Friday, May 14, 2010

Insubordinates-1968/Rendezvous EP 7"

well the shipment of records i just got filled up the spot on my shelf where i put all my 7"s. so instead of cramming them all into the tiny spot (which i tried already) i decided to add a new shelf for them. all that's on it now are two crappy comps and a so-so record. soon it will be filled, i'm sure of it. well the False Prophets second 7" is already on it's way and i should get it sometime next week. i wish my post office worked on weekends. oh well, the guy down at the post office knows me know. i go there one a week. now when i leave he always says, "see you tomorrow zach!" we get a good laugh out of it, haha. haha, i think the last time i used haha in a post was way back on my first post/review ever, minor threat's first 7". anyway i think that's enough rambling for one post, more in the next post, haha (haha).
now here's what you came for, another record i was not aware of. i got this free from ryan of flat black records with my shipment. the shipment took a while to get but he threw in 5 free records and we were in communication the whole time, so i'm happy, very happy. i was very surprised when i spun this. not too fast but fast enough. released in 2008 on Feral Kid Records and CrotchRot Records. i believe these guys are from buffalo. i actually like the instrumental b-side better than the a-side. check it out.
1. 1968 4/5 (nice.)
2. rendezvous 5/5 (great no-vocal track.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
see if it's your thing, then go buy it for pennies. i know you're sick of me saying this and frankly i am too, so from now on i'll just says scans (click on scans for scans, not those ones, the highlight scans, the word. well that made no sense).


  1. they are from rochester(ROTCORE)

  2. Thanks for the post! I'm just listening to their LP which sounds also great...

  3. no problem. i haven't got the LP yet.

  4. kind of sounds like Triglactagon
    just sayin