, fast song.)

overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
get the LP with all their recordings and a live set. it's called "at the speed of twisted thought..." available anywhere.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Human Mess-Anger Problems 7"

well i haven't posted some complete randomness in a while so those last two posts make up for it. well i bought more records, what's new right. ebay of course. lots of punks (when i say punks i mean one who listens to punk) hate ebay. a lot of people put up their punk records and are called, by others, to be "sell-outs." i don't see the problem here. a lot of people are looking for money. i remember seeing the fix 7" and the necros first 7" (both originals) up for sale at $8000 buy now. you might be thinking where the hell am i going with this. to be true, i have no clue, just rambling. if they want to sell them and someone wants to buy them, let them. i personally love ebay, i'm on there everyday. where else are you suppose to sell the records? people supplying punk for the world. so yes a lot are out for the money, but a lot just want to pass on these great records. if you think the auction is gonna go really high, ask for a buy now. this shows you what kind of person they are. a lot of people just say, "no. just bid." but then there's the nice ones. the ones who love a good haggle. for example, i just bought tsol ep 12", jfa untitled 12" and government warning no moderation 12" for $30. go here and buy what he has. great guy, and he also sold me the neos and graven image 7"s. ebay is a great place to find punks. also another guy gave me free records when i bought one. so you're still wondering where the hell i'm going with this. nowhere. well this is as good a place as any to end this nonsense.
so let's get to the actual music. just skip all that and start reading now. but you probably read all that to get to this. oh well.
probably the most screaming record i own. well not probably, it is. but it's good that way. great "underground" sound. great production. released in 2008 with a run of 500. apparently they sold really quickly. but i got it from my friend at flat black records this year. what label is this on you might ask, well i don't have the record beside me so i'll take a stab at it and say no way records. correct me if i'm wrong. they're from california. the songs are really short, just the way it should be. their other releases sound just as good.
1. anger problems 5/5 (best one.)
2. personal insanity 4/5 (scared yet.)
3. no respect 5/5 (great musically.)
4. i give up 4/5 (mayhem.)
5. sex addict 5/5 (great ender.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
like it? why not get a hard copy?

Cause For Alarm


Ill Repute


Friday, May 14, 2010

Insubordinates-1968/Rendezvous EP 7"

well the shipment of records i just got filled up the spot on my shelf where i put all my 7"s. so instead of cramming them all into the tiny spot (which i tried already) i decided to add a new shelf for them. all that's on it now are two crappy comps and a so-so record. soon it will be filled, i'm sure of it. well the False Prophets second 7" is already on it's way and i should get it sometime next week. i wish my post office worked on weekends. oh well, the guy down at the post office knows me know. i go there one a week. now when i leave he always says, "see you tomorrow zach!" we get a good laugh out of it, haha. haha, i think the last time i used haha in a post was way back on my first post/review ever, minor threat's first 7". anyway i think that's enough rambling for one post, more in the next post, haha (haha).
now here's what you came for, another record i was not aware of. i got this free from ryan of flat black records with my shipment. the shipment took a while to get but he threw in 5 free records and we were in communication the whole time, so i'm happy, very happy. i was very surprised when i spun this. not too fast but fast enough. released in 2008 on Feral Kid Records and CrotchRot Records. i believe these guys are from buffalo. i actually like the instrumental b-side better than the a-side. check it out.
1. 1968 4/5 (nice.)
2. rendezvous 5/5 (great no-vocal track.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
see if it's your thing, then go buy it for pennies. i know you're sick of me saying this and frankly i am too, so from now on i'll just says scans (click on scans for scans, not those ones, the highlight scans, the word. well that made no sense).

Government Warning-Arrested 7"

(((re-post from Jan.7/10@9:05pm)))
(((just got this, time for a download.))) here's some new hardcore. this is actually really good. this was released in 2007 on grave mistake records. i can't believe that there have already been 4 presses of this, over 5000 total copies after 2 years, wow this must be popular. i have the first press. so as you can tell this is really easy to get and for only 5 bucks or under. i must say this is one of the best records post-1990. sometimes they play slower and then sometimes they play too fast for you to handle. when they play really fast they sound like Koro. they have released some other albums, which are good too, but none better than this. here's the band's site: KILLING TO GET ARRESTED!
1. arrested 5/5 (great slower, but still fast enough, song.)
2. maniacs 5/5 (fast, maniacs themselves.)
3. killing for fun 5/5 (wow, sounds like Koro.)
4. safe and sound 5/5 (nice.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
no need for a download, get the record.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friendly Neighbors-EP 7"

now another great Smokin' Barrel Records release. too bad the label is done. released in 2007, a great year for punk releases. this was limited to 355 copies. 255 on orange vinyl with a collage cover and 100 on black vinyl with covers drawn by children, the one i have and pictured above. it looks like they used the disney font. sounds very much like early TSOL, especially the b-side. the a-side is fantastic, a little off time, and that's the best part. here is the bands site. the second song's name is the longest song title i've ever since.
1. teenage guerrillas 5/5 (fantastic!)
2. an exquisite corpse cut with a kitchen knife and arranged according to the law of chance 5/5 (i spelled exquisite wrong in the download. i just realized it, so you can change it when you download.)
3. a song for bosch 5/5 (great.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
another great california band. go find it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scared Straight-Born To Be Wild 7"

one last mid 80's stuff for a while. released on mystic records in 1985 on some really flimsy card stock. but glued together which i like. part of the nardcore series. they are featured on the nardcore compilation. but that comp is all about the ill repute tracks. back and fourth thrash. relatively short short songs with some equaling in at over 2 minutes. sound quality, compare it to nunfuckers. all these mid to late 80's releases kind of sound the same. oh well. anyway here's the songs. they all start with the same slow thing, but give it a try.
1. life 4/5 (nice.)
2. badge 5/5 (nice guitar riffs.)
3. children 5/5 (vocals.)
4. unity 5/5 (great.)
5. drug free 4/5 (cool.)
6. typical 5/5 (my favourite.)
7. another day 3/5 (meh.)
8. school II 4/5 (good lyrics.)
9. born to be wild 5/5 (i hate the original song but the way the singer sings on this track is awesome. the way he says CHILD is hilarious.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
it's been re-issued and is up on ebay a lot. nice little record to add to your collection. download TYPICAL and see what you think.

Career Suicide-Signals 7"

let's jump ahead to 2004 and have a listen. one of toronto's best bands. all hand stamped labels. 2 or 3 pressings. they have released quite a bit of stuff so far. go to kbd records for cherry beach, my least favourite of theirs. it's really slow and boring to me. but not the rest of their stuff. their best 7" is called SARS (sars because of the sars breakout in toronto at the time.) but i don't have that yet. the weakest song on this record is the opener. screeching vocals, fast music.
1. left with nothing 2.5/5 (weakest.)
2. walk the line 4/5 (great.)
3. signals 4/5 (nice.)
4. lost on you 5/5 (the best.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
this is good but get the sars 7" now (including this). as soon as i get it, it's getting posted.

Egg Hunt-EP 7"

this one's for elliott because i know he'll hate it. it is the project of minor threat members ian and jeff. while going to england they recorded this 2 song 7". released on dischord in 1986. i always wondered what is sounded like and finally got the chance. seeing that they were in minor threat i thought it was gonna be like that. but i was wrong. i got this free because the guy said he thought it was terrible. so i popped it on and realized it isn't that bad. if it didn't have those two guys playing this i probably would have passed on it. but nope. it sounds like generic 80's music. i even got the original press that says $2.50 on the back instead of $3.50. click on the image for massive scan to see it. don't be fooled by the price tag in the right corner. i'm talking about the price imprinted on the bottom left. the artwork is kind of obscure. ian on the front sticking his head through a vent hole and jeff lying on a bunch of candy on the back.
1. me and you 2/5 (kind of boring.)
2. we all fall down 5/5 (shoot me but i like it.)
overall: 5/10 meh
very cheap on ebay. 1000 pressed, i think. the songs are longer so longer download.

Zip vs. Individual

some of you might wonder why i add individual files instead of one big zip file. no i'm not just trying to copy the greats but i like to have a taste of the music before i download the whole thing. there have be many times when i download a zip file and it's all garbage. but with individual download files you can download one or two tracks to see if it's your kind of music. if anybody wants the zip file for some reason, just ask. i will add a zip file download to the bottom of a few 12"s i'm going to post. that's all.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fucked Up Society Demo 1

well here it is. the demo compiled by myself and elliott from Political Trendy. he did the drums and vocals and sent it to me. then i put the guitar on it. we're pulling off a Lognhalsmottagningen. we're working on the second one. i'm in the process of getting guitar on it. download this demo.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Nunfuckers-Dead And On The Floor 7"

so you are probably wondering what an album released in 1987 is doing on my blog. well most of the time i only like punk from late 70's to 85' and now 2005-today. but there are some good ones in between. so i bought a record recently (scared straight 7", next post) and the guy gave me two free records, this and the egg hunt 7" which he hated. now that i think about it i should have scanned the little note that was attached to it. it said "ontario's best." oh well, too late now. so anyway i got this in the mail and popped it on, not expecting anything. i thought from the looks of the cover that it would be one of those thrash/crossover records, but it's not. it's pretty much hardcore punk. although from the first song with the double-kick bass drum, it's sounds like it's gonna be a metal record (sorry elliott). punk from waterloo, ontario. not much else to say, have a listen. a lot of songs for a 7", all short. lots of crackle, more on b-side, and that's the way i like it. let me know if the download links download the entire track because it was awfully fast uploading them.
1. decimation 5/5 (fast.)
2. movin on 4/5 (stop and go.)
3. snap 5/5 (great.)
4. my shit 5/5 (short, nice.)
5. up your ass with all your gossip 5/5 (even shorter, even as good.)
6. social butterfly 4/5 (i like it.)
7. blood bath 4/5 (whoa.)
8. burning chemicals 5/5 (my favourite.)
9. my mom and dad 3/5 (good.)
10. cheap friends 5/5 (reminds me of the first song on the graven image 7". great guitar riff.)
11. spoiled brats 4/5 (nice.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
i'd never heard nor scene this before. thanks to RJ for the free copy. done.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Up Next

more zine reviews, hopefully i'll get a good rip of the Golden Staph tape and other new stuff i got including the nunfuckers, scared straight and even the infamous egg hunt 7" by ian and jeff of minor threat. bye for now.

The Imposters-Bus Stop Blues 7"

no review or download, go buy it. it's not as punk as their first 7" but still good. the layout itself is fantastic complete with great inserts. i pre-ordered it and got it in the mail today. i bought this 7" and a sweater and he threw in stickers, buttons, a patch, posters and a compilation 7" from cowabunga records. tons of great stuff, terribly nice guy. go here and buy it: The Imposters. oh and my copy is #12/300, beautiful.