Thursday, July 29, 2010


the great swedish band is releasing a new 7". i'm trying to find a label to release their stuff on this side of the ocean (canada or usa). if you haven't heard of them, then go here and listen. if your interested contact them EPIDEMICS! or me here.

Didn't Notice

i didn't notice until now that, that last update was my 200th post. hmm.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slobs-Demo 7"

yes another band i found out about through the School Jerks Myspace site. great band from Montreal, along with Omegas. i got this from the band. it was originally released as a tape demo in 2009. then in 2010 they released it on a 7". whether in tape or vinyl, this record kills. good old fast punk. they also have shirts out, damn i should have got one!! lyrics included. get the scans. nothing else to say.
1. memory lapse 5/5 (great stuff.)
2. no escape 5/5 (nice.)
3. hope for nothing 5/5 (when they kick it, it's great.)
4. done caring 5/5 (maybe the best.)
5. chronic disease 5/5 (more fastness.)
6. write-offs 5/5 (slow and fast, great song.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
contact them at their site to get this: SLOBS!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Negative Lifestyle-EP 7"

back to posting mode. here we go. well these guys and School Jerks just released a split tape, which i still haven't got yet, but i need it! anyway i learned of these guys through the School Jerks myspace site. they had this band as a friend and i clicked on them. listened to the demo tracks (i remember i was at school and it was lunch) and saw that they were making a 7". YES! their demo tracks were great. i couldn't wait for the 7". but i did and a couple months ago they released this on Bat Shit records (i bought my school jerks demo tape from them too). so i bought the alternate version with this x-ray cover thing, 7 out of 69, download the scans to see it. the cover above is another alternate. two inserts. uk style 7" hole, i guess. greatly put together. i think there were only 300 pressed but tons of different colours. anyway, great fast pace hardcore punk. great vocals and hooks. this and the Night Birds 7" are the best releases of the year so far. will be hard to top this. the band found out about this blog and said they'd be honored to be on here. well thanks! site.
1. no system 5/5 (great opener.)
2. hangover anxiety 5/5 (best song!)
3. in a crowd 5/5 (fantastic.)
4. same walls 5/5 (i think it was the first song i heard of them.)
5. brainwashed 5/5 (nice end.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
get this now! Bat Shit Records to buy it! buy the school jerks stuff too at the same time.
thanks to NL for checking this out. they said "oh thanks alot, we just read it and we love it, /Anders." thanks again guys!

Useful Update

alright this is a good update. first i added some great scans for the EVEN WORSE-MOUSE OR RAT? 7" post. i also added better stereo rips to THE FREEZE-RABID REACTION 12" post. follow those links! and come on peter it's a good album (epidemics).

Government Warning-No Moderation 12"

alright what has it been, a week since the last post. well i'm here now. man i go to sleep at 4 in the mourning now, because i'm up all night reading. i just bought Please Kill Me and that's the book that's making me wake up late. also mrr. i still like that zine. speaking of zines i just bought Ripper #6. it was released in 1981 and is the best zine ever. it has a great review section and interviews. zines are great!
anyway i thought i'd post a new record. why? because this rips. i posted one of their 7"s before. well this is their first 12" and it sounds more like their other releases. just the Arrested 7" has chunky sound. great fast pace hardcore punk. released in 2006 on Feral Ward records. lots of presses (i have the first). can't understand most of what he says but when i read the lyrics the first time, it seemed more clear, funny how that works. well i scanned the big sheet so you all can read the lyrics (download the scans). now i'll shut my yap (mainly cause it's 1:03am).
1. no moderation 5/5 (great song.)
2. jocks and cops 5/5 (nice.)
3. cutting room floor 4/5 (cough.)
4. fat nation 5/5 (always my favourite by them. fantastic chorus, catchy.)
5. self medication 5/5 (great album.)
6. trend city 4/5 (yes.)
7. slave labor 5/5 (great guitar riff, fast a f**k too.)
8. power keg 4/5 (what drum beat is that?)
9. see the truth 4/5 (wow.)
10. sick of home 5/5 (nice ender.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
get this, it's everywhere. i'm tired, now i'm off to read Please Kill Me.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beefeater-House Burning Down 12"

i started this on the 9th but had to go on a trip early, so here is the finished product.
well i'm going away today and thought i wouldn't get a chance to post this, but here i am. what better to post then a record i got exactly a year ago on my last trip. we were in halifax and i was looking for some record stores. well i found one and bought this because it was on the dischord label. i also bought the minor threat demo tape 7". i had to wait another 2 weeks to actually hear the record. so i got home and popped it on the turntable. i thought the worst but was surprised. i actually liked it, more on the metal side, but not metal vocals or drums. mainly just the metal tasting guitar. the bass is great and funky on this. funk is the best. some throw away tracks but still. so anyway this was released in 1986 and i believe their last of three efforts. now enjoy this or die (well not really). a lot of no rating songs, because they aren't really songs.
1. introlude (inrto by ian mackaye, not song, no rating.)
2. just things 5/5 (great song.)
3. bedlam rainforest 4/5 (nice.)
4. interlude (no point to this filler tracks.)
5. move me strong 5/5 (great.)
6. interlude (another one.)
7. one soul down 4/5 (good.)
8. ain't got no time (nothing.)
9. interlude (saxophone.)
10. sinking me 4/5 (cool.)
11. dover beach 0/5 (weak.)
12. insurrection chant 4/5 (nice.)
13. 40 sonnets on plants (what the hell?)
14. with you always 5/5 (fantastic.)
15. freditude 0/5 (weak again.)
16. live the life 1/5 (meh,)
overall: 5/10 meh recommended
some really great songs on this but also some really bad songs. a little hard to find. have at it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Back

well i'm back from my trip. Negative Lifestyle post coming soon. oh and yes i will finish that beefeater post, sorry about that but i had to go all of a sudden.

Friday, July 9, 2010


see you in a week! i'm out of here.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chronic Disorder-"Spit Man And The Masters Of The Universe"/"Big Smelly Fish" 12"

yes it's time again for my favourite band, chronic disorder. another limited as hell release, only 300. silk screened cover by the band themselves in 1985. i love the stains of each colour on both sides, greatly done. see the scans/pics at bottom. the lyric sheet was scanned so you can sing along to your favourites. my goal is to get Spit to comment on this, wishful thinking. great mix of different styles of music on this. i don't know the actual title to this album but the labels say "spit man and the masters of the universe" and "big smelly fish" so that's what i'm going with. the sound varies with each song. the loudest songs being track 2 and 3 and the quietest is the last track, so crank it up on that song. one of the great bands that didn't go metal in the later 80's and thank god for it. they released another lp after this that is quite different. it has some great tracks and some weird tracks. then they released another lp on posh boy and is said to be the worst posh boy release. i've only heard two tracks from it, but they are great tracks so i don't know what the problem is.
i looked for this forever. i looked on ebay everyday. i searched on google until the 50th page. then i realized, wait what about How's Your Edge. so i went into the swap department and found 4 people who owned it. i contacted all of them and only one responded. some guy from buffalo, and we reached an amount. thank you martin krajewskri.
"spit man and the masters of the universe" side
1. the final line 5/5 (great opener. the beginning sounds off time but that's what's great about the band.)
2. not funny (fascists cliques) 5/5 (great and loud. love the cow bell parts.)
3. fire 5/5 (greatest track, loud and amazing.)
4. amnesia 4/5 (slower song.)
5. my god 5/5 (all parts great.)
6. waiting 5/5 (on one of the big city comps.)
7. a sort of serenade 5/5 (fantastic guitar soloing. catchy.)
8. i see red 5/5 (they must have recorded this song a million times and every time it's great.)
"big smelly fish" side
9. a waltz/blood and honor 5/5 (great opening to one of my favourite chronic disorder songs.)
10. the gods are laughing at us 5/5 (straight ahead punk.)
11. nostalgia 3.5/5 (slower too.)
12. cold war 5/5 (i think it's "spit rants" (from first album) with a different name and added parts.)
13. america 5/5 (catchy too.)
14. away 5/5 (slower but great vocals,)
15. starting over 5/5 (always loved this song.)
16. leave us alone 5/5 (fantastic drum beat, vocals, everything. CRANK THIS TRACK TO MAX! at the end there is a backwards part and i reversed it and i think he says "we keep getting off beat" or something like that, decide for yourselves.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended (had to give this a perfect score even though nostalgia is a little weaker.)
i doubt you'll find this anywhere else. i should name this site, "The Chronic Disorder Praise Blog."

Chronic Disorder-EP 7"

(((re-post from Mar. 17/10@12:20am)))
(((re-post from Jan. 1/10@12:00pm)))
(((alright i bet you won't see this anywhere, not the record, but the fact that it's been re-posted twice, two times. the first rip was bad and didn't show off the greatest of this record. added new scans, but one flaw. the first scan of the cover was from my old scanner and it was the only scan that looked great. now i scanned it on my new scanner and the scanner didn't pick up the fluorescent spray paint. well you'll see them both anyway. now add this to your top 5.)))
i decided to re-post this record and add mp3s, which i will be doing to possibly many previous posts. the reason is because this is one of the greatest records of all time and at the same time one of the rarest. limited to 300 copies and never any type of repress or bootleg. thanks to punk not profit for turning me on to this. as soon as i heard it i immediately went out and searched for it. after a long time of searching i finally found a copy on ebay. i knew this was going to go high so i contacted the seller to ask him to buy it now. we reached a price and the next week it arrived in the mail. i opened it up and since, never stopped playing it. the packaging is a little weird, for a couple of reasons, but amazing cause it was all done by the band. for one the cover is not attached so there is two sleeves. the one has a flap with lyrics on the flap. which brings me to the second reason, all the lyrics aren't written down, just some of them. the last reason is the song listings. on the back cover it looks like the first song is blood and honor, but it says that blood and honor is on the b-side. also on the back cover the last song on the b-side is called spit rants but on the record label it is blank there. anyway, you can tell these guys had a good sense of humour. there are three members in the band but only two on the cover. the back cover states "rich does not appear on the cover because he went to the beach instead." the singer was only 16 and the other two were 18 and 19 when this was recorded in 83'. their other releases don't come close to the greatness of this. download and enjoy (you better like it). sloppy, they make mistakes, but those are the best parts. it shows that the band is real. i love mistakes and sloppy play.
1. the final line 5/5 (great opener.)
2. a job, a car, a wife 5/5 (great. it's the sloppiest track.)
3. (untitled) 5/5 (nice.)
4. blood and honor 5/5 (classic.)
5. starting over 5/5 (great lyrics.)
6. spit rants 5/5 (good.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
very rare so get it here. look for it on ebay, you might eventually find it.