Thursday, December 30, 2010


ok let me just say that 2010 had a lot of great releases and they all can't be mentioned here. i know i'm probably missing something, but this is just some of the best 2010 releases off the top of my head.

ok, so first up is the great BRAIN FLANNEL with the best tape release of the year. it was put out by Statuestorytapes. great female/male vocals. their song "Symptom Set" is just amazing! i will post this sometime soon. buy it if you find it. only 100 made and sold out fast.

next is another female fronted band, THE THROWAWAYS. they released a split 7" this year, which i posted. the Spastic Panthers side isn't very good, but the flip side is great punk. just check out the post i did and you'll see what i mean.

now for some great 2010 powerpop. this powerpop is supplied by CRUSADERS OF LOVE. their lp by the name of Never Grow Up has some really catchy tunes. the first 5 songs are golden. it came out on Douchemaster records. buy it.

now for some hardcore punk. NEGATIVE LIFESTYLE released a 7" which i waited forever for. and it was well worth the wait. great all the way through. i posted it so look back at the old posts.

another important release of 2010 was a 7" by the great NIGHT BIRDS. surf/punk and it's pure gold. i posted it too, so check that out. i also posted their new tape release, but i like their first 7" better.

ok you might be thinking who the hell is in that photo above. well it's LADIES. and they released one hell of a 7" on Grave Mistake. short songs, great vocals. i will be posting it soon as well. it must be posted.

and now for the greatest release of 2010. it is by a band called......................


  1. hahaha yep. it will be revealed on the 1st of Jan.

  2. yo zach email me your address i want to send you a copy of the brain f "so dim" 7" to check out ... thanks!

  3. awesome Alex! thanks, emailed.