Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Faction-Yesterday Is Gone 7"

not really what i expected. this record is a bit plain but overall good. a later song they made "skate and destroy" sounds exactly "like room 101." their next two records are good too. a little bit metal-ish on the guitar (in their later years it became more metal-ish, and the songs became over 3:00 unlike these 1:30 songs).
1. room 101 3/5 (good.)
2. enteral plan 3/5 (good music.)
3. black balled 2.5/5 (decent.)
4. yesterday is gone 5/5 (best song. fast--slow--fast--slow.)
5. bullets are faster then words 4/5 (great song. sweet symbol hits.)
overall: 6/10 recommended
their is a CD out there with some of these songs on it, other than that, no reissues.

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