Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Youth Brigade-Possible 7"

i said i would post this so. this is the former teen idle nathan's band (dc not la). this album is bad with some exceptions. not worth the money. think of teen idles but worse. their name came from Ian MacKaye saying "it's possible to have and ep."
1. it's about time that we had a change 5/5 (great fast song.)
2. full speed ahead 3/5 (decent.)
3. point of view 3/5 (another decent.)
4. barbed wire 2/5 (nothing.)
5. pay no attention 2/5 (alright.)
6. wrong decision 2/5 (slower.)
7. no song 0/5 (long and bad.)
8. no song II 5/5 (only one second so you can't give it anything else.)
overall: 4/10 not recommended
all old dischord 7"s are tons of money.

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