Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meat Puppets-EP 7"

great hardcore record. very talented musicians. all the drum beats are the same, du ta du ta du ta. i guess that's it, oh wait, i haven't listened to anything of theirs past this, so.
1. in a car 3/5 (decent.)
2. big house 5/5 (excellent vocals and music.)
3. dolphin field 4/5 (raging vocals.)
4. out in the garden 4/5 (spongebob squarepants.)
5. foreign lawns 3/5 (good closer. nice tempo.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
copies on eBay go for like 30 bucks (a little to much $ for me).


  1. i saw an original press in a record store for 12 bucks, but i was totally broke!

  2. yeah, still kickin myself for that one

  3. didn't know you like this one. found this on mustard relics. weird jaz punk. i can't tell what the singer is saying though. good stuff.

  4. haha yeah no idea what he's saying. i got it from KBD.