Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Imposters-Pool Maintenance 7"

one of the best hardcore albums of the 2000's. great cover, i like the SOA shirt. 1000 pressed of this beast, 30 with a full colour picture, not the one above. 20 test presses, and guess what, I GOT ONE! (well not yet it's coming in the mail. got it from FLAT BLACK RECORDS on ebay, great place for new and old punk, great service). this was released in 2008 on Secret Records which i believe was created by the singer Nickolai. they released a good LP too. their looking to release another 7", but since their label is no more, they're looking for some other label to release it. here's the band's site: SKATE. the a-side is golden on this 7". now time for the tracks.
1. pool maintenance 5/5 (great fast song.)
2. something to prove 5/5 (great song structure.)
3. water supply 4/5 (good.)
4. the wedge 5/5 (first song i heard of these guys and has remained my favourite. great surf song.)
5. no idea 4/5 (don't make assumptions, listen to the song.)
6. conformity 4/5 (nice.)
7. too much hate 4/5 (BASS is sweet.)
8. i want you 4/5 (ha, organ? it is sweet thou.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
buy it from their site listed above, it's cheap. look out for that new 7", hopefully coming soon, HOPEFULLY, i wish.


  1. awesome man i love the track breakdown idea. thanks for writing!

  2. hey,
    glad you like it.
    thanks for stopping by.