Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Sack-O'-Woes/(Do The) Soggy Pie 7"

another month gone by, another month older is this blog. here is the first post of December. i guarantee that you won't find this on any other blog (for now). it is the first release by The Sack-O'-Woes on S(t)ack-o'-Records all the way back in 2002. sometime ago i looked into buying some SOW records, in US or Canada. but after a while of not seeing any available, i contacted the band. who did i get? Niels himself (guy from Gepopel). i asked him what records he had for sale, and he said, all but a 10" that they released. i thought for sure that he wouldn't have any of this 7" left because it was limited to 200 and released 8 years ago. but he did so i bought this and everything else. then i got an email saying that i was getting the Whiteout 7" with a "cheapo giveaway sleeve" (not silk-screened). in return, he found a copy of the 10" album and added it for free. so i now have the entire SOW discography, with one their best 7"s, Baby, I'm Born Old (reviewed on here a long time ago) signed by all the band! thank you Niels! now for the music, it's great catchy garage punk. the b-side where it's at! get it now! recorded in fake stereo.
1. (do the) soggy pie 4/5 (nice.)
2. price to pay 5/5 (fast.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
more music of them here: listen
buy their music here: buy
this might still be available. the back cover looks like the record is cracked, look at it in the scans. i got #158/200.


  1. Cool post Zach. I like song 2 best...never heard this band before...thanks.

  2. thanks. yeah 2nd song is the best. another post by this band is coming soon.

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  4. well maybe if you'd say something about the post, then i might listen. as for your band, if you even took a glance at what i have on my site, then you would know that i don't like your kind of music. now piss off.

  5. was i too harsh? ah it doesn't matter, he's not coming back here anyway.