Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Queers-A Proud Tradition 7" 1982 & 1984 EPs

ok hard to believe this but it's my first music post of september. and for that i am sorry but hopefully this will make up for it. two great old 7"s put together in one package. but still two 7"s, not all together on some 12". this is original format. i reviewed the first queers 7" some time ago so visit that post for more useful info. these two records were originally released in 1982 and 1984 on Doheny records. 200 pressed of each and no picture sleeves. the first record had hand written sleeves, not sure on the second record though. well the package i'm presenting here is the re-issue. it was released in 1992 on Selfless records. includes discography insert, well of discog at the time. so the first record is pretty good, but it's all about the second one. their 1984 7" is one of my favourite records ever released, really! it's so catchy. great songs, great everything. great production. great backing vocals. these aren't the fastest records in the world, but it works so well at this tempo. just fantastic. enough yapping, get this now and blow your mind!
1982 EP:
1. we'd have a riot doing heroin 5/5 (all first three songs are linked together by "one two three four.")
2. terminal rut 5/5 (bass.)
3. fagtown 5/5 (vocals nice.)
4. i want it now 5/5 (short.)
5. trash this place 2/5 (weird, not my favourite.)
6. love me 2.5/5 (somebody talks the lyrics. too bad because the music itself is great. music=5, vocals=0, total=2.5.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended


1984 EP:
1. kicked out of the webelos 5/5 (what a great song. you'll be yelling it all night.)
2. tulu is wimp 5/5 (drums.)
3. at the mall 5/5 (mall's suck.)
4. i spent the rent 5/5 (great little song.)
5. don't wanna work 5/5 (great.)
6. i'm useless 5/5 (yes.)
7. this place sucks 5/5 (my favourite song. when that chorus hits and the backing vocals are singing too, oh man it great!)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
i can't began to say how much i love early queers. if i had a chose on what my band sounded like, it would be this!



  1. Queers rock! i have some of the newer stuff which is good but nothing like this. thanks.

  2. mrr review for the first one. thanks kfth.

    "Minimal production and instrumentation set the tone for this garage release. It sounds like classic '77 material, dumb lyrics and all. Charming, in a retarded sort of way."

  3. thanks. didn't know the queers were on kfth.

  4. I've never bothered to give the Queers a listen before today...good stuff...thanks Zach.

  5. xjerryx's blog One-Sided War took my rips for his site. he gave me credit so i'm fine with it. although someone from Selfless records commented there (and not here). here's what he said, i like it, he should have said it here. anyway here's what he said.

    "Thanks for posting this and I have zero problems with anyone posting anything we (Todd and I) ever released, either as Selfless or Clearview Records. In a way, I perceive this as the thanks we never received. Sadly, we never had the money or more importantly the inclination to keep numerous titles in print at the same time. Thanks again!"

  6. thanks for posting this, one of my favorite records that i can't find

  7. no problem, thanks for the comment.