Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Authorities-Bourbon Decay 7"

***YAY! I BOUGHT THIS!***(((new scans uploaded thanks to Scott! go here for the back cover. thanks so much again Scott!))) well first off obviously i can't even find a cover for the album so i stuck a picture of them on here. if anybody has the cover or the record to sell to me, leave a comment. everybody knows about their fantastic Soundtrack For Trouble 7". i don't know the exact date of this release but i do know it was over 14 years after their first 7". it was released on Cafe Racer records. it is much more laid back then their first. very melo sound, i think. the singer hasn't missed a beat thou. so here's your chance to have a listen. did i mention he's a great vocalist. oh and thanks to mat dafuc for this (and many other posts).
1. bone your own 4/5 (good beginning part, slow part from middle to end.)
2. it's tonight 4/5 (i love the little guitar licks.)
3. jarhead 5/5 (best, great song.)
4. run n' hide 3/5 (alright.)
5. interlude: the natives are dancing 3/5 (quiet, straight jazz or something. kind of weird but i like it.)
6. the next one 5/5 (great.)
7. ways+means 5/5 (slower but great. great vocals.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
is it rare, i don't know, i've never seen it. please, anybody have one?


  1. great post and great name for a record label. a cafe racer was some kind of old racing motorcycle and you know i'm a race fan. thanks.

  2. glad you like it. thanks for the info.

  3. Zach email me and I will send you the cover and back art of the bourbon decay album. I seen them in portland 4-24, great fun! Sickoponcho@gmail.com.

  4. awesome. i'll send an email. thanks!

  5. Hey guys! Iain from the Authorities here! I can point you to a copy of
    Bourbon Decay. We are recording some new songs soon. We are currently on tour in Iceland (tonight)!

    Please see us at www.theauthorities.ca and www.myspace.com/authorities



  6. HOLY GOD! thanks for coming by! i emailed you through myspace about the 7". thanks for the info.