Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Imposters-The First Four Years Tape: OUT NOW!

well here we have it, The Imposters-The First Four Years tape is out now. i said in the other post that these will be released in April, but i got the tapes way faster then i thought. so, the first release on my label is by Hermosa Beach's "The Imposters". if you don't know The Imposters, you should definitely check them out. go here to listen to some of their tracks. they have released some great stuff over the last four years. i did do one review of there first 7" here.

here is the cover of the tape. there are 16 tracks total (listed below). they are demo, cover and early cut tracks. order away! more then half of these tapes are already accounted for.
it is limited to 50 tapes (24 of them have some poorly made stickers)

prices postpaid:

$5.00 canada and usa
$6.00 everywhere else

paypal to: zachrykse AT
or if you want, you can send some money in the mail.

if you have any questions or want to order or don't like the price or anything, you can comment here or email me: zachrykse AT


1. Unknown
2. I Wanna Surf
3. Skate Punks
4. Neighbourhood Watch
5. Revenge
6. Flush The Bouncers
7. The Wedge
8. Arguing In 2006
10. No Friends
11. Pool Maintenance
12. Advanced Placement
13. Too Much Hate
14. Almost Dawn/On My Own
15. (Time Goes By) So Suddenly
16. Bus-Stop Blues

below are just some pictures documenting the process:

if any other band wants to do a small tape run like this, contact me.


  1. The cassette looks great Zach. I just sent you payment for my copy.

  2. hey Dave, thank you so much! shipping lots of these out on monday or tuesday.

  3. can i have one? haha. no i'm gonna review it. really people you should buy this tape.

  4. got mine yesterday, i'll let you know how my ears like it later...looks good though, thanks for the sticker! boogie nazis are about to send our music out to get pressed this week, i'll keep you updated so we can do that tape! OOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!

  5. awesome that you got it. thanks. oh i can't wait to hear the new stuff! thanks!

  6. How much would it cost to do a short run of 50 tapes?

  7. well if do it like i did, i think it was around $70. and that was just for the blank tapes and cases. i did the duplication and artwork myself. thanks for the comment.

  8. damn 70 is both not bad and yet it can add up. that;s why bands now mostly do cdrs when they do demos. you buy cdrs and those cheap ass cases for way less. then again tapes are friggin badass. nice case btw.

  9. yeah i really don't like cdrs. i think i just broke even on the tapes. which i think was a success. only sitting on two left here. thanks.

  10. hey Jeremy, sorry i only have one sticker left and it's going with the person who buys one of the two remaining tapes. the stickers aren't that good anyway, haha. but you could buy a tape for just $5 and get a sticker with it.

  11. not from me, but head over to Grave Mistake and buy up! thanks!

  12. I have something i wanna release on tape, you down to do the same for me? i'll give you 70 bucks

  13. I live in australia, I bought this tape and loved it to death. Then I left it in the car and the fucking hot australian sun has warped it and destroyed it. fuck my life.

  14. haha, too bad Michael. it would just freeze, up here in canada.