Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bad Influence-War's No Fun Demo 7"

alright here is some great hardcore punk. i've got a massive headache but i want to get this up for Dave G. and i'll tell you why. we both got the pre-orders from No Way and this 7". they ran out of this 7" and i wasn't gonna get a copy. i asked Dave if he got the same news, but he was in fact getting a copy. then he said i could have his copy. so long story short, thank you so much Dave! can't thank you enough. anyway, this is some great punk. these guys started from the S.F. Bay Area. this was recorded in 1983 and finally released by Who Cares? records in 2010. 250 pressed and 50 on a different sleeve. i've got number #230. back in the day, Bad Influence sent there demo to Tim Yohanon from MRR, and he booked them to play their first show with Minor Threat. pretty cool. so on this demo, the vocalist wrote all the lyrics and the guitarist wrote all the music. i love the vocals on this. great drum sound too. short songs with lyrics included in the scans so you can all sing along.
1. war's no fun 5/5 (nice.)
2. mental war patient 5/5 (love the guitar riff.)
3. irs 5/5 (great.)
4. do what you want 5/5 (yep.)
5. bad influence 5/5 (good.)
6. always on my ass 5/5 (love this song, my favourite.)
7. i don't care 4/5 (go.)
8. maximum punishment 4/5 (nice.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
this is sold out from everywhere. so go hunt for it. i wish i could write more but my head hurts so much. i'm going to bed.


  1. Holy crap this is good. I should have kept it lol...thanks for sharing it Zach...glad it found a good home.

  2. haha. sorry. but yes, it found a good home. glad you like it. thanks again! if i ever find it, i'll get it for you.

  3. wow. yeah this band was popping up but i never checked it out. great! yeah tim liked these guys. about the only thing he did right. sorry i'm not to into his eletism. great record.

  4. thought you might like it.

  5. man too bad i didn't hear about this. how do you know of these things? also too bad they didn't put out a real 7. a real shame.

  6. haha, just from reading other blogs. yeah, too bad.

  7. Hi Zach, I got my hands on a copy of this, "Great Record" If you can; you should see if you can get a copy of the Malignant Growth Single too.

  8. yeah, it's sold out from the label, but i might get it at No Way.

  9. damn i'm adicted to this record. still please post something? please?


    boiling blood demo - east bay darkened hardcore!


  11. The drummer Keith Mederios was from San Leandro Calif.They were practicing at his house once when I showed up there with Keith's younger brother Kevin and another friend John Pratt. Keith was dating Johns older sister Carolyn. Great band and Thanks for posting this.