Monday, August 2, 2010

The Maggotz-Tales From The City Of Vomit 7"

man i had busy weekend. i'm still reading Please Kill Me (strongly recommended) every night so i was basically didn't get any sleep. speaking of books, i just bought that complete touch and go zine book thing and the new book Why Be Something That You're Not. it's about the punk scene from 1979-1985. Revelation records released it and are in the works for another punk book but it's going into the 90's so i'm not getting it. speaking of the 90's, here's The Maggotz.
i was reading a post on Last Days and it inspired me to post this (the post was a 90's punk record). this was released on Nose Pick records in 1993 (the year i was born. now you all know my age). limited to 1000 and i have #785. this is how i got it. i was looking through my itunes and came across these two tracks (track one and two of this release) by the maggots. they were great. i didn't know where the tracks came from. so i searched for the maggots but couldn't find anything (later i realized it had a "z" at the end and not a "s"). then it hit me, mat dafuc. so i contacted him a found out that he ripped the tracks from his vinyl. he sent me some pics (we have the same couch) and i said now i just need a hard copy. couldn't find it anywhere. so i asked him if he knew where to get it and he found a place. he also found me that copy of The Spasms 7". thank you mat. so i went to the site bought it along with two other 7"s and about 10 zines. anyway, this record has the two best songs to come out of the 90's then the rest is just ok. crank the first two songs, short as hell too! enough of my yammering.
1. i 8 my brain 5/5 (amazing.)
2. orange slices 5/5 (even more amazing.)
3. blitzkrieg waltz 2/5 (ok.)
4. dry heave 3/5 (a little slower.)
5. full of hat 3/5 (too slow at points. and messed up ending. it clicks and stuff. it's not my copy, it's how it was done.)
overall: 6/10 recommended
get it from Stanton Park records along with tons of other stuff. in the scans i didn't connect the inside scan because it's easier to read the lyrics this way.


  1. ah 1993. cart was still going strong before the split fucked everything up, and gg allin recorded the best record of the 90s (unless he recorded anything else in the 90s) and died. this record actually rocks but it isn't the best record of the 90s.

  2. i might be an idiot for saying this but who is cart?

  3. no you're not an idiot. c.a.r.t. championship auto racing teams. knew you weren't gonna get that one.

  4. well if you knew it, why didn't you tell the rest of us, WHY DID YOU KEEP IT A SECRET!!!!!!!! (the simposons) hahaha.