Wednesday, December 2, 2009

S.O.A.-No Policy 7"

yes, henry garfield (now rollins) first band. at first listen you will think this is garbage, just like me, but later on i gave it another listen. now i like it. this is very raw. the drummer bearly hits his symbols. the guitar is very tight. the bass it bomming. and the vocals are straignht from the throat. this is all they did, then henry moved to cal. with black flag.
it's all great
1. lost in space 5/5
2. draw blank 5/5
3. girl problems 5/5
4. blackout 5/5
5. gate crashers 5/5
6. warzone 5/5
7. riot 5/5
8. gang fight 5/5
9. public defender 1/5 (too slow.)
10. gonna have to fight 3/5 (not my favourite.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
well that's the last of the old dischord 7"s. (now for something different.)


  1. I believe at one point S.O.A. was Thurston Moore's favorite band.