Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Absentees-S/T 7"

i posted this before but it was a short and bad post so let's call this a new post. well i found out about these guys from KBD. apparently only 106 pressed. the one i've posted is the remastered to bejesus re-issue. the original didn't come with anything. but the re-issue comes with an outer sleeve and lyrics to both songs. the vinyl is also red, check out the scans at the bottom. breakmyface has a great story on these guys. there is also a cd with a bunch of other songs, but it's cd. the sound is very different to that of the original. so check it out before you buy it. the b-side isn't remastered a whole lot but the a-side is much different.
1. tryin' to mess with me 5/5 (great!)
2. F.U.M. 1/5 (still not a fan.)
overall: 6/10 recommended (because of b-side)
a guy had it on ebay for $10. i asked him $5. now i own it for $5. that's my story, now download the record.

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