Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This Is Boston, Not L.A. 12"

(((remastered post, see bottom))) well this is it, the 100th post. honestly i never thought i'd keep going this long. remember that scary moment when i only posted 3 times in a month, well it wasn't that scary. so anyway, i'd like to thank Peter for supplying me with lots of the records i review. thanks to Ryan from boogie nazis for stopping by. thanks to Mat for the records and commenting. thanks to Slobodan Burgher for dropping by for some fanzine info. thanks Dylan and Amber for having a read. a special thanks to elliott for everything. and thanks to anyone who has kept that hit counter going up. whew, ok now for my biggest review yet. here we go.
time for my first compilation review, and boy it's a good one. this release perfectly sums up the boston hardcore scene. the only band missing is SSD but i think that was a good move. the first band up is Jerry's Kids. this is the best stuff they released, i think. their first LP is pretty good but doesn't match up to this stuff. short, fast songs, what more could you ask for. next up is The Proletariat. unfortunately they are my least favourite band on this comp. next is the Groinoids. they only supply one track, but man does it rip. too bad i don't know anything about the band. now for some of The F.U.'s. i always liked this band and these tracks are just as good as their others. check out their "kill for christ" album, it's great. time for Gang Green. these guys were only 15 years old when they recorded this but it sounds like they've been playing for years. a little sloppy but fast as hell. apparently their first recordings of these tracks were terrible. later they went back and played one more time and that time they clicked. i've only heard up to 1984 for these guys. i have no plans on hearing anything past that because i've heard they sound different. Decadence is next. they only have one track and it's a decent slow-tempo song. that's all i know about them. time for my favourite tracks on here, The Freeze. i don't need to tell you that the freeze are an amazingly great band. everything they did before there break-up and reunion is amazing. two 7"s and two 12"s. they're all are great. fast, and great musically. one of the best vocalists out there. yes they are hardcore punk, how could you say their not.
Jerry's Kids
1. straight jacket 5/5 (short, fast.)
2. uncontrollable 5/5 (nice.)
3. wired 4/5 (man these guys rip.)
4. desperate 5/5 (great.)
5. pressure 4/5 (slow at parts.)
6. i don't wanna 3.5/5 (good.)
The Proletariat
7. options 4/5 (hum.)
8. religious is the opium of the masses 2/5 (nope.)
9. allegiance 4/5 (faster.)
10. angel 4/5 (nice.)
The F.U.'s
11. preskool dropout 5/5 (funny.)
12. radio UNIX USA 5/5 (love the drums.)
13. green beret 5/5 (great music.)
14. time is money 5/5 (flawless F.U.'s stuff.)
Gang Green
15. snob 5/5 (blows his voice.)
16. lie lie 5/5 (favourite gang green show.)
17. i don't know 4/5 (good.)
18. rabies 5/5 (great back-up vocals.)
19. narrow mind 5/5 (drums.)
20. kill a commie 5/5 (ok. great song.)
21. have fun 5/5 (so do i.)
22. slam 4/5 (slow then faster, nice song.)
The Freeze
23. broken bones 5/5 (all about the bass.)
24. idiots at happy hour 5/5 (manic.)
25. now or never 5/5 (the freeze=hardcore punk.)
26. sacrifice not suicide 5/5 (good lyrics.)
27. it's only alcohol 5/5 (haha.)
28. trouble if you hide 5/5 (this is on their 2nd LP too, this version is better.)
29. time bomb 4/5 (slower, a little long.)
30. this is boston, not LA 5/5 (short, fast, best song. great drumming.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
it's all gold except for the proletariat tracks. thanks to old-skool-punk i learned some new info that it has been reissued "I got a copy which got the same cover in complete black and white means without red and blue, but there's no date which shows when it was reissued!"


  1. Great Blog you got here!
    But the This is Boston not L.A. LP was sometime reissued, so yiou're wrong with this statement.
    I got a copy which got the same cover in complete black and white means without red and blue, but there's no date which shows when it was reissued!

  2. oh i never knew that. thanks, i'll update the post. now i have a better chance of buying one of this.
    thanks for stopping by!

  3. it's funny that everyone knows this comp but if i start singing a song off it noone knows what i'm talking about. what's also worth saying is this was recorded a little before bands like negative fx and dys formed. you know the whole streightege thing. i'm not a big fan of the f.u.s politics but the music is great. gang green never were better than on this recording. even better than the first 7. yeah different is a good way to put it although i like later gang green. the freeze you know they're my favorite hc band. broken bones is godlike. and i also really like the proletariat. they're way better politically than the f.u.s though what they're doing on a hardcore comp is a question that will go unanswered. overall one of the best comps i've ever heard.

  4. yeah, recorded before those garbage bands. oh yeah, f.u.'s music is great. gang green, too true. their first 7" is just so short. ah sometimes i like the proletariat tracks and some times i don't. indeed a great comp.