Thursday, September 23, 2010

YDI-A Place In The Sun 7"

well the past couple of days i've felt like garbage. what better to do then post. so here is the bootleg of the YDI 7". remember them from American Hardcore. that short clip of the singer whipping his elbows up and down. this is the Reagan Era boot. Reagan Era has the worst quality bootlegs. they don't even try to make them look good. the photos are pixelated and stretched. the insert is cut off so that they could print it on normal size paper. at least it's better then paying $300. so i can't complain, i guess. anyway, back to the record itself. originally released on Blood Bubble records in 1983. i like the fast straight forward tracks but not so much the slower ones. his voice gets a little to harsh on the slow tracks. short songs. nothing left to say. get it.
1. not shit 5/5 (nice.)
2. 1983 5/5 (favourite track.)
3. friends 4/5 (good.)
4. mad at the world 3/5 (ok.)
5. out for blood 3.5/5 (huh.)
6. categorized 5/5 (back to great.)
7. another day 5/5 (great bass.)
9. why die? 2.5/5 (weak closer.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
get the boot. although it looks crap, it's better than spending that much dough.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Queers-A Proud Tradition 7" 1982 & 1984 EPs

ok hard to believe this but it's my first music post of september. and for that i am sorry but hopefully this will make up for it. two great old 7"s put together in one package. but still two 7"s, not all together on some 12". this is original format. i reviewed the first queers 7" some time ago so visit that post for more useful info. these two records were originally released in 1982 and 1984 on Doheny records. 200 pressed of each and no picture sleeves. the first record had hand written sleeves, not sure on the second record though. well the package i'm presenting here is the re-issue. it was released in 1992 on Selfless records. includes discography insert, well of discog at the time. so the first record is pretty good, but it's all about the second one. their 1984 7" is one of my favourite records ever released, really! it's so catchy. great songs, great everything. great production. great backing vocals. these aren't the fastest records in the world, but it works so well at this tempo. just fantastic. enough yapping, get this now and blow your mind!
1982 EP:
1. we'd have a riot doing heroin 5/5 (all first three songs are linked together by "one two three four.")
2. terminal rut 5/5 (bass.)
3. fagtown 5/5 (vocals nice.)
4. i want it now 5/5 (short.)
5. trash this place 2/5 (weird, not my favourite.)
6. love me 2.5/5 (somebody talks the lyrics. too bad because the music itself is great. music=5, vocals=0, total=2.5.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended


1984 EP:
1. kicked out of the webelos 5/5 (what a great song. you'll be yelling it all night.)
2. tulu is wimp 5/5 (drums.)
3. at the mall 5/5 (mall's suck.)
4. i spent the rent 5/5 (great little song.)
5. don't wanna work 5/5 (great.)
6. i'm useless 5/5 (yes.)
7. this place sucks 5/5 (my favourite song. when that chorus hits and the backing vocals are singing too, oh man it great!)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
i can't began to say how much i love early queers. if i had a chose on what my band sounded like, it would be this!



sorry but i messed up on the Necros 12" post. i listed no one and satisfy as the same song. well now you can download the song satisfy. go through the link above to fix your library. thanks elliott for letting me know.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Death To, The USA

what a great picture of the dicks eh?
i would like to post more but just don't have the time. ripping some records now. so expect a Q***** (guess) post next. then other stuff. so come back soon. oh and i made a mistake on the Necros 12" post. the 3 and 4 song are the same. it will be fixed soon too. thanks elliott for letting me know.

Monday, September 6, 2010

One Year Old!

well it's been a year since i started my blog. lots of things have happened. lots of records posted. met lots of great people. i started with the intention to just post reviews, and i did for several months. but after the first month i remember i completely forgot about the blog until my brother made a comment about it. then i went back at it. then sometime i quit, or felt like quitting, then i got some inspiration from some comments. then i started to add downloads ripped from my own vinyl. i made another blog for scans, then deleted it, and added the scans in downloads. the weirdest thing is that i started this blog 2 days before school started up. now one year later it's 1 day from the start of school. it's gonna suck to go back but whatever. so anyway, thanks to all who have made me go for a whole year.
some statistics:

Summer's Over

well that's it for doing nothing all day. back to school. back to hardcore yet elliott?