Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Faction-Corpse In Disguise 7"

here's the other 7" by the band. however, their NO HIDDEN MESSAGES LP is their best release (it's got their best song "fast food diet" and the original "skate and destroy" on it). the effects make this release in which i mean thee way the symbols and vocals sound. the symbol hits are so light and the vocals have an echo on them.
1. corpse in disguise 2.5/5 (weakest track on here.)
2. friends and enemies 5/5 (great song.)
3. 100 years war 5/5 (great vocals.)
4. skate and destroy (live) 4/5 (why not?)
overall: 7/10 recommended.
like before, only reissued on CD.

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