Friday, April 2, 2010

Even Worse-Mouse Or Rat? 7"

(((re-post from if Dec. 6/09@12:56pm)))
when i say re-post i don't mean that i just add downloads, i do add more information and stuff. anyway, this is a great live 7". this was released in 1982 by Worse Than You!?! records. the a-side is just fantastic. the b-side is more slow but still good. yes this is the same band that is on the NEW YORK THRASH tape but with a male singer instead of a female. i picked this up recently in a local record store for $20 but i've seen them go for much more. the record hole is small and i had to carve it out a little so it could fit on my record player. enjoy my rip.
1. mouse or rat? 5/5 (great drumming. great vocals. probably because it's live.)
2. 1984 4/5 (slower but really good.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
1000 were pressed, where did they all go? i've got number 672.


  1. ha, never seen a good sized pic of this cover

  2. oh thanks for commenting because i realized i didn't scan this record. wait to you see it huge, plus the inserts and stuff.
    oh and can i have the dla demos please?

  3. from the book american hardcore,

    EVEN WORSE began with Dave Stein (guitar) and Jack Rabid, then known as Paul Corradi, (drums) doing Punk covers in their parents' Summit, NJ cellars. Things started in earnest when they moved to the city and teamed with bassist Nick Marden. They first played live on a week's notice, opening for The Stimulators at a sold-out TR3 on April 2, 1980. When their ultra-shy original singer John Pouridas failed to show up for a gig at the Tompkins Square Park bandshell, they found a cool kid in the crowd to sing -- original Beastie Boy John Berry (in both bands for a while). Soon thereafter, The Stimulators stole Marden, so bassist Eric Keil stepped in, and Jack recruited Rebecca "R.B." Korbet, singer on theirNew York Thrashcomp cuts ("Illusion Won Again" and "Emptying The Madhouse"). The remaining members tried to fire Jack in March 1982, (for Beastie Kate Schellenbach), so Rabid bit back with a new lineup featuring his WNYUNoise The Showmate Tim Sommer on bass, Thurston Moore on guitar and singer Ken "Tantrum" Templeson. That lineup made two singles, 1982's "Mouse Or Rat"/ "1984" and 1983's "Leaving"/"One Night Stand." Their last gasp came in January 1984, playing with AOD at The Anthrax in Stamford, CT.