Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fresh Cuts and Cigarette Burns Compilation 7"

(((i had this post sitting here for a while, just never uploaded the tracks to
time for 7" comp. i believe this is from 2009 or maybe it's from 2010. i don't know. there is no info in this. only the Criminal IQ website, that's the label it was released on. there is only a one-sided page for the sleeve. and a small insert. the song titles are on front. just look at the scans. anyway about the music. i bought this because it had White Load on it. never-mind, i won't go into all the bands, just listen and find out what this sounds like.
1. FNU Ronnies-ain't no place 4/5 (fuzzed out.)
2. Sick Jump!-fuck kids 4/5 (for someone who likes harsh vocals. nice track.)
3. Kill the Hippies-no control but dance control 4/5 (song kicks in out of nowhere.)
4. The Curtains-hidden agenda 5/5 (my favourite track.)
5. White Load-nothing is funny 3.5/5 (similar to the sound of tracks on their first 7".)
6. Flying Trichecos-recidivist 1/5 (drudge, not my thing.)
overall: 6.5/10 recommended
this little 7" has some good songs on it. the main reason for uploading this is because it was limited to 300 and was sold-out of CIQ's store, but they just got a few back from a distro. so go to the site above and buy it before it's gone for good.



  1. nice post. great bands though i think naming bands after albums is quite tasteless. same with songs. great job!

  2. thanks! yeah i don't particularly like it either, but it's not my band so.

  3. yeah i know but that's not gonna stop me from talking. by the way look up the title of the last song. what's it mean?

  4. a convicted criminal who re-offends.

  5. yep. isn't everyone? haha i actually really like the last song. now that slow to my ears then again you should hear some of the things i like. if this is slow then those other records are going backward.

  6. haha. i thought you'd like it.

  7. haha did you? i like the white load tracks.

  8. The Curtains track is great. Reminds me a bit of Proletariat.

  9. ha, yeah you're right Dave, it does.

  10. Thanks!