Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Absurd-EP 7"

golden album. every song fast and sloppy with manic vocals. swedish so i don't know what he's saying but it doesn't matter. that's it.
1. Blodig Stad 5/5
2. Fred Pa Jorden 5/5
3. Bojkotta Coca Cola 5/5
4. Statens Maktspel 5/5
5. Anarki Nu! 5/5
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
only about 200 released so closest thing you can get is a download.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Sack-O'-Woes/Baby, I'm Born Old 7"

hey Dylan can you help me out with this one.
alright, this is probably the newest record that will ever be on this site. it was recorded in 2005. but it's good so. the band is not really well known, but if you contact them i believe you can get this record.
1. Baby I'm Born Old 3/5 (not the best song.)
2. The Men With Bogart's Face 5/5 (great song. good guitar.)
3. Afterlife 5/5
(best song on here. great chord changes.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
if you find it somewhere, GET IT!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Poison Idea

brutal hardcore!

Boston Hardcore

negative fx!

Agnostic Front-United Blood 7"

that's right, it was agnostic front. so, i've got no clue what this album is. it's so intense. when i first heard this record i listened to it nonstop. then i wandered off it. but lately i've been listening to it and found out why i played it so much in the first place. good, fast record. their second record "victim in pain" is really good as well. their third album "cause for alarm" is decent but anything after that isn't very to good. back to this record. the songs are really short (sometimes even complicated).
1. No One Rules 5/5 (huge "GO" at the beginning to start of the album.)
2. Final War 4/5 (most intense song.)
3. Last Warning 4/5 (good build up.)
4. Traitor 5/5 (fast.)
5. Friend or Foe 5/5 (great song.)
6. United Blood 5/5 (best song on here. slow-fast.)
7. Fight 4/5 (14 seconds long. every song should be this long.)
8. Discriminate 4/5 (nice.)
9. In Control 5/5 (AH.)
10. Crucial Changes 4/5 (singer, right at the end "blah".)
overall: 8.5/10 recommended, this album is pretty much one big song. most songs sound the same, but no complaints.
(i listened to this record about 50 times while writing this review, 51)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who Is This?

do you know who this is?
comeback tomorrow for the answer.

Big Boys-Fun,Fun,Fun... 12"

when i first heard this album i thought it was really bad. but weeks later, i listened to it again and realized it was pretty decent. i'm not really sure why this is considered hardcore punk (besides apolitical) but it is, so it's on this blog.

1. Nervous 1/5 (bad way to start of the album. slow, goes nowhere.)
2. Apolitical 5/5 (best and most punk song they ever did. should have started the record with this.)
3. Hollywood Swinging 2/5 (nice bass at the beginning but the rest of the song is repetitive.)
4. Prison 3.5/5 (solid song.)
5. We Got Soul 5/5 (lots of horns.)
6. Fun Fun Fun 4/5
(back to the faster side.)

overall: 6/10 recommended (but good luck finding one.)
only reissue is on their "fat elvis" compilation on cd (i wouldn't get that if i were you.)

Battalion of Saints-Second Coming 7"

this is the only battalion of saints album i like, all the other ones are bad.
1. Second Coming 2.5/5 (to much screaming from the singer.)
2. Intercourse 4/5 (nice and fast.)
3. Solitary Is Fun 5/5 (best song on here. fast yet catchy.)
overall: 6/10 lightly recommended
if you're going to get a b.o.s. record get this one , and don't waste your money on any other album.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Coming Soon......

sin 34 anyone?

Eddie and the Subtitles-EP 7"

time for my first BAD review. this record is so BAD. everyone told me that it was their favourite hardcore punk band and album. so i went out and got it. WASTE OF MONEY! the first song is slow as can be and the second song has been covered SO MANY times already.
1. American Society 0/5 (slow,bad.)
2. Louie Louie 0/5 (it's been done.)
overall: 0/10 strongly NOT recommended
(((the cover's sick though.)))

The Middle Class-Out of Vogue 7"

THIS IS THE FIRST HARDCORE PUNK ALBUM OF ALL TIME, not black flag's "nervous breakdown" and it doesn't disappoint. EVERY SONG A++++. need i say more.
1. Out of Vogue 5/5 (really fast and tons going on.)
2. You Belong 5/5 (fast and loud.)
3. Situations 5/5 (a little slower but vocals make up for it.)
4. Insurgence 5/5 (holy god)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
YOU SHOULD already have this but if you don't GET IT!!!!!!

American Hardcore

this movie has been getting bad reviews and i don't see why. i think it's good. i got word of this movie from my brother who's friend had it and said it was all about black flag. when i watched it, i found out that it wasn't. if anything it was all about bad brains. the only thing i didn't like was the time on the movie that they gave to the middle class (seeing as they released the first hardcore punk album of all time).

but if you like hardcore punk go buy it or at least watch it (no matter what those critics say).

D.O.A.-Something Better Change 12"

not a fast as their following records but this is my favourite release. b-side is definitely better than the a-side, but the first song is really good.
1. New Age 5/5 (if you don't like this song "i don't believe you".)
2. The Enemy 3/5 (nice song.)
3. 2 + 2 4/5 (a little long but great chorus.)
4. Get Out Of My Life 4/5 (faster and more aggressive.)
5. Woke Up Screaming 2/5 (a so-so song.)
6. Last Night 4/5 (also great chorus, great guitar.)
7. Thirteen 5/5 (amazing song. when i bought this i played the b-side first, accidentally, and thought the record was all going to be that fast.)
8. Great White Hope 3.5/5 (slower song but good.)
9. The Prisoner 5/5 (best d.o.a. song ever recorded. amazingly fast for them.)
10. Rich Bitch 2.5/5 (filler song.)
11. Take A Chance 4.5/5 (great faster song.)
12. Whatcha Gonna Do? 5/5 (it's slow but for some reason i love this song. great on all instruments. like when joey comes in now and then to say "whatcha gonna do?")
13. World War 3 5/5 (great ending with aggresion.fast.)
overall: 7/10 strongly recommended (just for "13" and "the prisoner" alone.)
more on the slow side so don't expect it to be like ss decontrol's first album.

Black Flag-Six Pack 10"

second best black flag record. just recieved this in the mail and found out that it was a 10".
it bothered me at first but now i'm fine with it. so, dez takes the vocals on this one and is pretty good.
1. Six Pack 5/5 (best song on here. great build up in this song. then they kick it in.)
2. I've Heard It Before 3/5 (i don't like the intro where dez is chanting and greg is playing that winey guitar riff. after that it's good.)
3. American Waste 4/5 (nice tempo. do YOU see your place in american waste?)
overall: 8/10 recommened (lots of represses.) last, good black flag release, so get yours today.

Coming Soon

i would like to review the records i just got:
black flag-jealous again 12"
black flag-six pack 10"
doa-something better change 12"

Thursday, September 10, 2009


i've been sick, so see you soon.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Minor Threat-EP 7"

this was the first punk album i ever heard and has remained my favourite ever since. the record starts with a loud GEEEEEEE that gets me pumped for the rest of the ablum. straight edge is the greatest punk song of all time. the record ends with the song "minor threat" which is a great way to end the great album.
1. filler 5/5
2. i don't wanna hear it 5/5
3. seeing red 5/5 (great bass on this song)
4. straight edge 5/5
5. small man, big mouth 5/5
6. screaming at a wall 4/5 (i gave it a 4 cause i can't play the song myself.)
7. bottled violence 5/5
8. minor threat 5/5
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
go out and get this record (the 12" with the in my eyes ep cause the 7" is long out of print.)

New Blog

hey my name is Zach. in this blog i will review many hardcore punk records mostly from the 80's.