Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Freeze-Rabid Reaction 12"

finally i got this beast up. of course this is a 12" so the pictures of the sleeve aren't the best. you can see a bit of my tile floor but that's what happens. i think i did a pretty damn good job on the pictures of the vinyl. i also scanned the lyrics and a huge page on song meanings. i also have a signed cardboard thing by Clif which is sweet. anyway, on to the music. this was originally released by Modern Method records in 1986. this was the last record before they were put on hiatus. then in 2007 Schizophrenic records re-issued this beautifully. Schizophrenic records are located in Hamilton (only a short drive from where i live). for being released after the first wave of hardcore, this record sounds like it was straight from 83'. great vocally, great musically, get it today. even though the songs can reach 3 minutes at times, it never gets boring.
1. warped confessional 5/5 (great opener.)
2. nothing left 4/5 (nice, long intro though, but cool.)
3. misguided memories 5/5 (great song.)
4. extremities 4/5 (great vocals.)
5. no one's coming home 4/5 (nice drums.)
6. trouble if you hide 5/5 (loved this song on the Not LA comp., love it here.)
7. insanity 3.5/5 (nice. it was originally going to be sung by the guitarist but he couldn't reach the notes anymore, but you can still here him in the chorus.)
8. echoes 4/5 (guitar.)
9. princess die 5/5 (neutral milk hotel sounds like this song.)
10. before i hit the rubber room 4/5 (nice ender.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
golden album and everyone should have it, along with all of the other Freeze's releases. they're all re-issued so no reason to not have them. now i'm off to work on my zine.