Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Electric Deads-EP 7"

time for some more female fronted punk. this dates way back to 1982. recorded in one take at Marco Polo Sound. released originally on Electro Static records, but the one you see here is the re-issue by Noise and Distortion records from 2010. a very good re-issue if you ask me. a little pricey though. anyway about the music. hardcore punk as you would come to guess from '82. now Bibi's voice can get a little annoying but there is only 4 tracks so it's not too bad. they released three 7"s in their lifetime. i originally got a download of this from KBD and he didn't include the last song because he didn't like it. well i actually do like it. that was basically my reasoning for uploading this. well i'm off to tend to my flooded basement.
1. order 4/5 (great.)
2. zig zag 4/5 (nice.)
3. fish in a pool 4/5 (my favourite ED track.)
4. compact chaos 4/5 (nice.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
buy this from the link above. i would have bought all three of their releases if the price weren't so high. so yes, i only bought this one (from Hits and Misses).


  1. nice one. female vocals are always a plus. yeah a little anoying but not bad. now some female fronted powerpop would rock.

  2. I love Fish In A Pool, and have since 1985.
    I wish I could get (or hear) the lyrics.