Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Zips-EP 7"

well i'm still undecided on if i'll stop this blog or not. for now i present you with a classic 7". i first heard these guys on the Bored Teenagers comp #2 and found out that Sing Sing had re-issued their 7". so i bought it up in TO. their are four songs in total and they are all great! the original 7" was released by Black Gold records in 1978 i believe. limited to 500. not sure what the re-issue was limited to, but it is sold-out from the label. the music is great KBD style punk. really catchy stuff. great vocals. they have released another 7" but i haven't heard it yet. as you can probably tell from the vocals, they are from the UK. enjoy!
1. take me down 5/5 (love when they say "take me down, down, down, down.")
2. don't be pushed around 5/5 (favourite track. great guitar opening.)
3. i'm in love 5/5 (awesome.)
4. over and over 5/5 (great!)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
as i said before it's sold-out from the label so i guess pick it up from another distro or something.



  1. please don't stop. very good. you're making me want to post. i feel like it's last year. i got a coke and am watching old south park episoads. and yes i am in love hahah.

  2. Thanks Zach, this is a new one to me...excellent.

  3. elliott, haha good.

    Dave, glad i could turn you onto it.