Thursday, October 8, 2009

Koro-EP 7"

ok forget about the name, this is a great release. it's a lot like poison idea's first album, but with a better singer. a lot of people claim that the album was sped up during the recordings. it most likely wasn't (but extremely fast). even if it was who cares, the faster the song the better.
they were only together for 2 years and would have be forgotten if it weren't for this record.
1. 700 Club 5/5 (huge build-up.)
2. Selfless Johnny 5/5 (fasted and tightest song on here.)
3. It's OK 3/5 (it's ok)
4. Government 3.5/5 (all over the place.)
5. Dear Sirs 5/5 (great guitar riffs.)
6. Blap! 4/5 (fast and i think a little cowbell.)
7. Nauseous 2/5 (nauseous listening to it.)
8. Acid Casualty 5/5 (they stop and start the song about 4 times.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
tons of bootlegs (even recent reissues, so get that.)

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