Friday, June 13, 2014

cell 609 - remember 7"

     here's one of those mega rare kbd punk 7"s. this one comes from belgium in 1979. just two tracks of driving punk rock. according to the cover art, they won belgium's first punk contest and got to make a record from that. it says their story is to be continued but they never did anything after this. but it's just as well, nothing could live up to the greatness of these two tracks. at the start of the track on the flip-side, i took out the intro with a toilet flushing sound and the singer saying what he says. why? well, it was indeed repulsive.
01. factories (those vocals with that drum beat, crazy.)
02. re-pulsion (that guitar riff.)
you can thank that company out of japan again for at last, making this available at a decent price, instead of the hundreds of dollars the original fetches.

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  1. you think that's repulsive, check out some of the shit I listen too..good record, don't know why I didn't see this before