Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bad Brains-Pay To Cum! 7"

great band, musically. not a fan of their views, but this album was out way before that. i recommend their s/t album as well. once they started doing more reggae songs and grew long dreadlocks i lost interest. there are several versions of the song "pay to cum!" out there and i like this one the best. my god, this record has to be one of the most expensive 7"s out there. they're going for over $2000, crazy.

1. pay to cum! 5/5 (great song and best version.)
2. stay close to me 3/5 (kind of a weird song by them, it's pretty good though. i can't define the genre.)
overall 7.5/10 recommended for just "pay to cum!"
i just bought one for $10 (yeah, a bootleg, but it looks like the original.)

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