Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peach Kelli Pop-S/T 12"

people flipping through my records would have no idea what music i listen to if they just look at the cover of the records. this LP stands out the most of any of my LPs. the picture doesn't really show how pink this thing is. blinding pink. look at the cover, Peach on the beach. but i really like the photo on the back the best. check it out in the scans. well what we have here is an extremely (sometimes power) pop record. all the songs were written by her. she is the drummer for the amazing band White Wires as well. check out the great insert for more info. this was released on Going Gaga records out of Ottawa. this was limited to 500 and released in 2010. it is sold out from the label but i got my copy from Allie not too long ago. she is saving the remaining copies for their tour. a second press is coming soon. on this album, every song stays in your head. really catchy. i think every song was recorded somewhere else too. get this!
1. do the eggroll 5/5 (great! this is the song that got me into this.)
2. doo wah diddy 5/5 (sooo catchy, my favourite track.)
3. guy 4 me 5/5 (great.)
4. lover 5/5 (it's all great.)
5. bunny luv 5/5 (so great!)
6. girls of summer 4/5 (little less for me.)
7. knockout 5/5 (nice.)
8. badd news 5/5 (second favourite track.)
9. not your girl 5/5 (great.)
10. eenie meenie minie moe 5/5 (calm.)
overall: 9.8/10 strongly recommended
i can't praise this enough. love it.



  1. yep yep yep yep yep. that's about all i can say. this is amazing. gonna get this record. thank you and thanks to allie for making souch a great friggin record i almost can't listen to it.

  2. Very nice. Any artist who names herself after a Redd kross tune can only be sugary-sweet.

  3. Awesome - so catchy, haven't stopped listening to this for a couple of days now. Great post


    someone covering this album