Friday, August 27, 2010

The Throwaways/Spastic Panthers Split 7"

first off i'd like to say i've got 285 comments. i was surprised. also looking back at some downland, and the download counts are pretty high (for what i think). thanks to all who comment. you know who you are. i also have 3 followers now. keep downloading and commenting! anyway that's done. so by looking at the two covers you may think why the hell did they do a split. well i have no idea. a powerpop (yes it is) band and a brutal hardcore band. well they did it. both bands from alberta, canada and released on Handsome Dan records on april 21th of this year. my favourite is the Throwaways side. two females and a male on drums. then you have Spastic Panthers who i'm not too into. i don't know what it is but i just can't get into them. maybe you'll like em, who knows? the Throwaways side is heavy stereo. i much prefer mono. i do. well now the music.
The Throwaways
1. mikey erg! 5/5 (great melody.)
2. pterodactyl clap 5/5 (nice.)
3. summer song 5/5 (might destroy your left ear.)
4. got a problem? 5/5 (great song.)

Spastic Panthers
1. (i'm gonna) punch you in the dink 1/5 (not a fan of the lyrics.)
2. volatile 1/5 (meh.)
3. outta control 1/5 (nah.)
4. political song for dan izzo to sing 2.5/5 (only good song on this side, for me.)
overall: 5/10 meh recommended
first side is great but the other side isn't. get this from Handsome Dan records, the link is above.


  1. 4! you have 4 followers! i tryed to follow your blog but it wouldn't let me but i do. i love both sides but throwaways are better. what all have they put out and do you have more by them? spaztic panther are good as well.

  2. it's funny that the other "followers" don't comment, ever. this is all the throwaways released so far. well it's good that you like spastic panthers.

  3. haha. i'm just a sucker for those female vocals. i think you're the same way. it's funny but when i'm hangin out in the sun with my computer (yes i really am that sad) it's harder for me to get into fuck you hc unless it's jfa. other than that i listen to powerpop when i'm in the sun. you?

  4. they sound new old. i don't know if that makes sense but it does. yeah the throwaways are pop punk but good pop punk.

  5. haha yeah you got me, i'm a sucker for female vocals. the only hardcore i can get into at the moment is strike under. it's all powerpop up here too.
    yeah i forgot to mention that great recording sound.

  6. as soon as i heard the word dink i thought of this from the good bad site talking about a comp called nuke your dink. "I misread the title for many many years. I kept reading «Nuke your Drink», because I thought it could be some anti-nukes meets straightedge statement. Haha. Now I learn that Dink means Double income, no kids. Does Dink also mean like dick or something? Looking at the back cover could make one think so, haha. But then again, what sense would it make to (or not to) nuke one’s dick? And could you nuke a dick alone, at all? Wouldn’t the rest of the man be nuked too? Or was there talk of some supersmall anti-dick-nukes?" crazy mofo.

  7. hahahaha anti-nukes meets straightedge. yes it also means dick. haha yes the rest of the man would be nuked too.

  8. strike what? where the hell did you get strike under! speaking of female vocals i'm trying to find a record by da. if you want great powerpop try bohemia or the stimulaters with the guy from cro mags on drums or boyfriends. the b side of that single i would like to dedicate to someone. go to kbd records to find all those.

  9. yeah strike under. got it from I Have A Brain In My Ass blogspot. yeah DA records. way better than Flipper. got the stimulaters but will get the bohemia.

  10. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkyou! hahaha flipper rules. i really want to hear strike under.

  11. hahaha. i'll upload strike under for you, some time.