Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ripper #6

well i think it's about time for another zine review. this one being from way back in 1981. great zine and has the best reviews i've ever seen in a zine. all the dischord 7"s and many more. great interviews with tsol, wasted youth and black flag (right when henri became singer). and lots of other stuff too. get every ripper zine, if you can find em.
the reason i chose to do this is because the TSOL interview. that is what inspired me to re-post their 12", which i did in the previous post. i decided to scan a great picture of jack dressed in women's clothing, makeup and some kind of beret. the caption reads "If we put out record after record of political stuff, it would just be boring." sadly their next record, which isn't political, isn't very good. some good songs but just doesn't sound like the same band.

so yes the real reason i posted this was to show this photo.


  1. au pairs?
    any info on them?
    ive never heard of em

  2. they were from enlgand and ran from about 1979-82 i think. here's some more info:
    here's a link to their first LP: