Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rick's A Con Artist!

school is done, for now.

Political Trendy, I Mean, Elliott Sucks

pt has changed it's name to elliott sucks. now the url makes sense, well a little bit, haha. that is all.

Rory Hates The Beatles

he really does i've been told. anyway here's a little demo i made by myself. all instruments by me and it's not really punk. i have some more punk stuff, but who cares about that, this rocks! oh and that's a picture of fear of war, for no apparent reason.
1. Beach Cat
2. The Opposite
3. Raid

Mob 47-EP 7"

(((re-post from April 18/10@10:21pm)))
(((now re-ripped in stereo so you can hear what's all going on.)))

finally i've had time to post something. i had this rip sitting around for a while so don't say it's crap, it's alright, the record is only $4 to buy so get this as a sample, that is if you think my rip sucks. i forgot about it until now, so here you go. when i bought the 7" i never knew what it sounded like. i had heard of them and the artwork looked great so i bought. i have the Havoc records re-press. the original cover has a hand drawn creature or something but i like the one above better. scans. anyway, this is another great swedish release. pretty much thrash i'd say with one amazing break-down song. apparently they are still playing and releasing records. here is their band site: KARNVAPEN ATTACK! with discography, photos and lots more. enjoy!
1. karnvapen attack 5/5 (great.)
2. rusting ar ett brott 4/5 (great guitar.)
3. res dig mot overheten 4/5 (nice, guitar is always great.)
4. vi rustar dom dor 4/5 (vocals great.)
5. det ar upp till oss 4/5 (only 15 seconds, what more do you want.)
6. dom ljuder 5/5 (great guitar opening. man i've said great enough times.)
7. ingen framtid 4/5 (short.)
8. animal liberation 5/5 (slow but the best song on here. great everything.)
9. polisstat 4/5 (nice ender.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
great stuff, get the download, then buy it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Absentees-S/T 7"

i posted this before but it was a short and bad post so let's call this a new post. well i found out about these guys from KBD. apparently only 106 pressed. the one i've posted is the remastered to bejesus re-issue. the original didn't come with anything. but the re-issue comes with an outer sleeve and lyrics to both songs. the vinyl is also red, check out the scans at the bottom. breakmyface has a great story on these guys. there is also a cd with a bunch of other songs, but it's cd. the sound is very different to that of the original. so check it out before you buy it. the b-side isn't remastered a whole lot but the a-side is much different.
1. tryin' to mess with me 5/5 (great!)
2. F.U.M. 1/5 (still not a fan.)
overall: 6/10 recommended (because of b-side)
a guy had it on ebay for $10. i asked him $5. now i own it for $5. that's my story, now download the record.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Orange Eating Class

busy time now, exams.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chronic Disorder-Fred 7"

yes more chronic disorder. i must say this is my favourite band. i think they're fantastic and many will probably disagree with me. so sloppy at times but quite talented. listen to those guitar riffs. spit with his british accent (put on if you didn't know) is a great vocalist. their best attempt was their first 7" which i posted but will be re-posting the mp3s cause with the ones i ripped before, you don't get the full greatness (well sound) of the record. then the first LP is amazing as well, it's coming in the mail now so it will be posted soon. then there's this, it's good but not quite as good as i would have expected. only because of the second song. this was released by themselves and had a higher press run of 500 (there other releases are very limited to only 300). the year was 1984. so they're back at the humour (if you read the back cover of their records, you'll see what i mean). all the lyrics can be found in the scans at the bottom. what more can i say.
1. i see red 5/5 (great song. more like i'm seeing red.)
2. point: counterpoint 1/5 (just a mash of too much talking. if they just played the music, it would be good.)
3. s.i.w.o.v. 5/5 (my favourite track.)
4. gluttony 5/5 (great opening.)
5. eileen's 5/5 (nice.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
too bad about the second track because this record would be flawless without it. i bought this on ebay a bit ago. i asked if i could buy it now because i didn't know how high it would go for. we set a price of $20 even. so he put the auction to buy now for $100 bucks and offer (so i would offer $20 and nobody would buy it cause $100 is way to much for that record). anyway someone offered him $40 in the meantime (the listing said it so i knew he wasn't lying). but he still went with me, great seller! and that's my story.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cooking Up Some Corduroy

white fish at barney green grass.

Disco Stones

spray bucolic areas with insecticides to stop the spread of cholrea.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

False Prophets-EP 7"

(((re-post from Feb. 3/10@8:50pm)))
i had the original post to this but i didn't like it. so i'm re-writing this all different. great band. their first 7" is quite good too but not as great as this release. this was released by worn out brothers records in 1982. these guys were on the new york thrash tape and i must say, i don't really like their songs on it. Good Clean Fun is the fastest and best song i've heard by them and it's on this release. on the flip side the song is slower and has a synthesizer or something. i still like it, although it's 4:13. nice design and on the back it says "this record is not worth more than $2." i wish that were true. i bought this for $24, not bad, $12 for each song, well more like $20 for the first song and $4 for the other. the inside has all the lyrics clearly typed. it's my first scan and first rip with my new machines, enjoy!
1. good clean fun! 5/5 (labelled as VIOLENCE side. fantastic, one of the best songs in punk.)
2. functional 4/5 (labelled as SEX side. slower, longer but good, cause of vocals.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
pick it up, great record to add to your collection.

Friday, June 11, 2010

RIP Hardcore Punk Scans

officially gone now. i'm sort of sad, but mostly glad.

Carpet Cabal

well i got all the updated scan zip files faster than i thought. all you have to do now is click on the "scans" in each post and it'll downlaod the zip file. then open the file and copy and paste them to the music files. well that's what i would do anyway. i forgot to mention i got a new scanner too but there's no way in hell i'm re-scanning (or re-rip) all those records unless someone asks. but all the new ones will look great!

Gorgeous Sandwich

well i've been getting some new devices so i'm a little backed up on my rips. i set up a new/old record player and with that, i needed to get a new receiver. luckily my grandfather had one. i also set up a tape deck so hopefully i'll get some good tape rips this time. well that's that.
i also had an idea recently. i hate having that ridiculous hardcore punk scans blog for my scans so i thought up a new plan. i'll put all the scans in a zip file and upload them, then place them in the post. much better and easier for me too. so i've uploaded all the scans and it will take some time to change all the links. so in a couple of days i'll be ending that site so get you're full (of nothing really).
chronic disorder fred 7" will be posted next.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No Time

so little time, back soon.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nardcore Compilation 12"

i've been on a kick about just buying original records lately. this is not the original comp but i don't care, it still rips! i bought this on my excursion to hits and misses (read here). in that post, sorry i spelt the name wrong. i thought it was just hit not hits. i still make the same mistake. anyway, it was sitting on the shelf next to reagan youth (the remastered one). this was originally released in 1984, but i have the reissue from 2009 i think it is. the cover is a little altered, but no big deal. the thing i don't like is that on the back there is a big cd ad, right in the middle, bizarre. if you read it, it says it includes a cd with some nardcore 7"s on it. decent cd, pretty decent. my copy is on white vinyl. there are 20 songs on this. i downloaded it from another source and it was missing 8 of the songs. so i was surprised how good the other tracks were. i'm not going to go through all the bands cause that will take a while and i'm not up for it. now on to the tracks.
1. ill repute-president 5/5 (fantastic song. it's the reason i bought this comp.)
2. ill repute-sleep walking II 4/5 (great band, my favourite from oxnard.)
3. ill repute-it's not gonna happen to me 5/5 (great song, great vocals.)
4. scared straight-skate to live 5/5 (doesn't sound like scared straight i know but great.)
6. rat pack-tell me how 4/5 (rat pack gives us a metal taste on the a side.)
7. rat pack-w.w. 84 4/5 (good.)
8. habeas corpus-steal you blind 3/5 (could have been tossed and i wouldn't care. but it's short so.)
9. agression-the smell 5/5 (great tracks on here by the band.)
10. agression-calling for you 5/5 (fantastic ender to the a side.)
11. r.k.l.-u.s. steal 5/5 (ooo.)
12. r.k.l.-lies 4/5 (nice tracks by this band.)
13. r.k.l.-no respect 5/5 (cool.)
14. false confession-feline 1/5 (slow and long. also bad.)
16. the rotters-men 0/5 (similar to angry samoans' homosexual. i also hate this track.)
17. dr. know-circle of fear 2/5 (too long and i don't like dr. know in the first place.)
18. a.f.u.-high on the hog 5/5 (back to goodness.)
19. stalag 13-statistic 5/5 (GREAT!!! the drum sound is amazing, followed by amazing vocals. best song on here.)
20. stalag 13-do it right 5/5 (more on the funk side, and who doesn't love funk.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
great comp to own, only a few not so good tracks. pick up a copy today! now i'm off to buy some original records (except for that damn rebel truth album that went for $51, the guy got ripped).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Spasms-American Zero 7"

well i'm back, Mr. Metalhater here. and this post will just further the name. time for some things that i hate (for no apparent reason), and witnessed today in fact. get ready for some randomness. i really hate when people walk slowly. "SPEED UP" that's what i say in my mind but never out loud. people walking towards me must be thinking, "what the hell is he doing." you see me there just trying to cut around the wall to pass them but then the stick out there arm while explaining there (assumingly unimportant) stories. then there is another thing that happens to me while walking down those school halls. you know when you're walking and somebody's coming toward you. they never seem to get out of the way. i always have to make the first move to the side. it's not like they don't see you or anything. one day i decided to not move and just just walking straight. and of course he didn't move. our shoulders locked and the guy looked at me like he was gonna fight me. anyway, i don't even know how i got onto that topic. today we had a fire drill and outside i tripped over this pipe that was sticking out of the ground. i looked to see if anyone saw it. obviously since the entire school was outside, a group of kids saw it and were laughing. i don't blame them, i would have probably laughed too but i was so tired. i looked at them and they stopped. and that's my story, hahaha.

The Spasms is the band in this post. i know nothing of the band and can't find any information on them. all i know is they were from chicago and this was their only release. it was sent out in 1998. yeah a weird year to be on this blog. mat dafuc sent me mp3s of this and i needed to buy it. i couldn't find it anyway though. so i emailed him to see if he knew where to get it. too my delight he found it in three online stores and i bought the cheapest one. i like the way the sleeve is made, chronic disorder style. the front and back are separate. the two sheets have both front and back on both of them and the front is spray-painted out and same on one of the back. that was a really really bad explanation but it doesn't matter. the sound is more on the pop side but very garage punk and catchy.
1. american zero 5/5 (great stuff.)
2. don't gamble with love 4/5 (i love the drum sound on this record.)
3. only 16 5/5 (i am.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
get it! might as well, right?
my brother (he might read this) says to me, "how can such a young man be filled with such rage." and to him i say. "probably cause this whole universe is against me!" (if you watch seinfeld you would get the reference).

Not An Update

that's me. well not really. it's the singer from the greatest band on the planet, Chronic Disorder. if anybody has there first LP sent it to me. i NEED it! sorry for no post, but it's coming soon, i'm tired, yes, tired.