Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Absentees-CD

no this isn't a real post but i can tell you where to get it. i don't have this only because it's on a cd. otherwise i would snap at a vinyl version. anyway, i posted their half-great (including one of my favourite songs of all time "tryin to mess with me") 7" a while ago. i thought the tracks after '79 would be crap, but i was way wrong. all the tracks are really great. there are a couple of tracks near the middle of this cd where they kind of sound metal-ish, but then they start playing this tangy cow-punk type stuff. so yeah this is great. get it at the good blog named, Disorder-Are You Experienced? if you're into buying cds, buy the cd at this site: The Absentees. you know what, it's only $10 postpaid. i might just buy it too. here is a track to listen to:


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  2. shit why does blogger suck? anyway i wasn't gonna comment on this post just yet. oh well. great punk will buy the cd.